Saturday, October 31, 2009

stalker love

That's right, i even live on your roof! Lurking in every corner..eating all your food bahaha

Such a nice day today but it's making me drowsy and not want to work. I got quite fidgety last night i think i suddenly became really worried - not stressed, but worried. So...i went to annoy laura who can't even talk properly now hehehe bad sore throat. When she laughs it sounds like a chicken squawking!!! 

She's gone to chaddy now =( and going to Westfield on Monday .. what about me ???? pimping with those cgs boys lol 

Friday, October 30, 2009



Edit: haha vincentjr didn't realise we both posted same pics until steve told me. i guess we visit similar sites eh? :) or at least think similarly =]


Yeah, so i was looking for a pic that would reflect my attitude to exams. Not a nice pic too. Blehhh Exams..... why??? Hope the English and Spesh exams were good to you VCE peoplesssss :)

- Wensi bought me froggy earrings <3

- My sister is a huge pimp 

- I drink like 500mL - 1L of soup everyday for some reason. 

- 14 exams to get over and done with. 

- the weather was rainy before (perfect study with classical music weather). now it's almost muggy

Thursday, October 29, 2009

my eyes hurt

So..i'm typing this with my eyes closed. I don't think staying up till 2am and then waking up at 7:30am was a good idea.. i went to school and ye i'm back home. But i did write half an english essay ... it's liek 3 pages and i cbf anymore

So i got home and saw a bitter melon on the bench and all i could think about was the BFG and his snozzcumber !!!! So, did the bitter melon evolve from the snozzcumber or are they the same things but just different names? Either way, i need like a tonne of rice to eat with bitter melon.

Maths is being a pain. 

..saw maintenance people setting up Wyselaskie Hall today for exams. Can't believe everything is actually FOR REAL now. ew much? ok i need to do liek 4 more maths exams tonight... (yeah instead of the 1.5hr for each paper i squish it into 1hr) cos after 1 week of doing no maths my brain isn't working

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

250th post

Dedicated to cbf-ness. 

I did some latin papers today... and now studying geog. Except i'm falling asleep because there's too much to remember. 

I think that once exams get started, time will either pass really quickly or slowly. It also depends on the gap between each of your exams but i wonder how it will feel to put (no, more like THROW) that pen down when your last exam is up. I think my brain will burst from too much excitement. 

But for now, my brain is going to burst from doing nothing and cramming. And i still haven't done that english essay.... fk 

Good luck VCE people. Your time and road to freedom will begin shortly. Whereas us IB people will have to wait a little longer... 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


As you do. 

Anyway, today was proper bio day (yesterday was finishing up notes lol oops) and suddenly everything has clicked. Now i only have to cram in definitions because i actually get the logic of what happens in everything now. This means less forced memorizing. About time ... i want a 7 ...correction. i NEED a 7. 

I just ate 20 cruskits. and 7 cherry tomatoes. and two bowls of rice with leftovers. and 2 yakults. and 1 mug of tea. and half an apple. and half an avocado. and some cucumber. and two raisin toasts with tuna. I WANT DINNER NOW (we're having yam YAY!)

I've been switching between 105.9 and 103.5 all day and the music floats everywhere if i decide to turn the monitor on in each room. I heard this awesome rendition of Vivaldi's Winter crossed with Mozart's Requiem, this concerto i labeled the Timpani Concerto, more violin/piano concertos, chamber music and some hymns you hear at Carol Service. When laura came home it sounded like i was meditating because the music then was so soothing. 

I reckon my backyard could turn into the Secret Garden. If only i was bothered to hire gardeners to do that for me and keep it in shape myself. 

Monday, October 26, 2009


I conjured up more silly memories from the past for you peoplesss. (Because i ran out of normal things to talk about. Studying/cramming isn't exactly the most riveting thing these days)

Whenever i see a teacher i know, i run away or "distract" myself until i'm forced to walk past them and say hi or even talk. I remember in prep, i saw my teacher in Red Rooster and immediately hid behind a pot plant because i was too shy/scared. Except that when i was forced to walk past her to get my food she told me she saw me eeeeeh >< (well obviously...)

Actually, quite a few things happened in prep. I remember this mean girl poured a bucket of sand over my head and bit Nadia's hand. Not sure if she still has the scar or not..?

I was also not happy with being the shepherd in the annual nativity play. I wanted to be a sheep or an angel because their costumes were so cute. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO HOLD THE TOY LAMB. WHAT IS THIS. Whatever, i had a crook. Anyway my point being, at the end of the play my teacher wouldn't let me go toilet. So i peed in my costume on stage. Hurrah 

I need more time to cram/study. Today i worked downstairs at the kitchen table which is also next to the fridge. Guess i was eating all day too.... 

good luck

Exams are next week (Friday for VCE-ers) I feel like i know nothing. Well i do i just need something to trigger it... Still haven't started that english essay. ewwwww but i did a commentary!

I have to confiscate my laptop. I'm getting nowhere. I figured the worst i could do is get a 96 if i went in now having done no study at all. Hmmm.... i need a 99.3 but i'd be happy with 99.7 realistically. (My english is shit, HL chem still terrifies me, i'm scared that maths portfolio will bring me down and latin unseens are going to make me get a 5 at most.)

Good luck peoples. Not long to go now :)

(I can't see the end but i can feel it's presence...) 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

so...what do you think?

I remember when my mum wouldn't let me eat toffee apples and Jenny Hu gave me one so i hid it under my desk and ate it when mum wasn't around. That felt good. 

I have this small paranoia about knives. Not bread & butter knives but ones you eat with steak. Knives that stand pointy side up after you wash them. I always think that as i reach over the dish rack for the rice cooker, that my arm will slip and get punctured by those sharp ends and i'll look unintentionally emo. So i always turn any dangerous knife i see upside down. 

I dislike how it is past 5pm already. 

I admit that i am easily scared by horror movies. The ghost type... not the bloody murder kind since that's kinda funny. I have this theory that if i see what's going on (ie - the ghost) then it's going to haunt me everywhere. Like, i didn't want to go to toilet in my bathroom yesterday because it's got a bathtub in it and the girl in the movie drowns in one. But if i just hear what's happening then it's okay. Because then i can make my imagination as nice as possible. 

I like melted cheese. MOZZARELLA 


Things keep on changing. 

At first i ignored the little things that stopped happening, because i assumed they would naturally come back. And then there was a period where the little things weren't needed, so i forgot about it. But now it's started again and i'm concerned. Or is it confused...?

I'm scared too. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I can do better. We could all do better. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Valedictory Dinner 09

More pictures are on fb but it was a really great night! Started off moderately slow with the usual camwhoring but it got better. Band 45 played and now it's studying for another week till exams. 

Today i went to State Library with people... Um.. did some latin and chem. Then four of us went to KFC and asked for extra salty chips because last time there was hardly any salt. Except this time it was so salty we shook the remaining salt out and formed a little mound. Okay a big mound for small amount of chips. Haha kidney failure. 

The sky is pink now. When i got back home i had to sew laura's sleeves of her dress up a bit because the top half was too big for her. And this time i helped her get ready, just like when she helped me for 3 formals and Valedictory this year. rofl 

Hope you're studying better than i am atm. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Graduation 09

Vivian, Savana, Adeline 
Katherine's ass is so comfortable and squishy to sit on !!!!

Boo-ing at the Year 11s who stole our balcony seats for Year 12 Video Assembly

Some of the Musos 09

Not our whole group though =(

IB Class of 09 (some are absent) 

See you at Valedictory Dinner tonight for more pictures and the resurrection of Band 45 !!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009




i was going to explain why i'm irritated but i don't want to spoil the whole graduating atmosphere. I have lots of nice photos (200 in two days in fact) and i'm going to develop them after exams... which will be in less than a month woohoo!

Graduating/celebrating now is so deceptive. 

The hardest part hasn't even started yet ARGH today we had 7:30am breakfast, raided the music school, camwhored, had a nice quad day, played games/watched videos in classes and had year 12 video assembly. and people started crying. 

Tomorrow is Year 12 Leavers  Assembly (formal one) and i just woke up from a 4hr+ nap. fk???? done no work . and We also have Valedictory Dinner tomorrow night and Band 45 is playing. 

I feel weird. It hasn't hit me that exams are in two weeks, that we are graduating and i feel funny. We'll see what happens tomorrow. 

Edit: I think i feel like crying. But what for... I bet i'm either going to snap or just start bawling. i cbf 

Edit x2: I want school to end - i'm over it. But i don't want to let people go. 

...Edit x3: i want an icecream. the old style dixie cups but mango yoghurt icecream. 

why am i still up....................

.....EDIT 4: I graduated! And i did cry a little bit but now i feel good. We'll be free in less than a month now :) YAYAYAYA oh and congrats to those who received Academic of Excellence awards i forgot what they're called. but yay! 

Monday, October 19, 2009

i got you babeeee...

I call! I call! 

Hmm, f(x) version is funky too. I'm suddenly listening to this song a lot. Along with a lot of ss501 and other stuff.... 

Laura painted my nails orangey red. I still haven't done anything tonight and exams are in exactly two weeks. 

Not that that's registered yet. 

we're nearly there...

Today i woke up at 8:30am and spent 10min in bed thinking whether i should go to school or not. Turns out i decided to come halfway through period 1 and was rather out of it. 

Did nothing all day but sit on katherine's squishy ass in the library, lie on bean bags, camwhore, lie on the grass at lunch and take comiclife in computer room. In chem we watched a chem video on Organic Chem and this funny maths video. 

I had a nap just then and drooled on my pillow. YAY ? 

7:30am breakfast and Year 12 video assembly tomorrow. It's gonna be good and full of crying and pictures. 

Sunday, October 18, 2009

hello munchkins

Sometimes, i like to imagine becoming famous through blogging. But then i realize i don't want everyone scrutinizing my posts - I can't write for every audience and interest and i don't know how to. So, i guess i'll keep on entertaining you guys with funny pictures :) 

Today i ate noodles, a quarter of a cheesecake, tea, biscuits, melted cheese on toast and banana chips. I expect to gain even more weight over dinner. I also watched an hour of Pokemon, learned 100 lines of latin, lay in the sun with my dogs, read my weekly newspapers, saved more interesting pics, searched facebook and did two maths papers. I decided i didn't have enough time to help bath the dogs or make dog biscuits for them anyway. 

But i did find time to blog :) 

I'm screwing up my eyes atm because i took my lamp to the other room and i can feel a draft. 

This ding dong dang whatever song by SHINee is .........strange. 


Lately, i've been signing off msn but not going to bed straight away. Instead i sit here and blog. 

I actually have nothing to say... 

Except that i may go on a blogging hiatus soon. Sorry guys. 

Saturday, October 17, 2009

hardcore showers

That's right. I'm going to dive into my shower like a fkn king now! 


Okay firstly i decided i will go to school on Monday. But i'm going to use my spares effectively and not spend time eating in them as i usually do. 

Back to Junior School was today. The preps drew pictures of us and laminated them into bookmarks. Saw videos and the grade ones danced for us. Watched this video of us in prep and didn't think my voice could go any higher... literally a squeal oh god. Back when bowl haircuts were in and i wore suspender belts and dresses. 

Our primary school teachers came back today. I think i will remember gr 6 the most fondly out of all my schooling- the teacher was fantastic, everyone was friends with each other, everyday was special and it was memorable even without any friends.

This is different to high school.

Had 4 hours of straight eating today. The gr 6 had food, then latin party, double english party... and tamara and i stalked our gr 6 prep buddy for 5 minutes around the food table wondering if she would recognise us. LOL we spent two weeks making this picture book for her in gr 6 and she chucked it away in the corner LOLLLL 

I was going to say something but then i feel like an idiot. Oh my god i'm such a hypocrite. 

Friday, October 16, 2009

late nights...

So, i switched back to my late sleeping/hw-ing habits. It's because i have 2 hr naps everyday oh dear. I'm going to skip Monday because it's only 2 periods. 

This is what MHS is doing for Speech Night. Cool much? 

Human percussion!

It took me like 2 hours to do a latin unseen just then.... oh dear. And i'm really liking latin essays atm... i wish i knew my stuff as well for English :( 

Soo... today it was pyjamas day right? I didn't wear pjpj because on colder nights i wear trackies and tshirt but at lunch Stooph and i went to BP in our pjs.. and brought toy Pysduck along too! And she bought her V and kettle chips and as soon as we stepped out of BP, we see the whole world flooding rain. like woah how did that happen so fast?! Hmm.. so waited for a bit and ran back to school. 

Tomorrow is hippie day and Back to Junior School as well. I remember the preps gave the Year 12s roses and i'll blog about it tomorrow. 

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Where are you? I wanna talk :( 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


via papertissue

Today, our dressup theme was "Other School Uniform". Having no other school uniform except for the old plc uniform (disgusting - it had lime yellow shirts okay) and i cbf pestering non plc people....

I took Wensi's cloak and turned into a Hogwarts student :) I am a dementor that attends Hogwarts! And you are all Muggles!!! 

Thursday: Pyjamas Day 

Friday: Hippie/Love children Day

some other day: Jungle/safari 

I'm so sad that school is ending soon :( 

I think there are many ways we can all keep in touch, if we're bothered. Apart from going to the same university, we should have yearly reunions. We should create a blogging circle and communicate through that. We should always think of each other and not simply accept that some of us are going to drift. 

We have to remember the people who once, and still do, make us smile. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

don't want

via papertissue

I wish i could touch water
and everything would become magic.
How can she get her dress dirty...
it's too nice to be kneeling in mud

Do you ever get this feeling
that's sharp and nostalgic
but also not, and
only one thing satisfies it.

Which i still haven't figured out yet.

And then there's another feeling -
that i do not want to
stay. But that's for
another time...

Tom said he doesn't want to die.
But i don't want to be alone.
I'm going to read Book VI of the Aeneid
for info on
the Underworld.

I just had fish soup. It's nice with..
with pepper.
I feel like something's sprinkled onto my heart.
It's sweet, but it keeps
dissolving. Why?

Eww random oil patch on my paper
I'm just trying to make you
believe that i'm real.
I want candy! (funky sunglasses)

This is not a rap by the way. Haha, i hope
you didn't read it that way.
I have a headache.
Today i did a latin essay, chem paper, maths paper and now

In the end, we're all just poop, you know?

it's so cold

If you can make a girl laugh - you can make her do anything.
-Marilyn Monroe

Monday, October 12, 2009


dun da da dun da da boom 

Hey i'm a jam bun, we're all gonna live

but it feels like we belong together, can someone

tell me where do i start? 

and i eat turtles so don't steal my graphics 


let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder

cos sin tan cot sic cosec 

it just takes some time ... ever and ever

it will be just fine ! alright alright !

email essays what geog essays? i've done 5 already

why are you so obsessed with me?

MAHHHHHH *african language* in the circle of lifeeeeee

i'm a pink flamingo in Fantasia 2000

quaeque, eoque, fuere qui, umquam, isque

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare! (turn the lights on)

I have two nailcutters on my desk. 

...all around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces

"Vengeance is walking Salem"

We could light the candle, oh won't you light my candle? 

did you realise that 90% of the above was song lyrics? 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

the fly

The fly had accidentally dozed off. His artwork seemed to glow in the darkness but the fly only watched the gold tin. 

One hour remaining. Could he delay the growing presence of the shadow behind the tin? Could he finish his masterpiece in time so that the genie would grant him a longer life on Earth? 

The still life cat twitched but the fly continued to prick the piece of paper with ink. He felt like he was pricking away his own life and yet, he was almost done. 

But not quite. 

The genie erupted from the canister and drew the fly into the depths of his home. He was going to the world under the table now. 

And as he was pulled from his artwork and ink, all the fly could think about was, "This is karma - bad karma. This is what i got for pestering vivigloo in her bedroom for a week."

And with that, he died, much to the happiness of vivigloo.  

"quisquis es (amissos hinc iam obliviscere Graios) noster eris" 

Saturday, October 10, 2009

little wonders

One day a piece of toast met this little boy. It stared up in awe, wondering why toasts couldn't wear costumes and disguise themselves as well. 

The boy glanced down and thought, "Ten second/hour/month/year rule !!" and gobbled up the poor toast. He was only doing what the Wild Things had taught him. 

Shaking his head, the toast huddled in the entrance of the boy's stomach. He didn't want to battle with anymore enzymes, let alone pepsin this time. "I just want to be a normal piece of toast!" he cried. 

The boy's stomach growled in agreement. However, the boy responded to this by eating more toast but with jam off the ground. Slowly, all the toast in the world was consumed until there was none left. The boy was forced to alter his niche and soon became addicted to berries. 

"heu, quae me tellus" inquit "quae me aequora possunt accipere?" 


I wanna watch it. Movie or Broadway, it doesn't matter. 


It's a nice day today :) 


I'm not good with problems. I know there's something wrong but i don't know how to approach it. What if i'm overthinking, overreading things? What if there's actually nothing wrong but i'm just getting paranoid? 

What if it's because i don't know how to say sorry. I know something's my fault but i'm too scared to bring it up. 

I just want it to end happily. 

Thursday, October 08, 2009

omg LOL


Valedictory Dinner sounds pointless to go to - i could do more study. But then again it's one night where I'll try not to worry about stuff. Except it's like $25 or something?? I DON'T WANT TO GO TO THE BREAKFAST. Which is apparently included in that $25?? So if i don't go and sit in the freezing cold with my bread and butter then i still have to pay this $25?? What if i'm still hungry afterwards. What if i get sick. I wake up at that time okay i could just have breakfast in my car or something to celebrate. What if i just like to complain. 

I'm not good at waking up around 6-6:30am ever since i stopped swimming training.

You know what i hate? And you know why i'm in such a foul mood now? 


I hate latin paper 1. And i hate myself for not working on my grammar because if we work hard enough we can all get 7s in our paper 2, if not already, but it's the unseen in paper 1 that pulls our marks down so quickly. 

Why didn't i choose french..? Latin is perfect for VCE in terms of marks.

Whatever. I'm going to improve somehow. 

Upcoming events: 

- Band 45 is resurrecting for Valedictory Dinner 

- I'm a poo to-be

- And we got our PLC Year 12 trackies

- I just failed my Paper 3 chem exam LOL it's okay. It's rote learning at least and not.. weird.. hard stuff... i can't figure out. 

- Life is so cool. I keep on eating cup noodles uh oh


Came home after latin practice exam at like 7pm... slept till 1am... oh great

Now i'm going to stay up till 3am to study biochem for chem paper 3 tomorrow. After i finish eating this stuff. 

Screw modern analytical ==

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Edit: In a better mood but my latin situation is still disastrous. 

Yeah as you can see, i haven't done exercise like that since pilates last year term 1. HAHA 



I desperately need to plan out an effective study timetable.

Or i will fail latin without even trying to. Oh wait, i already am because i left memorising too late. I am going to finish memorising all of Virgil by this Sunday. I have to - i must make up for failing the exam tomorrow afternoon. 

I should just memorise Virgil for two hours instead of failing the 2 hour exam. oh fkkkkkkkk wtffffff

And then we have Tacitus to deal with oh that's just great. just great. 

I will learn all of Virgil by Sunday. I must. I have to. 

I HATE THIS. And then i'll conquer Tacitus somehow HAHAHA yeah we'll see... 

Screw you aeneas! douchebag who loses his wife and cries 24/7. and someone remind me what happens during Nero's reign again? fk you 

wth ?

Yeah, seriously. Who parks their car the wrong way round in a court and then gets it towed away for a week and then gets it given back only to be towed away 3 days later are you freakn kidding me? How stupid can you be, i'm observing this ridiculous event right now.

Oh right, background info. Neighbours next door are renovating their house and they're fobs.

Actually the above may not be true, i just needed blogging material and that was my ultimate theory.

I was going to blog about my eventful "studying" period before another session of mock exams with Katherine and Dot in room 10 yesterday but i didn't have the funny picture we drew on whiteboard. Basically, Katherine and i drew the evolution of humans in the order of Viv (modeling cavemen bikinis and g strings), Katherine (complete with her best and worst assets) and Dot (triangular shaped, squinty eyed and sprouting hair that swears).

That didn't make any sense. I bet some unexplained natural selection went on between Katherine and Dot.

(So why don't we run away)

So baby don't worry, you are my only,
You won't be lonely, even if the sky is falling down,
You'll be my only, no need to worry,
Baby are you down down down down down...

I am so screwed for Latin paper 2 tomorrow. I don't know any Virgil or Tacitus.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

so like..

My mum keeps taking my laptop away so i can work and sometimes i pretend to work so i close my laptop lid, which means i keep on signing out on you people. So don't get annoyed. I'm just doing my thing and hoping my mother never reads this.

But don't worry, i'm busy cramming. When i want to. And when i don't feel the urge to msn/check fb/blog/watch pokemon/masterchef/eat - basically not study.

I hope all these frequent updates don't bother you... Lately i've been on a blogging roll more suited for Twitter and i should get back to relearning all the Bio i never understood last year. eg - the easiest topic ever, cells.

Hmm.. so i went to the library yesterday and sat with Tomchengloooooooo who thinks everything is a penis so i wrote him a reminder that it's not on his pencilcase. And i drew peanuts on his arm and watched him drink from his tank Lipton Ice tea. (2L or something??) Oh, and i got 3 pages of bio notes done so not bad right...

On a last note, I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS. It leeched one hour of eating, sleeping, procrastinating (and studying) off me. WHY????

Okay i better go because i'm paranoid that my mum will take my laptop again and after two bio papers last night i couldn't handle being isolated from my online social life. And after i went downstairs to get a drink i found my laptop on my desk!

Except that my dad put it on my desk instead of my mum great ..okokok i go study now. bye

Saturday, October 03, 2009


I'm sorry for updating so much but i love to procrastinate and youtube. And look what i found LOL it's a comedy trailer btw

Yeah.. the reason they're lined up in their underwear is cause they have marriage issues and are on paradise land to fix it.

twelve hours of sleep

Heartbreaker - English Version Cover

I like it :)

Friday, October 02, 2009


Edit: WE GOT OUR IB SHIRTS TODAY! thankyou tanji i love youuuu
Edit 2 : Steve has a blog check it out. 
Look what my sister made me! A Good luck cake haha

Paper 1 English was good. Latin unseen was not so good. Maths paper 1 was o.O but paper 2 was good.
I'm just chillin..

Oh yeah, about this fly that stalks me. So after i complained to Farn, Steve and Tom for ages about it it continued to buzz around like a morphine drug addict around my room. So first time i chased it out of the door and slammed it shut IF IT'S GONNA CRAWL UNDER MY DOOR I HAVE MORPHEIN READY MWAHAHAHA.. and then it came back in when mum entered but it sat quietly on the wall for 30min hmm... suss.. and then 1 hr later i go toilet and it's freakn next to me on the cupboard as i reach for my toilet paper.
now i don't know where it is but that's fine with me, as long as it's NOT IN MY BED.
or on my white shorts.
Moral of the story: I hate fat flies and will do anything to kill them. I hate small ones too but at least they're quiet.


Thursday, October 01, 2009

heart attack

today is october. 

in one month, exams begin. (3rd nov)

my mock exam schedule:

thurs: chem paper 1 and 2, geog paper 2

fri: english paper 1, latin paper 1 and maths papers 1 & 2

mon: biology papers 1 & 2, english paper 2, geog paper 1

tues afterschool: biology paper 3 

wed afterschool: latin paper 2 

in class: chem paper 3 

I was going to do latin paper 2 instead of geog on monday but i'm half an hour short. I have no idea we'll just see how this goes.... freakn bio scheduled in on monday i could've done chem then. 

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