Thursday, June 29, 2006


I think i need anger management.

Pretty sad, when you think about it. Usually you make jokes about people (eg- Mr Stewart, Mr Ross etc) needing anger management but when you start to feel the need to lash out at people unnecessarily.. you start to wonder.. do i really need it as well..

I don't understand.

Anyway, these contacts make me look like a fish.. A very weird looking one. I am on a trial set for two weeks. I will wear glasses on swimming days and i take AGES to take the right lenses out... the left one comes out quick hmph. Obviously i am not very.. skilled at picking up contact lenses with my left fingers.. I wanted coloured lens and even though i haven't asked yet, i don't think i will be allowed them. Bah, who cares.

I saw Tokyo Drift. The guys are kind of old and not very good looking and the Japanese girls were really slutty.. but i liked their clothes. omg.. WABAKI. ^^ it was sad when the good guy died.. oh wells.. they had really cool cars. The Neela girl..she is really pretty.

Kimi wa geijin. You are an outsider. You don't belong here. But then again, since when did the 'insiders' belong here as well.

I am worried about History Challenge. How much time does it take to design a webpage, compared to researching and typing it up? I don't know. I have to get half of the research done by next Monday or Stephanie will do something to me. Hah.. John Curtin.. hardly understand you..

Da Ge [Big brother] by Wei Lan (Janice) is SUCH a good song. Gwen is obsessed with it. Janice has a really really good voice. I listened to her List D on saturday.. it's the same song Jo dee is playing ! Aiyee.. Six Romanian Dances or something i am not too sure. I have a practice recital on Sunday, PRACTICE mind you.. Someone is coming to perform as well and i can't be bothered to invite anyone else until the actual one so hmph.

I am scared of that Robotics Unit test. I think i will run away from Science bahaha but no, that is not the right thing to do. I'll go there and smash all those robots up and fail the test.

About fanfic, should i make an account. I don't know what to write though.

I still haven't watched Phantom of the Opera and i bought it. Bother this.

I like James Blunt. Well, some of his songs. Aiya..

It's okay.

It really is okay.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I am really angry. I don't need anymore debates on religion.

I don't care what religion you are. I won't stop you people from believing in your religion. Because every religion tells you to do the exact same good things and to believe in the One God, excluding those Romans and Greeks etc....

If i convert to some religion one day, i will allow it. I will give in to it, and believe in it, and go by the rules and put God before my people.

I got over the other religion debate BUT NOW THERE IS AN EVEN WORSE ONE HAPPENING.


If i was an atheist, would you care? Because i am not.

What if i was agnostic. Even better. What is that to you?


If you told me the sky was going to fall, because God said so, I would be doubtful. Would God allow that to happen to us? Most probably. Especially if he wanted to wipe out the world like he did with the story Noah's Ark. Does God even care about us. I don't know. He may love us and care for our wellbeing but is allowing us to destroy each other.. some kind of never ending lesson humans have to learn.... I DON'T UNDERSTAND. Considering this, i will not accuse any religion of being wrong. I do not state one religion to be better than the other. And i also do not intend to stop people from believing in their God.

BUT JUST BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE IN A GOD, DOESN'T MAKE ME IN THE WRONG. I refuse to say that i love your God, because i do not. I will not say that i am lower than you, as you say, because i have an opinion and why should religion get in the way of our friendship/s? You chose to believe in God. I chose to wait a little while. Go find a million of God believing friends, if you have to. Are we not good enough for you?

I believed in God when i was young. From Christian Education classes and because our school is so attached to God. And that i thought my prayers wouldn't go to heaven if i didn't close my eyes when i prayed, or if i didn't clasp my hands together and say Amen. And then i went to Church for that Grade 8 RE thing, and i admit, it was good. My family doesn't believe in God, although my mum went to a Catholic school... I don't know. If my family believed in God, i guess i would too, not that i would mind. But things change......Where is God.

Prove to me that God is here. It doesn't have to be in books. I am not saying the Bible is wrong, because it DOES illustrate good things etc. I respect the Jews more than Christians, i just realised.

You have offended me.

And i won't even talk about the previous religion thing i got angry over. ^^

** If the above offended you in some way , i am sorry.

Anyway, i think i will get contacts.

Imagine how stupid i will look. I want different eye colour too ! hehehe ^^

I am hungry. I never have breakfast these days, because i don't know what to eat.

So i just wait for lunch.. hahaha

Monday, June 19, 2006

must..stop..this !

kimi wa baka. I wonder if i can go to the anime convention. It would be really fun, i assume. I wonder what you do in an anime convention anyway...I've decided that i quite dislike manga. It is rather boring compared to the actual anime and i will never buy manga. Maybe i am judging this too quickly, but i am depressed because Saber died.

I am so so unhappy about that. Now i feel like Shirou. Not that i love Saber, how could i? Saber..... She's so pretty! I definitely thought that Shirou and Saber would go together, and since Sakura and Shirou go together in the game I'M EVEN MORE UNHAPPY. I like that Fujiwaka i forgot "Tiger" teacher. She is so cool !! I think i should be like her at the dinner table one day.... >_>

I sound like an anime freak, but i am not. Ouran High School Host Club has a lot people in it. Scary as it is, i find it rather amusing..perhaps. Honey is so cute and he reminds me of Momiji and i just want to hug him !! >< Wahhh.....

I am so depressed by my report. I have more As than A+s. Not...Good... =\ But! I only got 2 Bs !!! And Mr Downie owes me an A+ and even though i got a B on my science talent search, and 17/20 on my digestive project, how can the overal score be a B? It should have been at least an A... OH WELL, I AM OVER IT. And Ms Gray owes me an A+ for my RE, i should think. The rest is.......good enough?

It is 1:41am now. I intended to stay up to watch the soccer, but anime does things to you. >_> And it was only Japan and some country starting with C, and Gloria told me they drew, just then. She and many other people are staying up to watch Australia vs Brazil. Frankly, i can't be bothered. I would like to watch South Korea vs France, they are showing DBSK there too, but yes.. it's at 4:30am =.=''

I went to Bridge Road today. Nothing special. I spent $77 on clothes and two bags. Blame me. I couldn't find anything interesting. I bet none of you have read up to this part yet. I should go to bed soon.

I want P-Chan. He is so cute...... *piggy* ><

I am really really looking forward to Community Action. Elderly, children, disabled, or whatever, i wouldn't mind going with either category. I really wanted special care though, but Steph wanted children, but i didn't really mind haha... And i spend enough time with the Elderly already..

" ah kuso! " translated into " ah shit! "

I am going to the AMEB place tomorrow. To try out the grand piano. Stupid exams...

Right now, phlegm is my worst enemy. When i try to eat, it blocks up the tube. When i try to breathe in some weird way, it blocks my airway pipe too. And when i try to get it out (yes, sickening but mmm) it won't come out and when it DOES PLAN ON COMING OUT, i am either in assembly hurriedly swallowing it back in or looking stupid during swimming. Phlegm is eating me up again right now.

I rest my hands on the keyboard and touch dust. Dust so thin that it seems to waft in the air, and soon land on the chestnut/hazelnut/almond/walnut trees i helped plant yesterday. Why does dust still get through my fingertips, even though i touch these keys nearly everyday? Let's just blame it on the lamp. My hands look..old.

The dog next door seems so lonely. I wonder what it is doing now. Sleeping, perhaps. Maybe thinking about how one by one..the neighbouring dogs began to disappear. The house opposite ours is on sale again. I wonder what is wrong with that house.

So, in Disney World, Laura and i chose to dine at Crystal Palace, Cinderella's Royal Table WTFFFF, Ohana Character, Chip & Dale's Harvest Feast and Hollywood and Vine at Disney MGM Studios for dinner. I am NOT taking a picture with us sitting on Cinderella's lap and what not. Oh my gawd, i'd rather take a picture with .. with.. I hate Cinderella. I liked the mice in the story though.

Is having a Fairy Godmother the same as having a guardian angel?

I don't think so.

2am. The clock is ticking loudly. The house is so silent. Someone is crying. The street is so dark. My reflection in the window, so mere and pointless.

Today i wish

And may greenhouse gases rise from your melting homes in bright black balloons and sail across the world until they find you frozen in your hideaway, eating cheesecake till you burst. Amen.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

kingdom of hearts.

i hate today.

i wore my plc winter uniform scrunchie today.

i felt bloated today.

i did geography test today, and possibly failed it.

i woke up late today.

i felt embarassed today.

i didn't get to watch all of Titanic today.

The good people on msn to talk to, are all cranky today.

I yelled at someone today.

... I am so glad that Monday is a holiday.

I want to see that Posiedon movie. And Tokyo Drift.

I like the anime Karin as well.

go kingdom of hearts !

Saturday, June 03, 2006

MHS social.

um. i am back?

MHS social. i got quite deaf there... joanne owes jadey 15 dollars now. 5 for getting random guy's number and ten for taking photos with ten random guys. heh

i also went to melbourne central with stephanie larkin before the social, to see TAKE THE LEAD. it is good. I LOVE ANTONIO BANDERAS . well. his hair was bit retarded. i like his spanish accent rah.

ballroom dancing looked so so good. =\ me also has a hoyts da vinci code cup. hah!!

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there are more. but i can't be bothered. sorry ^_^ i also can't be bothered resizing the pics. >_<

it was alright. people sitting on laps and and there...scary.

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