Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hehe finished


Tempura soba - Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar 

YAY EXAMS ARE DONE! Cardio was literally hell.. i better have passed the subject otherwise things are going to get really awkward. Fortunately Respiratory ended on a really good note and we got our free crepe after :) Can't believe we have 6 exams/semester next year =\ and then 9 exams in 3rd year.... WTFFFFFFFF 

The picture quality is really bad but the crepes at carte in melb uni taste so good now!! They are fluffier and have a lot more spread now :) Even better because it was free (show them your exam timetable on your last day of exams and you get a free crepe)

LOL yes ... we put teddy on top of Cino to see what would happen but he was like meh rofl... ooh it's his birthday tomorrow :) Haha dad used it as an excuse to buy cake but Cino couldn't eat it anyway because it had chocolate in it.... 

And this is my new maxi dress that i bought today from Valleygirl :D I am sooooooo happy that Valleygirl reopened in shoppo because it is so affordable and i really like the newly opened Zara too... apparently the stuff is different to Bourke Street's? Either way i saw a reasonably priced blazer and nude flats with bows on them. 

Anyway that's all for now byee


Blogger f i o n a (miss.tea) said...

ehhhh free waffles yaaaay! naww emily looks so cute in that photo *squish cheeks* and charles' hair looks more.. gangster LOL. That tempura noodle looks uncharacteristically dark! HA 9 exams in third year LOLL. Dw at least you don't have to work full time and still study towards accounting accreditation @.@ ooh dress came with free belt, win!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Ice Pandora said...

Oh my god, yay for free
Crêpe!! It looks really
delicious c: Like the
maxi dress as well!


4:42 AM  

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