Thursday, October 18, 2012


thanks James. i really really like this song :) 

3rd year uni is closing in and there is still so much to do !!!!! 

I've been buying a lot of dresses online and trying to lose weight/get fit/look better by doing pilates everyday. I still won't admit to catching hayfever because then i'd be the biggest hypocrite... (i swear i will kill the next person who sneezes ten times in a row around me GAH) and i currently have ten pages of research for this stupid essay on whether diabesity is a problem in emerging countries like China and India for my breadth and I THINK THE ANSWER IS YES. WE HAVE A PROBLEM. 

I ALSO DIDN'T KNOW THAT THE AMOUNT OF VISCERAL FAT YOU HAVE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN BMI IN PREDICTING WHETHER YOU'LL DEVELOP TYPE 2 DIABETES OR NOT (so if you have a relatively low BMI but high % of visceral fat then you still have a higher risk of developing T2D and cardiovascular disease). 

I think this could be a really good essay if i just sat my ass down and typed it up instead of eating yoghurt.. or killing my triceps... or thinking about all the time i could've spent studying vet stuff instead >_>

Anyway, i have a lot of plans for the summer. This includes finding a dairy farm placement along with my goat, deer and welfare ones and possibly going to Malaysia. 

I halter trained some crea (baby alpaca) last Sunday. They were so stroppy to begin with but you just make sure the muzzle isn't pressing their nostrils and try to hold them close so they know it's okay. And once they've calmed down and like it when you hug them.. tada camwhoring with the alpaca time. They so cute.

Okay time to write essay :( 

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