Sunday, July 31, 2011

plumes of ploom

I recently thrifted this jumper for $9 at the Australian Red Cross in Camberwell before work. I originally bought it for Laura (and she has been wearing it everyday since... even sleeping in it!) but i can fit into it too. They were having a 50% off sale storewide but the lady said it wouldn't last long... which is sad because the original $20-80 price range is not what i call opshop pricing! I find that Australian Red Cross is one of the more expensive opshops around. However, everything is in extremely good condition and laundered of any musty smells and stains that most secondhand clothes seem to have. 

I've also finished reading "The Family Law" - Benjamin Law which i highly recommend for its wit and relevance to most of our ABC upbringing. He's Australian and also writes for Frankie magazine.

Right now i'm reading "The Danger Game" - Kalinda Ashton and it's alright so far. Feels really dreamy and subtle...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

crunchy eating

Today i wagged my (9am) only class to spend the day with Farn :) We cooked Marion Grasby's Deep Fried Eggs with Bacon Mash (bacon is cheaper than the suggested smoked eel) and Jamie Oliver's Eggy Crumpets with Chilli and Honey Bacon. 

The recipe for the eggy crumpets is here and is unbelievably simple. It calls for one thinly sliced red chilli but we decided to use leftover Extra Extra Hot Peri Peri Sauce. had no effect unlike a real chilli pepper but it still tasted good! 

I can't find Marion Grasby's recipe online because Farn gave me the actual cook book but i can explain the cooking process briefly! 

Smoked Eel/Bacon Mash: 

1. Wash, peel and quarter a few floury potatoes (sebago/coliban/spunta) and cook them over medium heat for 15-20minutes in cold salted water. Drain well and mash with the smoked eel/cooked bacon. 

2. Combine pouring cream, extra virgin olive oil, one peeled and bruised garlic, thyme, cracked pepper and salt into a small saucepan and bring it to a simmer. After tasting and adjusting, take it off the heat and let the flavours continue to infuse.

3. Strain the cream mixture through a sieve and gradually add to the mash while mixing to help the emulsification.

Deep Fried Egg:

1. Bring water in a deep saucepan to a medium heat and pour two table spoons of white vinegar in. Wait for small bubbles to rise from the bottom to the surface and do not let them bubble furiously. 

2. To poach the eggs, swirl the bubbling water around and carefully slide the cracked egg into the middle of the created whirlpool. This is the trick to a good poached egg!

Cook them for ~4 minutes. 

3. Drain the poached eggs and then roll them in plain flour, beaten egg and then Japanese Panko breadcrumbs in that order. 

4. Test to see if the (vegetable) oil is hot enough by poking a wooden chopstick in and seeing if furious bubbles appear around it. Gently ladle one crumbed egg into the oil and baste it for 20 to 30 seconds until golden brown on both sides. Voila! 

I also highly recommend drizzling some honey over your bacon the next time you eat it. After eating and cleaning up we went to get KFC and watched the dying sunset at Ruffey Lake Park :) 

Hope you learned something from this post but now it's time for me to study some anatomy.... 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

opposite weeks

an accidental shot - yet the main dish remains focused in a blur of food.  

Saturday: Today i woke up to an extra snuggly bed and lots of yummy food. I also ran up a hill today... which made me crave for the Kalamata Olive Dip again :D

Friday: Had work and then sushi train for dinner in Box Hill (whitehorse road) 

Thursday: I spent the day with Farn at Scienceworks (i like the Bodyworks section), ate lunch at Footscray and enjoyed hot jam doughnuts and fob rolls while watching Bridesmaids at Crown.

He also bought me Marion Grasby's cook book for our two year anniversary present :DDDDDDDD SO EXCITED TO COOK EVERYTHING IN THERE.


I made Spaghetti Marmite with Walnuts for lunch and saved some for Laura after i picked her up from school. 

It's one of Nigella Lawson's recipes and even if you don't like marmite/vegemite i promise you the salty flavour is very subtle underneath the creaminess of the butter and shaved cheese. 

Katherine, you would eat this right??????

I promise you it's really good and EASY TO MAKE :D

I also went op shopping before i picked Laura up but only had 15 minutes to look through the shop.... i need at least 30 minutes damnit !!!

However, i did find this Sportsgirl top for only $4 and not only is it in great condition and the perfect size but it also feels nice... 

For those who know me, i think we have all realized how much stuff i own that is nice to touch (jacket, satchel, knee o.O etc...) rofl.. 

Tuesday: I did nothing but eat Gelare Waffles with Praline n' Cream Icecream at 10pm....?

Monday: Went to Kitchen Workshop at Crown with Melbourne Uni group :) I also unsuccessfully dyed my hair at home and my hair stank like hair dye for three days.... Unsuccessful as in the colour (deep brown with slight tinge of red) did not show very well.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

walking on the sky

Here are three out of 173 pictures from roadtrip..... 

So we went to Ocean Grove and ate a lot... On the last night i ate so much (trying to finish all the food) that i suddenly felt really sleepy. That was really strange because usually i just get a stomach ache HAHA i guess my parasympathetic stimulation kicked in for once... instead of the usual autonomic nervous system confusion... 

Spontaneous decision of the day? Probably deciding to buy hair dye with Laura... we'll see how it goes? 

Oh god i opened the hair dye box and nearly bit onto the contents because i was so hungry and suddenly thought they were biscuits........ nuuuuuu HAHA

Freshly baked bread by Adhi. When we run out of bread we just bake our own.. that's how we roll! 

I need to sleep and then eat and we'll repeat that cycle a billion more times with lots of shopping, work, outings and Masterchef :) 

More pictures coming soon...? Or should i just put them on facebook lol 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

hello and goodbye

Not much has been happening.... except.... 

I'm going on a roadtrip tomorrow :) 

And i won't be taking my laptop so see you on Friday! I wonder what we will end up doing instead lol 

I also caught up with Tom who i hadn't seen in ages and we experimented with his dslr in a nearby park :)

lol our eyes look like slits here.... 

I also experienced some foul tasting Korean liquor the other day... if you ever see a beverage named "Jinro"... BEWARE LOL. Can't believe i would prefer vodka over that stuff. 

...unless you like that sort of soy rice wine..... @.@ 

don't worry Katherine, we'll drink better ones next time. 

My phone was slowly dying so i decided to get a new one today. Iphone4 but with a blue cover :) 

I'm also on Virgin now so... Katherine..... hinthint LOL  

Who else is on Virgin? 

I quite like this puddle picture i took but if only it was really sunny so i could take a dreamy shot of the clouds. 

I should start packing....... 

And Happy 26 Months to Farn for the other day :) 

We ate out at Ajisen Ramen on Bourke Street and the ebi mayonnaise prawns were to die for... deliciously crisp with awesome (if a bit much) mayo.

I should start packing now so see you all in five days or something :) 

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

eye explosion

So...what have i been up to lately?

$49.95 is pretty good right???? ($20 off) 

ONE: I have seen four movies in a row...? 

Friday was Transformers 3, Monday was Kung Fu Panda 2, Tuesday was Transformers 3 again but with laura and today was Bridesmaids. I thought i couldn't take another movie after Transformers completely bombed my eyes out but thankfully Bridesmaids was really easy on my poor eyes and one of the funniest movies i have ever seen (there's a reason it's MA15+... lots of sexual innuendo). bahahahahaha 

omg just looking at the cover makes me feel happy <3 

TWO: I drove to Torquay on the weekend. Driving through Greensborough is weird and Geelong is really big.........kinda. 

THREE: I finally gave Farn his two year anniversary present (only two months late.......) Superdry belt! :)

FOUR: Jacky is now a pufferfish !!!!!! LOL, in other words i picked him up from his wisdom teeth surgery and i don't think he remembered anything the nurse told him......... so good thing i was there lol.  

I've heard a lot about this book but since i don't even wear make up i'll have to flick through it first and maybe buy it for Laura (and future me) instead?

FIVE: I witnessed a car reverse into a gigantic pot plant at shoppo. LOLLLL 

SIX: Laura and I baked an Orange Poppyseed Cake today!

SEVEN: I am excited for this Friday :) 

I feel like hoolahooping....... so i shall go do that now rofl. BYE

Sunday, July 03, 2011

lots of eating


Friday, July 01, 2011


There's a few things running through my head these days.... 

1. "Down down prices are down" oh my god this stupid song kept me awake all of last night after watching Tomic vs Djokovic's match. No wonder i couldn't sleep. 

2. I am sleeping more but why do i feel so tired still. 

3. My bum hurts from teaching stupid white level. 

4. I don't feel.......right. Like, I could always be better in some way. Could always be prettier, less stubborn, fitter, less stingy, more proactive and less .......antisocial. 

5. Jurlique's hand cream is amazing. I am in awe. I can't stop stroking my hands LOL

6. And when does dread become reality? 

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