Thursday, January 31, 2013

long time no see!

Hello everyone :) 

How i organise some of my bracelets on this ceramic thing i made during school 

I've neglected this blog for a really long time haven't i :( Not much has happened except that i came back from Thailand and Malaysia, did some placements, went to Sydney, learned how to play snooker, met Roger Federer in person zomg, yelled at the television during Australian Open, learned how to kayak and ended up kayaking for 7km near the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney, milked 4L out of a cow twice a day by hand during placement (peak lactation would be 20-40L/day so imagine pumping that out by hand LOL), went berry picking, got tanned, visited a few markets, inspected chicken bums for mites and ingrown feathers, painted my nails grey blue and then pink and etc. 

Hehe i stole my sister's fluro pink beanie from H&M. 

I really want an anorak that is khaki, fluffy inside but with leather/leather looking sleeves. Feel like i want to toughen it up a bit. I've seen a few but they are either too thin (so not warm enough for the upcoming winter) or out of my price range. I also don't want to buy online because if i'm going to invest in a jacket i have to know that it fits perfectly first! 

late nights are becoming the norm again 

Going to Swedish House Mafia tomorrow :D So excited haha it's going to be crazy and in the rain too but oh well WHY NOT 

Using "The Eatery" App to document what i eat everyday. This meal was at Manchester Press (8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne) and i was very impressed with how generous the servings were.

January is almost over but i think some of my resolutions are to eat well, be more proactive and confident in how i want to live, save more money and lose weight. 

The People's Market, Collingwood - gogogoogog ! 

Anyway, time to go organise some more events yay. I shall see you guys.... later rofl 


Blogger OJ said...

Updates! Whoo :D Hi froggy ^^

7:23 PM  
Blogger FROGGY said...

haha yay :D hi oj :)

11:59 AM  

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