Monday, August 30, 2010


Virtual Fly Lab sucks. I have pineapple stuck in between my teeth. 

Work was good today. My first class behaved and did so well that i was impressed :) Now i want to have them every week but term 3 week. But i did have one kid in later class who panicked when we were in the big pool and cried afterwards :( And i overheard my boss talking to another teacher and agreeing that kids can be "little shits". LOL... now i wonder what all of our teachers thought/think of us in their head.  

My back and legs hurt. I have this bruise too... And does Mushroom Oil from The Essential Ingredient appeal to you? I don't know but the little jug looks nice.... 


Sunday, August 29, 2010

where is the camera ???


Okay, so i have no idea where the camera is and this sucks because we today made Strawberry & Nutella and Apple, Lemon & Sugar Crepes. We followed Poh's recipe for the crepe batter. 

You know what i like at the moment? Peter Pan collars. I recently bought this jacket from Valleygirl and it sits just above the hips. 

Tomorrow is Monday and for once i don't feel like going to work. I am just sick of dealing with two unnaturally hyper kids in my first class. I will have to reintroduce some rules to them and temporarily sit them out as soon as a rule is broken. 

Oh, and if you want to hone any basic cooking skills or just learn new techniques, i think you should watch Gordon Ramsay's Training Videos on Cookalong Live. It's an ongoing tv series (in the UK) but you can watch it for free online too yippee !


Friday, August 27, 2010

life would be a party

I must stop eating so much junk. Today I ate KFC for lunch and this... crow attacked my sandwich. Great LOL 


For dinner at home, we cooked quite a lot to eat... There was lobster, ma po tofu with rice, steamed sweet potato, steak with onions and this awesome salad (salad leaves, steamed pumpkin, pine nuts, tomatoes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard seeds, lemon juice and apple slices). Good dinner. 

I've decided to steer away from ties and shirts and buy my Dad a Bunnings Warehouse gift card instead this Father's Day. Good or bad? He never wears the ties i buy him anyway... Or should I just go buy more canto zombie dvds because he's laughing hysterically at them atm.... rofl 

 Hurray, I got offered a group interview with Myer :) They gave me my first preference at Doncaster too. Let's hope i get far with this.  

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a beautiful monster

Did i mention that it's currently cupcake haven at our house? Laura made 60 cupcakes last night for her Year 9 Food Stall and i woke up to more Lemon Diva Cupcakes from my nap today. It's actually Julie Goodwin's recipe. 

guess where we are...

I had the most incredible nap just then. It ticked off everything from not waking up drowsy to awesome dreams. Streets and buildings had upended themselves like in Inception so that when the bus turned the corner it also went "up the wall". In one case, we were even traveling on the "walls" themselves in a gigantic square? rectangle? Whatever.

But the best part of the dream wasn't when i was walking down a never ending, spiral staircase in an insanely short dress and heels. That would have been so painful. 

It was when i was took advantage of a $25 for $183 worth KFC voucher. OMG. YUM. WICKED WINGS. DRUMSTICKS. BREAD. HERE I COME. 

Why couldn't this happen in real life???  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

to the mushroom cup


Those marshmallows don't mean anything. Won't tell anybody how you turn my world around. I really hate it when i wake up and the sun is in my eyes. And unsuccessful sperm die soon afterwards right? How awkward would it be if one hung around long enough and got through even after the girl had sex with another/ her actual partner. Wait... this can't happen if one was successful in the first place.. wait wth And i don't need a parachute. 

"eh eh ... eh eh (x2)
when you're on a holiday
you can't find the words to say ... "

Today was weird... I left my phone at home again and i swear i put my contacts in the wrong eye because i suddenly couldn't see as far or as clearly after a while. Went to DFO and South Wharf with Jacky to find futsal shoes and wagged chem lecture. 

Went back for psych prac and we did an experiment on conformity along Lygon Street. Pretty funny rofl. 

I bought two pairs of shoes from Novo :) Black pumps reduced from $50 to $12.50 and flats for $39. I can't find the camera so i can't show you guys them. 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

onde onde

As the title states, I helped Laura make Onde Onde this afternoon. Otherwise known as "lor mai chi" in my household, you can change the coating and filling to suit your taste. I especially like icecream in mine mmmmm....

It's a very easy recipe... We followed Poh's recipe here.

We used three different fillings: red bean, black sesame and chestnut paste. 

Take about 1/2 teaspoon of each and roll them into balls. 

I didn't take any pictures of kneading the glutinous rice flour dough but it's just glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and pandan paste. 

The balls on the right have already eaten up the fillings (haha...) and are ready for boiling xD

After the balls float to the top (of the water), drain them and immediately roll them into whatever coating you want. 

We used black sesame seeds and coconut shavings. You can add caster sugar to the coconut shavings for (added) sweetness which is what we did.  

Arrange them nicely on a plate and get ready to nomnomnom :) 


Saturday, August 21, 2010

hellllooooo again :D


So much stuff has happened since i last blogged on Wednesday! I'm waiting for a black, lacy dress to continue decreasing in price and on Thursday i got 91% on my Hazards Test :D But that's not all... in one of the videos... drive straight past my house o.O 

So after that I completely forgot when i was meant to click because i was too busy sussing out the other videos. 


Friday... the day i left my mobile phone at home. Couldn't call/text anyone. Couldn't slide my keypad up and down for fun. Clasped my hand around a week old pear in my backpack instead of the familiar shape of my phone. Discovered that Jason also left his phone at home yay... joined in misery rofl. So I wagged my 2pm lecture for two reasons - to go home and study and to also be reunited with my phone. (how sad is that...)

Went to Jacky's house after to watch SALT (yes.. downloaded...for free mwahahaha) and dinner. Thank you  Jacky for the yummy apple crumble and icecream :D


Today i woke up at 6:45am to cover for someone's shift at 8am. These kids were good and a few of them asked me if i was coming back to teach them next week :D Unfortunately no... 

I am in a good mood today. Voted for Liberal. Laura created a bed on the floor and it was so comfortable i stayed there for 4 hours.... 

I still have not done any hw.... crap. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

but i can't do it without you

I think this week is Prosh Week at Melbourne Uni - whatever that means. But we had engineering students (according to chem lecturer) crash our psych and chem lectures in the nude today. Guys and girls. Nearly 20 people? External genitalia and all. Needless to say, the girls looked way better than the guys. 

If you sat in the front row during their announcements, i feel so sorry for you. Nowhere to look but up... HAHA 


What did i learn today... Apart from understanding the Grignard Reagent, I learned that the bark of a willow tree contains salicylic acid which is involved in the process of making aspirin. And now you know why old remedies tell you stewing willow bark relieves fevers but be careful - it's rough on the stomach lining and can create many ulcers. 

I also fell asleep on the bus and had to walk 1km back home at 7pm because i missed my stop. Great.  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


What's on the menu this month? Note how i say "this month" as opposed to... tomorrow/this week. 

Laura, where are you. I want to make this and Dan Tart please. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

without any makeup on


"let's go all the way tonight, no regrets
just love
we can dance, until we die.
you and i - will be young forever 
you make me feel like i'm living a
teenage dream"

I skipped uni today - wasn't feeling well. Still got called in to work though so yeah... taught the kids how to tread water "egg beater" style though. Next week will be intense sculling, torpedo on back and bilateral breathing. I seriously want/need to move some of these kids up. 

Looking over psychology notes after reading through the practice exam questions. 

I need a new hoodie. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010



This looks like Delta Goodrem... What happened to her music anyway?

I watched The Expendables with some of the guys yesterday. I found some scenes hilarious and enjoyed my Chocotop. But i also felt like i had more connection with the popcorn than the actual movie rofl... It's a lot of pewpew if you didn't realise. 

Today: Work at 8am (i am now owed $560.. where is my pay hmph), yum cha, drove 1.5 hours in total, helped Laura bath Cino and Espresso, bummed, napped and now doing ChemCal. 

I covered for a friend's shift today and one of her kids had drawn a picture. I asked her if she wanted to give it to my friend instead (her actual teacher) but she said no. lmao okay then.

what is it exactly.. something jumping over a tree?? 

It's pretty cute how kids do this :)  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



The ERC toilets always show the remains of someone's dump in at least two cubicles. Disgusting much. 

I'm feeling op shopping withdrawals already.... Must. fix. this. weekend. 

Union House needs to offer more soup. 

I booked my Hazards Perception and Ps tests today! Hopefully i pass the latter in one go. 

Period cramps hurt. Sorry if i didn't feel like talking to you yesterday. I was too busy trying to save myself from my uterus.

I think my phone bill just went up by $20 today. crap.  

 There's something about walking in the rain under an umbrella. I find that i feel more... secure if i rest the umbrella on my head too and the handle has to lean on my right shoulder. 

I nickname my umbrella "lollipop". Must be the colour combination... er

Today in Genetics i found out that i have a green defect (relating to colourblindness). 

"Where trouble is a bubble in a champagne glass" - Neyo

 One of our psychology essay topics to choose from states that "No man (sic) is an island". Personally, i agree with this. Do you?

 I feel fat. 

Sunday, August 08, 2010

chillin' online

Today's blog is all about inspiration, admiration and .. procrastination? Oh dear. 

So here's a sneak peek of where i chill online when i'm bored or procrastinating like always  now. I can't show you every site i visit daily so i picked the ones that suit my mood today in no particular order. omfg there's a crazy bee next to me shit.  





Laura and I stalked houses today for her Year 9 Geography project. Remember that crap? yeah. that crap. 



Easy Reading: 

To me, Easy Reading stands for blogs that draw you in without requiring much effort on the reader's behalf. They are basically normal blogs but with better photography.  



 Now, who could forget e-How? The instructions are so simple and clear - ranging from "How do i tie a scarf?" to "How to I make Apple Pie pastry?" If you're not interested in any of the other categories then try this one since it's more... informative. But fuelled with awesomeness.

So go on. I'm inviting you to procrastinate (even further).  

Saturday, August 07, 2010

wannabe macaroons

I did nothing today. Came back home last night from Jerry's Farewell Dinner in Kew (I expect pics to be floating around facebook soon... rofl) and woke up at 12:15pm this afternoon. 

Weekend cooking has become a ritual in our household and today's pick was Soy Milk Scones with Homemade Whipped Cream and Strawberry Jam. 

Don't they look like wannabe macaroons? LOL

Here, we are lightly coating the dough with milk before they go into the oven to help produce a nice, golden brown colour. 

LOL they came out speckled but still tasted yummy :) You can still use ordinary milk if you want. 

I've only written three lines on telomeres and listened to the singing in our Music and Health lecture on lectopia today. 

And I spent the past hour jumping on my bed, eating a croissant and now blogging. 


Do you guys get sick of reading these foodie blogs? It's like i have nothing else to say...

What should Laura and I make next? We're thinking of Dan Tart heheeh

Hehe the dogs like it too. 

Tip of the Day: Don't store your potatoes and onions in the same place because together they create a gas which ruins them.


LOL this is the first time she's agreed to come up close to the camera. She reminds me of those "The Dog" toys.

My Snoopy cup from Japan Universal Studios is fading :(

And to finish this off...




I don't like sandwiches with lettuce in them. 

Fiona and I just signed up for the Cooking Classes run by Student Union Welfare Department. (Dot and Steve - i'm looking at you to join this too)

I would wear any ring except the overly fancy/bulky ones. 

How does myki figure out the cheapest fare when it doesn't even know where you will end up? Even I change my mind about things too. Wouldn't a monthly be better then? 

I ran out of toothpaste. 

Thursday, August 05, 2010

ukulele love

Hello everybody :) I hope your week has been going well so far yay

Please watch this video because it features Wensi/Sallyannie playing the ukulele! I hope that all of you - especially my growing silent reader population - make Wensi famous through her cover of Sophie Madeleine's "Take Your Love With Me"!  :D

Today was a good and rainy day. I am freezing my arse off and waiting for my turn to shower. 

The other day I went to Chem to find a group of people huddled around an unconscious person. I think it was a guy but he was in recovery position so i assume they had figured out his airway was clear and his breathing was normal. The paramedics came soon after. 

It felt kind of... ironic and creepy though because i had just attended a CPR workshop the previous day... So take care of yourselves, readers. Because unfortunate things can happen when you least expect it =(

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

feeling tall

Today i went to one lecture at 10am and then a CPR workshop. I really need a car. I also went to shoppo to look at boots before going home to study. 

Passion - Tony Bianco ($169.95)
I didn't see this in store but its crumpled design and suede material caught my eye. I wouldn't mind wearing this if i had the money. 

 Cuff It - Betts ($89.95)

It comes in black as well but i need a change of colour. When this goes on sale or i can't bear the thought of not owning it any longer, i will buy it. I'm still waiting for nearly $500 from work. 

 Neon - Tony Bianco ($189.95)

It just keeps on getting better doesn't it? Not. I think this is on sale somewhere but either way my wallet is going to hate me. But that's okay because i tried them on today and they look AMAZING

But! Quite a few people i know have these wedges so i don't know if i will get them lol. Another reason to lean towards the Cuff It boots. 

Sunday, August 01, 2010

garlic bread

big. picture. post

Dad and i like to visit the Camberwell Rotary Market every Sunday but with different mindsets. He, for the cheap flower bouquets, and I, to support my opshopping craze. 

I take ages - literally ages - to shop because i like to walk around and compare. But today's bargain was lucky because we only had 20 minutes and I got this for $10 :) 

Even better, it's from REVIEW and i really like that store. But never buy from there because i'm too pov. 

Say hello to Tubby :) The green cat Stooph got me as a KK gift yay. Its bum is squishy and nice to pat. 

That didn't sound creepy.  

And yes, the sleeves are meant to be crumpled at the end so they sit up higher. 

Other good opshops i recommend are Savers in Brunswick (tram 19 towards North Coburg) and Yours Now Mine (Balwyn North take bus 207). 

I would show you other stuff i've bought from op shops but i cbs. 

Laura and i started prepping for our Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse Tart last night. As you can see, this is the Chocolate Mousse and cooking at 1am produced excellent results. 

The marble swirl pattern was perfect until i took it out of the fridge and a block of Parmesean Cheese fell onto it rofl.  

We followed a different recipe for making pastry. Click on this link French Tart Dough and you'll see how easy it is to follow. 

Don't forget to prick your pastry before putting it in the oven to let the steam out or it will turn out soggy. Especially important when baking apple pies etc. 

Final product woohoo!

I can only offer a slice to those who bother coming over but by then.. Laura and i will have finished it all mwahahaha..

Do you think people like me can get paid to blog? That would be nice but I'm not sure why adults would want to read this blog. There's nothing in it for them.  

My toes are cold. 

I just ran outside in the freezing cold with Espresso and Cino. Dumbest idea ever because my hands don't want to co-operate with my brain but i feel really energised now. 

This is such a long post........

Okay okay, i lied. I said it would be an epic picture post but i can't be bothered anymore. So here's me signing out with a replication fork. rofl back to biology... 


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