Saturday, January 31, 2009

2nd post today

Look what i got today :)

Yes, shuttup a billion other people do too. But that doesn't mean i can't have a piece of happiness too OKAY.

And in case you have noooo idea what they are, it's a piano vocal guitar songbook. Even the HSM3 one looks pretty...flashy.


Well first day of year 12 was yesterday. 43 degrees heat and just lying on the sports centre floor. I got given a weird looking pikachu toy with super long ears and NO TAIL haha. (yes, trust manufacturers in china to think of that.) dw i still think very fondly of it - even though it smells a bit...acrid. haha

So timetable is screwed up it's a two week/10 day cycle. I have 5 spares over 2 weeks, no early afternoon leave i think and one class afterschool for HL eng. It's 10 classes/2 weeks for HL subs and around 7 for SL. Oh yeah, i got okayish-crap teachers. damn youuuuuu (who?)

Classes are a lot smaller though YAYYY 6-15 people. Had chem in vice principal's/chem teacher's office with lovely aircon instead of hot hot hot lab. His office has a whiteboard and spells chemistry everywhere.

And apparently the recipe to VCE/IB success is "Be here. Go to class. Do work." haha i will try....

So i'm just glad that today is less hot. And maybe i should do some hw.

... oh yeah to top this post off. i'll tell you about my eventful morning. got painful leg cramp at 8am. after that sorta crawled into sister's room away from the heat and hijacked her bed. pushed her over to one side and 10min later she kicked me out and swears she doesn't remember doing it yeah right. and then mum saw me on the floor and said i could sleep in parent's room. and then i got woken up by the phone. like wtf @.@

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UMAT exercise

So i went to MedEntry and saw Tanji there. Got given an exercise (section 2) and thought i'd blog about it here.

- Think of 5 emotions you've experienced recently.
- Rate intensity 0-100 of each.
- What caused them and the consequences?
- Was the emotion experienced reasonable and relate to ABC model
- Identify words less/more intense than the emotion described.

1. Thankful
Rated 100. Feeling especially loved and special. I think it built up overtime but my response to it keeps wavering. And even though it doesn't match i think it's accepting, thankful and then bliss here.

2. Guilty.
Rated 50. I still haven't finished hw/study notes...but then again, who has? ok i cbf with this exercise now.

3. Inspired.

Rated 100. Wicked, you complete me. How about obsession, inspired, melting? Haha, doesn't make sense again. I figure running after Wicked Trams along Swanston st was an Emotional Consequence.

4. Fat.
Okay, not an emotion but i can still say "I feel fat." Rated 100 for fatness and can i stop now?? This exercise is meant for a private diary entry but as if i'd last that long. I think excessive eating from gr 4 - im still living lol caused it.

5. Excited.
Yeah, i'm actually 20% pumped for Year 12 (rated 20). What a shit post. I can't handle holidays too long and i think i'll finish math portfolio at lunch, latin unseens tomorrow, geog report dunno and english books in the car.

This is a really. useless. post. Better not fail UMAT (second section) now.

Honest people see honesty in others.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alice Springs/Uluru post

Sorry for late account - i also decided to be uber lazy and not upload any pics here. I'll put them up on fb i promise :)

Day 1:
- Forgot hat so got excuse to buy awesome fly net hat. smothered anti fly cream on it and also sprayed Aeroguard on too which i reckon attracts rather than repels. fk i need a ANTI FLY PROTECTION BUBBLE.
- Drove 5 hrs to Ayers Rock Resort from Alice Springs. I hate car trips. xD
- Around 40 degrees each day. More dry hot so if no flies e
xisted i could live there.
- Had "Aussie Outback BBQ style" buffet where you bbq your own meat and salad buffet. I swear one layer of me melted while cooking and surrounded by 10 other bbqs and vents haha
- Used empty water bottle to pong on sister's butt and head it makes funny noise.
- First realised that email had crashed on me.
- Went swimming.

Day 2:

- Walked around base of Uluru; it sits in water did you know?
- Got attacked by flies
- There are 35 types of weeds in Uluru park so gardeners weeding there all day
- Walked to see the Gorge
- It is disrespectful to climb the Rock.
- Uluru/sand is red because the iron oxidizes and leaves rust.
- Went to Culturul Centre and learned about food
- My mum wouldn't let me buy the awesome cd Frog Calls.
- You either see the sunset at Uluru or the Olgas and that night the view from the Olgas was better damnit. We were at uluru but i took lots of pics anyway.
Tip: follow the tourist buses. There are heaps and they know the best stuff. Heaps of jap tourists.
- had this 3 hr fine dining dinner cut short to 2 hrs cos had to get up 4am next day for sunrise.

Day 3:
- woke up 4:30am, sunrise from 5:10 - 6:30am at Ayers Rock. It's meant to turn from brown to red.
- laura was being an excellent hobo.

- walked around Uluru for a bit .. its like 2km by .. more km.. by more km...
- camel ride and bought toy camel for dog to chew on. He did not appreciate it.
- ate a lot
- went on the net and watched tennis. studied while family went swimming.
- too cloudy at night to go see the stars.
- finished reading 2 books.
- mum decided to turn my nice lambchop dinner into some caesar salad. gees. haha but it was still good

Day 4:

- climbed/walked 7km for 2.5hrs on and around King Canyon
- the first 100m was literally vertical with small steps i was half crawling. haha probably looked like a freak from below.
- rest of it was easier and took pics of us 1m from edge of cliff - no hand railing. mum freaked out when she saw the pics of me and dad.
- while i was getting fit, laura was being nerdy doing maths in the car with mum.
- zoomed in on ppl who walked 6km to swim in some valley from top of cliff. hahahaha ==
- 5hr drive back to Alice Springs
- had dinner at 11pm.

Day 5:
- drove around to see Chasm
- other stuff
- awesome wildlife park
- where i bought my awesome FROG. i swear it's 500g-1kg. hidden fat

- after aborigines spear the kangaroo, they dislocate the limbs and head and slice open the stomach. they take out the stomach intestines etc and form a little bag out of it and put it back in the body/pouch. then it gets tied up and the hunter calls someone over to carry it on their back. they cook it in this big ditch and cover it so its like an underground oven. haha
- i like honey ants.
- it rained heavily while you ppl in melb had that 41degree day.
- more tennis

Day 6:
- flew back home bumpy ride
- couldn't sleep properly kept moving in seat and laura's knee kept poking out and hurting me in my sleep
- had these extremely sour lollies PAINFUL no wonder on sale
- finally had asian food/rice for dinner after a week of ...other stuff. @.@
- finished another book. overall did no hw on the holiday.
- Laura is generously modelling the flynet hat for you readers.


Total no. pics taken: 433 + 385 = 818 pictures.
Total no. flies I attacked: TOO MANY.
Total amount bicep muscle gained from swatting: not sure, can't see.
Total amount of hw done on trip: 3 eng books? fail.

Bought lots of souvenirs - mainly artwork, tea towels and books. Unfortunately, Alice Springs/Uluru isn't the cheapest place on earth. So i couldn't get all of you a present. Well, any of you. ==

You have my love though :)



Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm back from Alice Springs/Uluru. The flies are terrible and i discovered awesome anti fly cream made from rosewood and cedar.

Either my lens need cleaning or that is one fat moon outside my house.

Email crashed. I'll blog about holiday later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This maze has no map.

It only needs your thoughts.

But what if you have nothing to think about?

i think i just burnt my tongue from eating noodles damnit. Still craving that curry.

alice springs 15-20 : coming back toasted.

Thursday, January 08, 2009


Ev'ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in
- Wicked

Don't wish, don't start
Wishing only wounds the heart
- Wicked

Bike riding. Swimming training. Walking the dogs. Baddy. = life at the moment.

Monday, January 05, 2009

haven't done much work.

Random pictures today. Blog feeling bit empty atm.

I am very cool.

Cupcakes laura and i were making for em/sav's bday picnic.

Which was a lot of fun hhaha and i feel like one right now.

<<--- Orange poppy seed cupcakes with icing (to come)

Experimenting with the icing.

Before laura decided to turn it into mush. But tasty mush haha

N.B - make the orange zest/rind super tiny before putting into icing bowl. so the tubey stuff won't get blocked with orange ==

Lmao look at how laura destroyed it. it was a lot of fun though.

Maybe i should show you better ones LOL

We also made spinach dip. I feel like that right now!

These are the finished cupcakes but they haven't been sprinkled with poppyseed yet to look even more....interesting. LOL

But i thought they were yummy =\

Oh yeah steve i need that container back LOL

Yes, i was going for the artistic puff look but i think i failed. Oh well poppyseeds saved the day at least.

I'm making myself hungry. I think laura and i will make Green Tea cupcakes next.

Oh yes and something else to tempt you......

My sister made that :)

Raspberries, strawberries and semi whipped cream with sugar sprinkled on top. YUM

Hungy, did you find/make your 3D glasses yet? =D

Okay now i'll show you Harbour Town, Docklands.

This was at the top of the ferris wheel. I hesitated too long and didn't get a nicer shot with the sun coming in from other side.

Actually i cbs showing many pictures haha ... maybe i'll put them up on fb later.

People, go to Harbour Town shopping centre. Massive sales on atm, even though they are outlet stores but still. I bought a lot of stuff there :) So after that we went to eat sharkfin soup and crab. and stuff. =D

I'm hungry so i'll be ending the blog here.... cos iuno what else to say.

crap you can see the scar from the pimple i popped noooooooo... meh.

HAPPY BDAY SAV and other ppl


Saturday, January 03, 2009


Don't let this happen now.

Later, not now.


Thursday, January 01, 2009


2009 for me. Do-able, yes?

- Go step by step and stay focused.

- Find a better balance between exercise, study and music. ie - go buy that skipping rope, get back my goggles, use practicing music as a stress reliever, go sit at another desk to study.

- Bring own lunch/more recess to school = save around $20 a week.

- Don't hand in chem pracs/commentaries 3 weeks late.

- Sleep earlier! (Not possible.) Fine, sleep BETTER then.

- Find more squishy bottletops to chew and bite off.

- I've decided to celebrate bday on oval at lunch at school haha. BE THERE.

- Be happy. Hope for no meltdowns.

- Eat up the UMAT.

- Finally get a concession card.

- Wear these contacts more often.

- Sit in the second row for Chem, side row for Bio, back row for Maths, second row for English, first in Latin and first in Geography. And far away from teachers in TOK, sleep in RAL and try to get out of REC again.

- Replace home phone dial with a pleasant, ever-changing tune so i don't shout "WHAT NOW?!" instead of "Hello?" after five calls.

- Keep blogging throughout :)

- Successfully put "For Good - Wicked" chorus into the graduation medley.

- Stalk everyone's email/number/house so that when most of us inevitably drift, no one can run away from me (H) err..

- Sign up my sister for anger management/mental asylum.

- Find as many cute plushies as possible.

- Be very nerdy.


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