Wednesday, December 23, 2009


After passing through 8 states and visiting New York, Philadelphia, Atlantic City etc, i am now back in Toronto after four days of touring. I would upload pictures/videos here but the net isn't fast enough and i have to wake up early to go out with cousins tomorrow. Even though i'm so used to waking up between 5-6:30am now...and sleeping between 1 - 2am o.O

Instead of actually talking about the trip, i thought i'd blog about some silly stuff.

1. The children on the bus ranged from less than 1 year old to teenagers like me. However, the noisiest ones were these two boys around 7 - 12 years old. While waiting in customs, the 7 year old says to the other, "you know that girl in pink up the front keeps staring at me. it's creepy she keeps watching me - yeah the 9 year old one - did you know she touched my private parts in the pool yesterday??? (LOL WTF) she touched my ass and then my nuts!! (other boy: hahaha maybe she likes you) No way she's creepy!!"

Lol i thought that was pretty cute and hilarious because he didn't care that everyone else was listening.

2. When i was in prep, i stayed over at my friend's house for one night. And it was normal to shower together when you were young right (like with your siblings..age 4..5..) and just as i got into the shower i said i needed to pee. Except the toilet was outside the shower obviously. And my friend had these pictures stuck on her shower wall so she told me to try and aim for those pictures. Well we both kinda failed peeing in that direction because i don't have a dick sorry but it was fun/funny xD

I'm really strange aren't i.

3. I don't like sweet and sour pork. I hate capsicum. I don't like stuff that's too sweet or has too many berries in it. My icecream cannot be a puddle and my watermelon cannot be mushy. I prefer to not eat papaya and i'm still wondering whether i like pomegranate seeds or not. I eat everything else.

Oh, and i'm sick. Going out with cousins tomorrow.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

11 years ago

Driving into New York city is dangerous. There are snowstorms and you can barely see, let alone see the lanes. Everything is camouflaged into a ghost town almost, dimly arrayed with a few christmas lights that sport a greenish look. It's eerie at night because nobody is out but it's okay. We have each other - the 55 of us in the asian bus.

I am in New Jersey at the moment and just came back from the pool. The tour guide speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin and there is this baby i like to stalk across the aisle. She is the happiest baby i have ever seen (more like inspected lol)...and her eyes crinkle up everytime she smiles. I wish i had a baby just as cute to hug, poke, squeeze, etc. Not going to happen...yet.

My legs feel tingly. It's just the 3 of us at the moment because mum decided to stay behind in Toronto to care for her mum. I have to wake up in 5 hours but i feel rather at loss.

Tomorrow we will go visit the actual New York city. I went there 11 years ago ...and the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC was huge.

We found something hilarious/ridiculous today. Laura and i thought the $1 off sale was stupid but today in Nike we found a 1 cent off sale LOL what on earth.

The snow is so fluffy here. I hope everything is just as fluffy for you in Melbourne, but in other ways. Tomorrow i plan to make a snow angel.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Canada is very cold. I just bought a dress and pair of jeans from Guess because it was 40% off. There are factory outlets and shopping malls everywhere literally. I am not kidding it is like shopping world but not as cheap as asia unfortunately.

I had heaps of little stuff to mention but i forgot it all... There are 40-70% sales here now... been shopping a lot. I think i've rekindled my love for jeans shopping. In one shop there was a $1 off sale lol.......... My grandpa likes to eat as much as i do YAYAY. My grandma can't even speak now.

I'm sorry but i really don't feel like blogging for the time being. Having a great time here though.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Hey VCE-ers,

I hope you're all relatively satisfied with your results and unless you got 99.95 please don't tell me what you got because ignorance is bliss and yeah. But i hope you are all happy with what you got and hopefully that will be the same for me as well.

I have a stomach ache.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Five airports in two days. Melbourne to Singapore (7 hours). Singapore to HK (3 hours). HK to Korea (3 hours). Korea to Toronto (13 hours). Just to get to Canada for a cheaper fare than going direct.

I stepped out of the van in HK and almost stepped on an obese, dead rat. Grandma's carer is so nice - she even went out in her pjs at 1:30am with me to buy congee and won ton noodles. I visited Megabox but realised it was just restaurants so we went to Hollywood Plaza and bought 7 pairs of shoes in the span of 15 min. Cheap :) And we got another camera because laura wouldnt shut up and the shutter on my camera doesn't work anymore. Still good for closeup though.

Korea Airline has really good food and i like their air hostess uniform. Huge selection of movies and music from classical to kpop. It's super cold here and it's like 11pm here. Half a day behind Melbourne.

Staying in Toronto for 2 weeks and then four days in New York? I have no idea where we're going =(  And then another week in HK yay

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Edit: Speech Night was good. And before i leave....

Today i bought a maxi dress for only $29. It is a very pretty blue and Vincent wishes he could wear maxi dresses too.

Speech Night tomorrow.

Flying off at 11am the day after. I really need to go pee.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Graduation Dinner Dance 09

A pity that not everyone was there =(


 GFM Family & Master


Okay, so the rest will be on facebook soon. But look at what Jenn Wu made me :) I love you sooooooo much

So..a recap of today. I was driving to school in dad's car and then all this smoke starts billowing out of the exhaust pipe. I swear i didn't do anything but then it got too smoky to even see out of rear mirror so had to go back home and dad drove his 4WD. And therefore i was 5-10min late to Senior Strings.. then had two periods of orchestra. and then played games for two periods in computer room rofl.

There was a stabbing in Wattle Park so the teachers wouldn't let us out of the school gates by ourselves so i got dad to drive into the carpark. Got blogging.

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Tonight is Graduation Dinner Dance. I have a headache, i hate my body and i feel tired. I can't be bothered dressing up and going but i have to.

Where are my contacts? I feel like swimming. I just want to swim without stopping for 1 hour like on Thursday. I don't have to think - it's just me, the water and the possibility of drowning. There was this girl who did breastroke non stop for 1.5 hours. She was really fast too. And then she got out of the pool and i floated on my back for a bit.

I have to start packing for HK and Canada tomorrow. I'm leaving next Friday and coming back early January. I have to attend a wedding as well. Maybe i'll try play isketch with you guys when i'm overseas :)

I don't want to go tonight. I'm sure it will be heaps of fun though but I've had enough of school. I'm over it and Speech Night is still to come.

I'm glad school has ended but i will miss lunchtimes.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


I wish i could drive far, far away. So far away that no one would be able to find me. I think i'd like it there. It feels good to be alone sometimes.

Little boots i bought in Venice 6 years ago.


Most certainly.

Strange assortment of pictures? Or not.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

i like the smell of petrol

Today was a lot of fun =] Drove to Box Hill and played baddy with Farn, Glor, TomLoo and Jacky.. and actually didn't end up paying even though we (they) stayed for 3 hours..since i came one hour late. Had lunch, Tom bought his playboy deo...decided to go Spotlight and randomly stopped off at DarkZone on the way LOL. yay so we used the $5 there that was actually for baddy.. it got really hot.. (this fly stuck in a spider web is pissing me off...well i think it's like crying now.. maybe i do pity it NO I DON'T) hmm and walked back and yeah blah blah ... ate sushi... and then Dad came and i ate dumplings with him at The Booth.. and now i just drove another 1hr+ but to PLC and back.

i'm bored....

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

three hundred

Happy 18th Bday Farn :)

Yep i am up to my 300th post YAY CELEBRATEEEEE...with berries. Today i had Senior Strings...bussed to box hill and then shoppo...bought two books from Borders....and pom wanted to take sticker photos for like $5 so we wrote all this crap on it.. like... "I MISS YOU. / FEELING YOU / I LOVE YOU " other crap ... not sure why.. cos they give crap features for only $5 sticker photos you see... and then.. orchestra afterschool. kept falling asleep in that. Hmm went kfc and then got injections. Laura had to get the swine flu one AND the hep B one LOL . did you know i was born with hepatitis C because my mum got it from hospital but it's okay i dont' have it anymore

So yeah i was on the bus back to PLC and while i was describing the flaws of the chick infront of me in my head (yes i'm shallow like that but it's entertaining) , some asian dude falls asleep on me errrrr....

Anyway, that's all for now.

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