Tuesday, April 25, 2006

WORK !!!

my last entry didn't even get published.


parent teacher interviews. ms puls says i talk too much. mrs beeson wants me to read more newspapers. =\ and mrs casey wants to see me for 10min.


latin oral tomorow. gosh. grammar test. whatever, i'll scrape through haha. i'm not really worried. >< "

my back really hurts.

it hurts but also not quite hurts to bend down.

now, when i press the PUBLISH POST button, IT WILL PUBLISH.


baby shark ! do do do do...

i swear my shoulder..back..whatever. will fall apart soon. Well, have a swollen shoulder and it will hurt so much when i swim. My back hurt during hockey training. o_O

i wanted BEEP TEST. i really really did. I'm not a netball fanatic anymore.

music camp was fun. scary messages on cabin bunk beds though. and one part of our cabin smelt like menstruation. =\ NO, NOT MINE. and jenny goes and puts her clothes on the heater.

*facepalm* ==' DAMNIT.

BABY SHARK do do do do. ==>> CPR do do do do .. IT'S NOT WORKING HAHAHAHA. (i think only yi-ling will get this... >_> we should sing this to the others ying !! )

my gosh parent teacher interviews. my behaviour is so bad. i am talking too much. i wonder what mrs beeson is going to say since I SUCK AT GEOGRAPHY. i haven't really done THAT bad.. just.. it's very becoming is it?

i am cold.. i miss my scarf. *goes to find it*

omg bagpipe camp... I WILL BRING MY SCHOOLBAG TO WARNAMBOOL WITH ME. aiya! i have to miss joanne's bday party all because of this stupid camp... ><

AIYA. SCOTCH CONCERT NEXT FRIDAY. GOD DAMN IT. nooo.... and ms hamerton is stupid..

aiya phase. do do do do.

IT'S NOT WORKING HAHAHAHAHA. *ahem* i am deranged. this is a rather long post.

therefore. it deserves. A COMMENT. yes a comment MY GAWD IT'S A COMMENT.

it's hungry, you see. o_O wtf?

Friday, April 14, 2006

dinner party..

okay i had this dinner party. it just ended. 11:19pm. splendid. from 4pm LOL till now. steph came.. vivian couldn't come.. i still have no idea what she is like. some.. pre-intended mlc friend her and my parents had .. arranged.. for me. um yes. and then veronica came.. and billions came...

too much food..

msn is not working.

the printer just got internal jamming problems.

now i have to go find the person im meant to apologise to. DAMNIT.

i don't want to call. msn hurry up..


i do care actually.

... daylesford tomorrow. bye.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


i felt like running away today. and err.. incidentally i also cried. hah! i am getting rather silly..

no i do not want a divorce happening. i want to just run run run away...

sorry i was late to your recital, yingee. =='


okay i am updating weekly on my xanga but not on this. oh well.

dudes. =]

grand piano hunting today !! and then to yi-lingooo's house. rah rah my hands are so COLD. i swear .

maths tests in next two days. going to fail ^^ science test was such a fluke haha.


my xanga is so pretty ar.. ~~ COOKIE MONSTER . lol not.

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