Monday, August 21, 2006

If wings suddenly spurted out of my back...

..i would be scared sh_tless.

I want to fly away for the whole of this week. I want to miss the french test, latin test, maths common test, DMP thing, melba hall concert and the dreaded theory exams.... And if i came back, i wonder what i would do with these spread wings. It would be so..clumped. I mean, how on earth am i meant to fit in a shower if i have wings? Wings are made out of..feathers. hopefully. I wonder if i could shampoo and condition wings. Actually, you can. But how on earth..

Actually, there would be two holes in my back. If you can put it that way. That is quite scary. Especially if i am in a bathing suit, and you see these two holes gaping out..maybe blood still oozing out a bit..argh! Would wings just shrink back into place, (and maybe form into an unwanted hunch..), and the skin reappear, smooth, as if nothing happened?

If the two bones sticking out of my back are wings instead, trying to unfold, don't tell me. =.=' I wouldn't want white wings. A darker colour, perhaps. Yes, DN Angel is so inspiring...

I made a silly mistake in my skills common test. Which means the rest of the page ends up as a consequence mistake. I want to get my test paper back and rub it all clean like a feather duster..rubs..dust away. HAHA BAD SIMILE THING. or is it a metaphor. No, i think it's a simile. Why am i so stupid.... And my hair wasn't in my eyes for the first time in ages! So happy. Even though my hair is quite thick for it's length.. which means i can't tie it up properly. eeeh >.< So bits fall out of my hairtie..eventually. (This makes me sounds like i'm molting...)

Chopin Preludes Op. 28 No. 1-8. My favourites are No. 4 and 7. And the Schubert B flat major Piano Trio II mvt just annoys me. I HAVE NO FAVOURITE THEME IN THERE.

I eat when i am bored. What a very annoying habit. I just realised that, when i was doing the 40 hr famine. In fact, my stomach rumbles even louder when i am on a normal..eating plan. Damnit. I drank 1 Litre of water approx on Saturday and i pissed for like 3 minutes straight LOL. Yes. 5 hours of singing 4 songs in Melba Chorale IS NOT IDEAL. And i decided to miss the recording today. Don't ask why. I just felt like it.

The cushion on my study chair, has words in french saying: Les ├ętoiles scintillent. It means, The Stars Scintillate.

I think i like the word scintillate now.

This blog is nearly done. I bet none of you read this >_>

Ite missa est.

Go. It has ended.

p.s - Though, i think it should've been 'is' instead of 'has'. But 'has' sounds better and i can't be bothered translating again. Blame Marks Gospel, not me.
p.p.s - okay, why did i write p.s

Thursday, August 10, 2006

korean fish shaped icecream. =]


at least 80. haha. some of the good ones are on my xanga =]

today was a lot more fun then yesterday. food food food.

don't know what to say.

I LIKE SHUFFLE !!!!! =D . would you rather watch perverted anime or yuri anime? But then again...yuri could be quite perverted too... O_O

my blazer is annoying me. so..bulky. meh i dunno.

gloria loves the camera. on her grave bed i will put a photo of flowers, instead of real ones. i'll even buy her a new camera and film to take into heaven. heh...

haha the bus today was funny. like 40 plc students trying to cram onto the one bus HAHA.. poor passengers xD

i don't know what else to say.


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Sunday, August 06, 2006

can you not... =.=''

someone tell me why i even bother caring about someone when how it looks on top is... nevermind.

why do i even bother maintaining this friendship o.O

i am irritated. short irritation spasm alert. not anger this time. GOD.

enough on this subject.

i fkn made a kid cry in community action. well. maybe i was just the REASON he cried.. but not the one who MADE him cry. who cares. i felt bad anyway. this other kid took his original spot next to me during show and tell and then he started crying. and refused to sit on the other side of me too. and that kid and him are best friends and then he crawled to the nearest corner and cried. =\ is this what children do. is this what i did. in fact, i bet i did. because even now, i can relate to how that boy might've felt. except err..i would've just sat on the other sid eof the person. ...and i wouldn't cry. o.O


...that wasn't my fault was it. i find it very depressing to see children cry. whoever sees me cry these days is stuffed. hmph. not that i am a child huh.. . anyway..

anyway i find that blocking comes very handy these days.

not that it helps in person.

i think the only reason i keep this friendship is because...because...

we don't even talk much, do we. no.. half the time it's mainly.. gah.

does the above sound wrong wrong ? hope not. because it isn't.

i haven't laughed in ages. ironic yeah? i laugh like everyday at school.. no wait.. actually i think i really smiled on friday.. when gwen was drawing me SPHAT pictures. they were funny.. and.. i can't remember. in fact, i don't even know what i usually laugh about. Either, it's all wrong sickminded stuff...random stuff...actual funny stuff.. and i don't know.

someone buy me a doll. i'm going to make it pretty like rozen maiden. i like the boy Jun now.

we are about to discover ourselves... i wrote a story about.. piano. and music. and it was very badly written and expressed.

this post is full of i dunno.

whoever wants to call me, call my mobile. my home phone is being harrassed by a certain relative and i DONT' FKN CARE ANYMORE. about what? meh..

so yeah. mobile it is. goodbye.

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