Wednesday, July 29, 2009

during our spares...

Edit: Don't you wish you could do this...

Kristen and i muck around. She was trying to do art and i was trying to take pictures of her. Take note of Kristen's facial expressions heheehehe

Quote: (when people were doing pushups in geog.....)

Sports Captain - "When i was buff i could do 60 pushups in one go!"
Normal person in geog class - "When i was buff i could do 2 pushups and they were girl ones!"

See what it takes to be sports captain? @.@

Didn't like Section 1. Really enjoyed Section 3. and Section 2 was soso. If i don't get into Med anywhere (monash, melb, interstate), I think i will do Arts/Law or Arts/Science. I really don't want to do Health Sciences like Pharmacy.. Dentistry... etc...

English Oral
The 20min oral where you're given a passage to analyse from 1 of 4 texts studied especially for this for 20minutes and you immediately speak in good english for next 9-12minutes. All of this is taped and then sent to the IBO overseas. Except I spoke for 19minutes....because they need to ask you 5minutes of questions after. Why didn't the teacher stop meeeeeeee ? I have to practice speaking for 12minutes max or i'm gonna get penalised in the real thing.

I felt myself repeating the words "moral bargain", "this suggests...", "moral dilemma", "despair", "inner turmoil", "anguish" and this emphasises" and i think i made up a few words on the spot too @.@... But yeah, i hope i did alright because my teacher said she was really pleased. Good.

Since i did my oral on Hamlet, i'm going to do one of Wilfred Owen's poems next. I think this internal counts 15% for English? It's not so scary now.

The oral made me miss my bio class. hence, the bio quiz. which i had to stay afterschool to do. and epically failed that because i don't know...

Weird Times

Tanji gave me hot choc and Stooph dragged me all over floor during lunch after introducing a topic about boobs. So yeah.. got dragged halfway down the corridor and back today... rofl slide slideeeeeee now my uniform is dusty.

Time to do geog and english.

Laura and i just baked muesli. REALLY REALLY GOOD.

(Katherine go to Emily's blog. You're featured!!!!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Edit#2: I FINISHED MY TOK DRAFT !!!!!!! (which i was meant to do 1 month ago. hmmm....) But i work better at school actually.. i got 1.5 pages done in 2 hrs straight. whilst playing 2 chess games online which i won YAY. but ye lol that tok would've taken me 7 hours to finish at home.

Had only 1 proper period today. Spare, english teacher not here, geog teacher not here, bio, double spare. Technically, if i didn't have to go to HL bio i would've had no classes today !!!!

And sav showed me how to put keyring into phone. so yippeeeee time for latin + umat

Coffee Tricks Enjoy!

This mv is so hot. Abracadabra - Brown Eyed Girls. But it's really sexual .. warning. But Mandy told me to download it just in case it got banned for being so explicit. So i did that.

Anyway... just here to complain once again about life hehe. i want the beach nah actually i want disneyworld. or that iced mocha on st kilda pier. that lil cafe. really good drinks there yummmm

i got a new phone. nokia. and a new plan. same number though. except i can't seem to find a hole to put this cool froggy keyring i bought in japan through.

It's decided. I will drill a hole through my new phone.

I still miss my old phone. it's on the floor as usual but i've had it since late year 8. So it's been through a lot with me. Like losing my cat keyring ... and other stuff...

2 periods tomorrow. woot. i love my mondays. except we have to keep coming to HL bio classes now...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

fat ass

Now that i've gotten all my ideas for my TOK essay, i cbf writing it anymore. great.

So glad it's the weekend.

Me in year 9 being stupid. nothing has changed ye?

Most important things to do:
Sat/Sun - email the stupid TOK draft
Mon - bio prac due
Tues - dont really want to know
Wed - fkn UMAT
Thurs - screw myself over 20min practice oral. if i get Age of Innocence i think i will die on the spot. I don't know it. Please please god give me either Wilfred Owen, Seamus Heaney or Hamlet. Please no Running in the Family either.
Fri - i guess i'll be dead by then.

I eat more than i work. great

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

death eaters

I've gone beyond "cbs to do homework/go to school". Now it's "can't be stuffed to even talk" on msn or in person or in class. Sometimes it's just better to sit, listen and stare blankly. Sort of describes my relationship with my World Lit 1 at the moment. Except i'm the one making all the changes.

Getting a small size for rugby jumper. English excursion was good except i fell asleep in some parts. did some umat at lunch.

Food eaten today in chronological order:
Soup, sushi, 4 grapes, choc chip cookies, sandwich, carrot, porridge, piece of choc, toast with melted cheese, milk, soup, rice, shark fin melon, 3 chicken wings, vegetables, rice, soup, digestive biscuits

Something funny happened today but i forgot what it was.... damn

Homework Status:
World Lit 1 - 100% by tonight
TOK - 0%
Bio prac - probably 50% now that we have to change it.
Geog essays - 33%
UMAT - fail
English Orals - fail
World Lit 2 - 0%

+ all the other homework i cbs doing

Saturday, July 18, 2009

proper post...

I put off posting for a while but hmmm .. . big long happy post =D

For starters, i'm growing again. Slowly, but better than staying the same height or even shrinking. hahahaahahhaaaaaaaaaa :)

Latin Pompeii Excursion
best double latin ever. bludgy woo. note my editing

hmmm there was this hamish and andy mini van parked outside and we thought it was them but no and 5min police come and tell them to move. haha OWNED

Exhibition was pretty good. lol at them for selling pumice... it was sparkly but iuno if it was real lol . just visit a volcano :D and watched some 3D movie thing hmmm + bodies

Extremely crap pic on the right but you see.. before we even got into the exhibition we drove around for 5min looking for a 2hr+ carpark...

we also found this underground carpark with a clearance of 2.50m. so we went down this steep slope and when we got to the bottom. the teacher was like "...we're not going to fit".

So here we are laughing at our absurdity and thinking " LOL we're gonna die" cos it was like a slow rollercoaster... and then we backed out. rofl.... lucky no one behind us =D

That's an unfinished draft of my bio prac.

After i watched HP6 today we went to buy milk. then walked to the self checkout counter. and seeing no one in line... we walk up to empty cash register and this lady with her two kids bursts out of nowhere yelling EXCUSE ME WE WERE FIRST IN LINE. HAVE SOME POLITENESS. IT'S A GOOD THING TO LEARN.

and laura and i are like wtf? where the fk did you come from? obviously far enough away for me not to notice your fat ass. lol so we just waited 2 sec later for another empty counter.

Remember those spinach and pine nut muffins from ages ago? well here they are. with mozarella.

laura made cauldron cakes today for HP movie. it's just choc + almond with raspberry straps on top. looks good but could be gooier inside.

HSM3 bottle + horlicks = ... no idea

Lol i made up for yesterday's 2.5 hours sleep with 12 hours straight sleep on friday night. 8pm - 8am. lol orch at 10am hmmm WINDY OUTSIDE

This is my MHS formal dress. so you guys can stop asking me about it. and i look very fat........ holiday fat! from when the fridge was always 24/7 accessible YAYAYAYA .. now im stuck at school. with expensive unhealthy canteen food ive put off for a week so far. and ye..

i hope you people are happy.
i can't even stand looking at myself in that pic. my arms are tank flab. why is my flab tank but not me. my muscle --> fat --> emulsified --> flubber !!!!!!

i never 100% like the dresses i buy. i like this 30%. the CGS one i like 80% ?

oh. and Harry potter 6 is good :)

Edit: oh, and did i mention that Draco looks so hot? ;)


Friday, July 17, 2009

ok i lied

not really but i'm just here to vent crap out the one thing i hate about ib is the bio pracs it's 2:47am it's 10-11 pages so far and i havent even finished why did i start at 8pm oh that's right i have a vectors test tomorrow well fk that i'm studying/dreaming about maths in my sleep in double english and lunch tomorrow and then i'll wing the test in period 6 and where is the full stop


there it is. and my brain can't function i should go back to it but i cbf but i have to and my ear is feeling strangely hot - must be my hair - actually i don't mind vectors wait cut that out i won't like it when i fail tomorrow's test omg so shameful failing SL maths hahahahahahaha . not funny.

i have 10 post it notes reminders stuck all over my laptop.. hmmmm only achieved like 2 of them screw it anyway........

back to bio. 2:50am.

expect to be sleeping at......4am.

Edit : slept at 5am. woke up 7:30am. handed in bio prac after frantically adding in more stuff. rushed through vectors test. went to boxhill. saw edi farn tom. + 5 other billion ppl i didn't really want to bump into. home now. HARRY POTTER TOMORROW.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i know i know..

i promised you guys a really good post (my stupid moments, latin pompeii excursion) but i don't have time right now :O

also, farn and i decided to go on a 1 week msn strike. i'm gonna be fb stalking so much instead just to survive.. but i'll post something special in a week hopefully :)

and school makes me so sleepy. but lunchtimes have been good. and i'm seeing HARRY POTTER 6 this weekend bahahahahahaa got tickets

*going to dress up to the movies*.. maybe. cya

i love snape. and draco looks hot ;)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter time...

Poll of the month: If you were in Hogwarts, which house do you honestly think you'd be put in and why?

cupcakes are there to make you read rest of this post

Well people, meet your fellow housemates.

Gryffindor: Kristen, Jen Quan, VincentJr, Katherine, Derek, Farzana
Hufflepuff:Farn, Nadia, Belle, Tom Loo, Calvin, Wong, Steph Wang, Viv
Ravenclaw: Steve, Hungy, Yi-Ling, Eric Lu, Tung, Chewy, Laura, Tallulah, Vincent, Linh, Veronica
Slytherin: James

"I'll make my own damn house": Mandy Li
"None, i'll be the gamekeeper":

Thanks to everyone who actually bothered to reply =)

So, are you happy with your house? Who's not in the "right" house? If this was real, would nearly all the asians be in Ravenclaw? Is James the new (and only) heir of Slytherin? Are the results as you expected? And why does our new gamekeeper have the boniest ass in the world???

i'll let you ponder that over our spaghetti in tomato and basil...

Featuring some cool reasons...
Eric - to pick up Cho Chang
James- because i am evil, sly and really do worship the Dark Lord
Nadia- Hufflepuff because i look dumb
Yi-Ling- because i am really nerdy
VincentJr- i've got guts

N.B - Sorry if you weren't online the past 24 hours ... missed out :S
N.BB - Katherine gave me Gryffindor/Slytherin but i picked Gryffindor. However... according to her comment SOMEONE IS POWER HUNGRY ALL OF A SUDDEN.


Thursday, July 09, 2009

hey people

Everytime i wanted to blog i just couldn't be bothered, if that makes sense. So i'll let the pictures do the talking.

And then you have Emma Watson looking pretty. (bit bony here though)

Baking week: Laura and i made Spinach and Pine Nut muffins and today she baked Banana and Honey Cupcakes. Niceeeeeeeee (cbs posting pics up here though...)

lol guess which pics i drew for who =) and yes hungy is about to avalanche onto those poor houses. hehe

N.B - just realised on Internet Explorer there's this huge gap between the pics and last pic. hmmm. cbf editing

Monday, July 06, 2009

Rant of the Day

Well i couldnt be bothered to post before so today's blog is more a recount of yesterday's events. goddamnit i cbf but then you guys will have nothing to read =O lol so conceited aren't i haha

World Lit #1 -

Finished that. And i got some people to read it and now i'm just editing it and pretty happy with it... and when that's done i'm going to email it to teacher. hopefully she likes it. But i am pretty proud of my topic "The ways in which patriarchy as a system is explored in The Leopard and Paradise of the Blind"..

It was so hard to keep on writing it my god i had to bribe myself with "do one paragraph and you'll get to watch one ep of masterchef online" instead it turned into watching 2 episodes and no paragraph i can't function between 2pm-5pm. probably why i went out to shoppo today.. and then i just cbf anymore and during ads of tennis watched masterchef online...

Tennis -
Federer :) i found it a bit unbearable to watch in the 5th set because his playing got sloppier but yeah i stayed up till 4am like everyone else and .. ye .. started thinking the silence was too loud...

Dress -
fkn hell. fkn hell i went to shoppo yesterday to inspect the sales and ended up raging on the phone to farn/mum/laura about how one dress i bought was now only $99 WHAT THE AFJSDLFJSLFJSDLFJD and i bought it for $220 OMG THAT HURT.

That hurt so bad.

So i was yelling on the phone LOL and people were staring at me yes i have problems just look at this. I had bitchy thoughts entering my head like .. WELL I WORE THAT DRESS FIRST. and ... if the sale was before everyone else would've worn it. and...I'M GOING TO MAKE EVERYONE ELSE'S LIFE MISERABLE BY BUYING AN AWESOME DRESS THAT WASN'T HEAVILY DISCOUNTED FOR THEM. and .. yeah well not everyone can fit/wear that dress too so HMPH . What the hell. LOL

Hmm.. well today after waking up at 10am to go to boxhill library to properly edit my world lit. i went to shoppo for 3 hrs and bought a dress for MHS formal. I feel fat and it's holiday binge-ing i suppose and i'm still not over it.

Transformers -

Finally saw that yesterday it was good who cares about the storyline except i came out half deaf and i want to watch Bruno. And Ice Age. and The Proposal. and Terminator. and something else. and something else. and OMG HARRY POTTER HOW COULD I FORGET HARRY POTTER WTF

bet you that none of you read that

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Status of room: Detonated.

I would show you a picture but it's traumatizing to the extent that i am now blind to it. Instead, i like to think of it as belongings tastefully placed where you least expect it - clothes becoming the new carpet and chem papers to discover when trying to sleep. No, i do not do chem in my sleep...

Maybe on the bus... yesterday... that was only once... huh wait that meant i was doing chem on the bus while asleep. nononono

Laura and i baked a Banana and Pear Cake yesterday.

We mushed up the banana and pear first. You can use self raising flour if you don't want to/have baking powder to use with normal (plain/wholemeal) flour.

The wholemeal flour gave it a slightly coarser and more oatmeal texture than normal flour but the inside of the cake still came out moist.

It also had a crunchy outer layer so when you sliced it there was a nice crackle sound too ;)

The recipe was for banana only but we ran out and used pears as well.

It still tasted fresh today, which was good.

I did 3 hours of chem today and i just want to sleep but i have to do World Lit... I'm only like 600 words in. no wanttttttt

If you're feeling crap or bored, watch this. It's Hugh Jackman and Daniel Henney on a korean show. I promise that it will make you laugh.
Reminder: there are 4 parts to watch.

Going to avoid world lit again.. by reading Handle with Care - Jodi Picoult. (James, read it with me!)


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

my daily ordeal...

Everyday i am faced with this problem. The issue of transferring this bundle of clothes somewhere other than my bed. Yes, i have a pink blanket.

I could stop being lazy and actually put them away but i already did that with the previous bundle and look how that turned out... a new one formed !!!

So, when it's time to sleep. What do i do? (No, i don't actually put it away for once)

I transfer it to my chair YAYAYAYA :D (Looks a lot smaller doesn't it ^___^) Right now the clothes are strewn all over the bed. Not a good look except my sister treats it as extra cushioning when she bombs it. My poor bed...

Oh, and i am finally getting my world lit done. Feels good to have a proper structure now. And my arm hurts from baddy if i lift it in one direction.

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