Sunday, May 27, 2012

need cake. now.

This is hilarious LOL. 

Life is pretty boring and filled with tummy aches for now. My hands are too cold to write and i just had to unblock my kitchen sink.... yay. Ended up washing dishes in the laundry basin anyway. 

Swotvac sucks and i'm looking forward to yum cha on thursday already. Oh, and my ball dress should be coming in the mail this week and i'm craving cheesecake so badly gahhhh. We have a new juicer now and my mum likes to be super healthy and give me some weird potion with ginger in it. Apparently a glass of fresh juice a day decreases your chance of getting Alzheimers disease. Okay then.

I could really do with a tiramisu or a coffee cheesecake or just about any cheesecake now. Damnit. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hey peoples.

Yesterday i went out on a successful shopping spree and burger hunt with Farn. We finally bought him a jacket as his anniversary present and as promised, here is what i have bought in the past month. 

Two for $20 shorts from Just Jeans, South Wharf DFO!!!!! Such a good deal. I was actually planning to buy the blue one for $20 until the girl pointed at the 2 for $20 sign. HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THAT.  And yes i got leopard print shorts... hehe

Okay, this one is from ASOS and i specifically bought it for the pattern. I never wear this kind of stuff so i thought it'd be a nice change and it will also be useful for popping collars over jumpers. I think i got this for about $15 after discount. 

These ankle boots were a splurge at $80 (RRP $120) from Betts but I didn't really care after i had spent nearly 6 months looking for the perfect flat boot. And by perfect i mean it had to be a closed shoe for pracs, not be a material that formalin can stick to after pracs, not be suede because it's not ideal for rainy weather, be flat so that i can run for the bus in them and not trip over in the rain, be AFFORDABLE, have a dip at the front to elongate the leg and not give the illusion of cankles HAHA, be an ideal colour that matches with everything  and also have lace ups because lace ups are pretty. And i still don't know if these boots are "the one" but I've been wearing them everyday since and that's what matters.

Another ASOS item! I think ASOS is going to give my Dotti wardrobe a run for its money soon... I bought this because I don't have enough dressy tops compared to the number of bottoms i have and it's teal with shoelaces :D This was around $18. 

ASOS again... If you can't tell, there are gold horses on my new slipper shoes :) I got this for about $23 after discount (retails for 25 pounds so $37) and I haven't worn them out yet because it's been too rainy. There is a fairy floss blue colour one too but I'll see how these go first haha. 

Wow so pink yeah? This ASOS playsuit ($23 after discount) actually feels REALLY nice but it's a bit see through... so nude underwear it is. It skims over your figure pretty well and i bought it because i need longer sleeved dresses for going out in the colder months.

And this is one of my favourite purchases to date. Except it was an impulse buy at $65 from Bardot (during the 50% off all jackets sale though!!!!) and i bought it for three reasons: 1. I didn't like the coat i was going to wear clubbing that night, 2. I've been looking for a well fitting black blazer for a while as a staple piece and 3. It has leather accents on the lapel and pockets :DDDDDD

Okay, I think i've done enough shopping and hopefully you guys like/weren't too surprised at what i bought. If anything, I would really like to own a pastel floral blazer/a mustard blazer/a wine red blazer with a black leather lapel/a mint blazer with a black leather lapel/this abercrombie & fitch parka way out of my budget but I have better things to spend my money on haha. Like this $700 compulsory animal handling course next month (includes 4 days of accomodation)........

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

pee pee pee

I should stop eating and start studying. And stop singing climax to myself lol...

My next post will feature my latest shopping haul over the past month and more food! I start my urinalysis experiment tonight too lol... We have to take five tablets of a certain substance (mine is NaHCO3) at every meal from the day before the prac and collect our pee until the prac in a 2.5L container that they gave us... HAHA... To be honest, i don't know what NaHCO3 will do but i do know that the people who got Diamox (diuretic) will be peeing a lot more..

So don't come near me tomorrow. Actually no you all better come to lunch still... i just won't let anyone touch my container lol.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

life needs money too

Smoked Salmon & Goat's Cheese on Scrambled Eggs with Field Mushrooms (breakfast)

Hello fishy pooooos. Life has been pretty good but mostly at the expense of my wallet. Since last week, I have celebrated my 3 year anniversary with Farn, eaten korean bbq twice, gone clubbing, wagged two days of uni to cram for last midsem, went out for breakfast twice (only when i stay in the city/thanks jacky for the first one), forgot to experiment with eyeshadow after instinctively putting eyeliner on first, got Jacky to take the King's cup for me because i had to drive (thank you :D) and submitted in more assignments (still have two more argh).

Eggs Benedict with Chorizo and Smoked Salmon (breakfast)

I also bought a blazer with a leather lapel, fell in love with soba noodles, vowed not to buy anything for two weeks (except a spare pair of coveralls for uni) after spending $236 yesterday, decided to get a haircut because the car keeps on eating it after i close the door LOL, learned about a real "voldermort cat" in our case study, got a free textbook from Hill's and went out for Thai and Greek.

I think this was at 3am in the morning. And I have no eyes.

So much meaty and mushroomy goodness mmmmm....

Even Clare's finger knows that Joanne is picking her nose!!!! HAHA actually i probably took this picture to make it look like this lol

Cinnamon rubbed pork belly and Popcorn Corn Salad

Ate out at St Katherine's in Kew for our 3 years. So many exciting things to choose from ahhhhhhhh wish i could've eaten everything. I also don't like orange blossom. Tastes like soap.

THANKS JACKY. Or more like thank god i was designated driver that night and had to drink with coke (not as fun though).

Credits: Suruchi and Amy from vet class

HAHAHAHHHA.... so like we learned that this poor cat had squamous cell carcinoma (type of skin cancer usually from sunburn) and had to get its nose and ears chopped off. I'd be pretty pissed too.... LOL

Sweet Corn Fritters with Smoked Salmon, Rocket, Pesto and Sour Cream 

Breakfast with Farn this morning because we were still in the city. I should just cook all these dishes for breakfast myself.... I already have all the ingredients anyway except for goat's cheese.

Spicy Scrambled Eggs with Sun-dried Tomatoes & Chorizo

I think the scrambled eggs should have been spicier. I like this kind of bread though.


Okay, I hope the voldermort kitty didn't scar you for life and this is the end of my post. I need to shower and we are going out for Mother's Day dinner tonight :) Can't wait!

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