Saturday, September 15, 2012

midsem break

Yay midsem break is here and there is so much to do... lots and lots of 21st birthdays, alpaca farm placement, horse farm placement, Aa ball, catching up on study etc etc... 

I still don't know what costume to wear tonight but i found an old kimono in my mum's closet so i might wear this??? And shall wear some clubbing attire underneath for the next 21st tonight... so lady like xD

Had work this morning and i'm so tired.. also need to figure out how refunds work if i cancel a flight. 

Went out for dinner last night with most of the lunch group and i was quite impressed with the restaurant we went to :D As expected of any restaurant on Southbank, it was classy but the food servings were generous enough. I wouldn't mind going back actually.. really chill atmosphere and thanks to everyone who came :)

Anyway time to get ready.. still haven't told parents i'm going out yet lol oops 


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