Sunday, November 28, 2010

i'm back?

hellllooooooooo fellow poos :D My eyes hurt. 

Anyway... i wasn't sure about what to blog about because i've done so much these past two weeks! But i will tell you some of the stupid/interesting/cool things i have done since the start of holidays.... 

-  I am currently up to Episode 57 Yakitate Japan :D hehehe 

- I just realised i filled in the small slip for the State Election incorrectly..... I put down 1. but forgot to number the rest of the names in order............. great. LOL meh

- I've done some cooking with Laura/Farn.. dumplings, coconut and mango pudding, wonton dumplings etc

-  I'm also going broke.... too many birthday parties =(

- My sister was too lazy to take the dogs out to pee last night so I came back home at 2am to find a wet patch on the carpet. After cleaning it up i had this strange dream about waking up at 11:30am and panicking because half of my guests had arrived and i still hadn't cleaned up all these pee patches..... ==' 

 - I did a lot better in Biology than i expected so i am really relieved. I totally screwed up the 10 mark Genetic q in Section D of the exam and other.... genetic bits... that i never really 100% learned... 

- Next semester, my subjects will be Foundations of Animal Health 1, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Human Physiology and Acoustic Riffs (Guitar)

-  I need to go guitar shopping/borrowing/whatever. Does anyone have any advice for beginner guitarists?

- LEAF CATERPILLAR CANNON POO !!!! If you want to know the story behind this i will post it next time. 

- I think my earrings are undergoing oxidation..... uh oh

- My new favourite shows to watch on tv are The Circle and Murder, She Wrote. So when the ads come on during The Circle i switch to channel nine and watch this detective show. Hehehe

- Laura made me an omelette today :) Dijon mustard, blanched beans and mushrooms go excellently together.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

stop taunting me, holidays

I am 450-600 words away from freedom. YOU STUPID ESSAY. Actually it's not that bad to write.... but i find that introductions are always the hardest to write.. and then things hopefully get easier from there. 

Oh, and who could resist a Winnie The Pooh movie? Honey/hunny never looked so good compared to the ones Pooh Bear ate.... even his honeycomb looked deliciously runny..... nomnomnomnom 

I have so much planned for this week! Two parties, shopping, Bodyjam/Body attack, work, NO STUDY, pandan cupcakes, dumplings from scratch.... a lot of driving.... :D

I have decided that life must go on.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rest In Peace

Rest In Peace Grandma. 

I was driving to work this morning when i heard a woman talk about her husband's attempt to suicide due to difficulties with Workcover and his chronic pain. It was heartbreaking. At least my Grandma did not attempt suicide but i imagine her journey was no less traumatizing. 

It is a sad day for many.

Friday, November 12, 2010

i need it when i want it

crap webcam quality

Just chillin' with my Pokemon cup of milk and toasted sandwichesssssssss :) That had spinach, mushroom and mozarella in it yummmm. 

Actually my exams are not over yet... I have an essay to hand in on the 14th/15th Nov. If only it could write itself actually i'm not even sure what the topic is LOL something to do with engaging with music. 

I have so much stuff planned for the rest of the month it's crazy. I need to find some quality 'me' time and just stay at home and cook something (eg - practise my sushi making skills) instead of going out, shopping, partaying, working etc. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

jelly splash

The Biology exam yesterday was okay. My H1 is so gone for that though.... because of stupid genetics. But the Chemistry exam today was good :) considering that this unit has a high failure rate lol. 

I suddenly don't feel like talking about things as much. I feel that... the energy goes out with it when i do. So if i have a good feeling about something then i don't want to talk about it because then the (positive) energy disappears and i get jinxed. Does this make sense? 

It also doesn't feel like exam time.... it just feels like a normal school day with a few intense 3 hours slotted in... Went to White Tomato for lunch after chem today. It's the korean place next to Passionflower and has $12 for all you can eat at lunch :) Pretty good! 

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


Happy 18 Months :D 

I like to printscreen conversations i find funny...... and this was one of them HAHAHA... from over a year ago too. I wonder what this says about our relationship/compatibility. 

Saturday, November 06, 2010

well served

hehehe my dogs enjoy their car rides to the park. Except i won't be driving them around in my car.... hehe

 I decided to upload another picture of Espresso because only Cino was looking at the camera this time. The other day i came home to find them sitting together next to the piano. It was a really pleasant sight because they always tend to be in opposite sides of the house except when it is sleeptime !! 

Anyway... all my stationery are dying but they have served me well throughout my first year of uni. The deceased already include my paper witeout but its resurrection is currently 2 weeks overdue because i can't find the refills i bought in Hong Kong????? Other stationery close to their time include my yellow highlighter, my extractable rubber and the free pencil made out of recycled newspaper from Ecolink. (I've already sharpened over the froggy :( :( life is so sad) 

I used to be obsessed with stationery shopping... i would go to Hong Kong and buy $1000 HK + worth of it and have lots of cute pacers and rubbers etc. And then Year 12 came and my attitude turned to "just give me any pen/pencil/rubber that works damnit !!!!!!"


Thursday, November 04, 2010



My brain just exploded at the thought of studying Biology. But i finally got my free cup at uni today :) You have to do a survey and then go to Melb Uni Store to get it. 

Click here KeepCup to see :) Except that our ones are dark blue and white to represent Melbourne Uni.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

we think in boxes.

Can you guess how I am feeling at the moment?

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