Monday, July 09, 2012

new shoes

Hehe, my sister and i got new shoes! Each of them are on sale at $29.95 (RRP $59.95) at Sportsgirl and i got them in a size 8 even though i am usually a size 7. I never buy from Sportsgirl because it is so overpriced but these heels are pretty reasonable. I was actually going to buy the middle pair for my sister's birthday a month ago but thought $60 was a bit much for Sportsgirl quality.

My sister first bought this pair and when she came home i asked if there was a blue pair and there was! So i went there myself today. 

These heels are actually really comfortable and at first i didn't want to buy them at $60 because i'd rather buy real patent leather heels that have a nicer finish at that price but $30 is alright haha. 

The colour is a bit off but they are a teal-turquoise kind of colour... they are nice to touch too :) What i like most about the fuschia and turquoise heels - apart from the colour and material - is that the pointed toe really does elongate your leg and make it look slimmer AND that the heel height is just right for me (~8-10cm) hehehe

So yeah... i went in trying to find a dress for mccc ball... came out with two pairs of heels instead damnit. hehe

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

so much to do

hihihi sorry for the lack of updates... i've been really busy with placements! I went to an animal handling course with half the year level last week so it was basically... vet camp. lol except we have our proper one later in the year which is actually subsidized by Hill's (the really expensive and scientific pet food brand if you didn't already know). 

I have pictures but they'll be going up on facebook... probably not here haha

And this week i'm doing a placement at a chicken farm and it's a bit over an hour's drive from my house.... and i have to wake up at 5am everyday for a 7am start and the roads get super windy up there... doesn't help that there is always fog rolling in and then it makes the high beam even worse when i need it the most. And then when i drive back home in the afternoon i'm always in awe of how scenic the stupid route actually is since i can actually see it at 3:30pm LOL 

okay time to sleep. I was going to watch a movie with Kristen tonight but tickets sold out (would have to sit separately) so we went out for dinner instead and i'm glad i came out :) Had a good catchup and also caught up with Vincent L. on the bus too which was also good yay!! 

So yes. No excuse to the rest of you for not coming out to outings LOL. I shall still go out despite daily 5am wake up calls....... 

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