Sunday, March 26, 2006

wo shi ni de baba.

not much to say, apart from the fact i go to sleep at 3am-4am everyday of this week and wake up at 11am-12pm. it's very disturbing and today i woke up at 7:30am because i couldn't sleep. been staying home all day and dad made me run 3km unexpectedly after a piano lesson. i wasn't even in the right clothing gear..

went to crown today. sydney myer bowl. alexander park from 5:45pm to 10pm. i am exhausted and a street performer gave a little 5 yr old kid 5 dollars for volunteering. the man said "shuttup kid" to a lot of ppl. as a joke. it was strange.

i watched pride and prejudice. and flight plan. and the pianist. and whole lot more dvds. i like keira knightley. she is pretty. mr darcy wooo !! but he could've looked a bit more nicer.

les triplettes de belleville is scaring me. i don't know what to get stoof for her bday. xanga is really 'in', right now. surprisingly. my subscription list suddenly got a lot longer =\

i need to buy new xbox games. car racing is boring me now and finding nemo is weird. and harry potter is getting on my nerves, since i play that on psp too haha. i haven't played king kong on psp yet though. and i forgot the other xbox games.. but ! i must buy more and more. hurrah!! to the store before i get even more bored.

ah i left my tenor drum sticks at school. and my music of like 30 sheets is in front of me. apparently jenny boulger is doing bass drum or whatever. how ..delightful. >_> i shall practice in my lesson. as i always do. and it is most enjoyable too.

the ants go marching one by one HURRAH HURRAH. what's after that? o.O

Saturday, March 11, 2006

happy birthday to me.

I am fourteen. That sounds so strange. I never knew when this day would actually come, and i was counting down the days. I am no longer thirteen, although i still feel a bit like it.

Camp was fun in a way.. and 'horrible' in another. I hated climbing up that mountain. On Thursday? I love bush bashing though. It's because whatever i step on is interesting and unpredictable. I hate walking on tracks because they are never ending and get rather boring. Tracks are just one stupid line going up a mountain. I just hate prickles though.

I feel rather tired. It doesn't feel like my birthday. I am too tired to even celebrate it. I get really embarassed and scared everytime i get sung Happy Birthday. Whoever got the whole big scary circle of people to sing me Happy Birthday before we got onto the bus.. is so going to die. You don't know how scared and small and strange i felt there.

I will go put prickles and blackberry bushes stems in your sleeping bag. Hurrah! And i will not give you any of the Holy water, mud, post, dust and a rock to sit upon. It's not because i'm "ashamed" of having a birthday. I wouldn't say i'm too proud either. I just get rather scared because everybody is looking at me when i'm not too prepared to be stared at. *runs away and hides*

I am sunburnt. I am using the lotion i used when i got sunburnt and started peeling two years ago. Not fun. Hurt so much. Many praises and bows for Ann Richardson, who donated some of her sorbolene to me. And for Savana Wong and Anna Richardson once again for rubbing it into my neck for me. lmao haha. I think i lost at least half a kilogram. That's just great. I haven't checked the scales but something is missing from my tummy and i can see my ribs again. Okay okay. We all can see our ribs.. Can't we? Maybe mine is just a bit more visible now. ANYWAY...

I have a sandal tan, watch tan, sunburnt neck and t shirt tan. I miss my bathers tan.

I want schweppes. tomato juice. And i don't know. Right now, i'm not loving water very much. Can't believe i loved it so much 12 hours ago. hehe

Yay! Wensi and i have the same phone. Well, same kind. Maybe not same cover pattern ^_^ That We Love Yuki chant is stuck in my head. I still need to tend my cuts/scratches. I can't believe Yi-ling (and i) lost Mandy Chan's bottle in the river and the other group on the other side of the river was cracking up at us. stupid people. haha. i love sledding. it is the happiest thing in the world and i wish we could do it everyday. my arms started to hurt later on though.

it was really warm in the tent. gloria and mandy had a boiling hot tent. i turned into a pillow on camp and never before have i allowed anyone to sleep with their head on my lap, until now. stoof is so weird. i like final fantasy advent children movie !! it is so good. i love the fighting scenes hah!

anyway i will blog later.. and a lot better though. right now, i crave for cloudy apple juice. actually i will go watch tv and drink something else.

stupid house. new tv. new desk. new tv yet again. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOUSE WHILST I WAS AWAY. SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON.

my birthday cake looks nice.

i took home the vegemite. ^_^

Thursday, March 02, 2006

tomato juice.

I've watched The Notebook two times. Feeling sad. I watched McMug dvd. This series was a cartoon about poo and little piggys. The poo turned into a giant poo and took little McMug down the toilet to visit his poo family. The sewage had poo flying everywhere but they looked like meteor rocks.. The sound effects of poo coming out is rather...loud and interesting. I have to watch the other 2 dvds, to see what happens next. The music is really good, but i'll have to download it from cPop forum...

The whole life science class wagged for 30min today. We were outside talking on the grass, and then the teacher remembers we have another period to go. We had a break, you see. And we were all just having a lovely conversation, getting to know each other... Or more like, Ann reminded the teacher. *glares*

I've drank 3 mugs of tomato juice already. Yes, i couldn't find a glass. I feel funny.

I hate sport trials. I want to die ah. I failed analysis. Didn't even get time to check over.

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