Wednesday, December 31, 2008

last day of 2008


Resolutions will be up tomorrow since i have no imagination today. And reliving Wicked means i can't make any realistic judgements as of yet. Or i could base my goals on Wicked.

For example, i could become "DEEPLY SHALLOW", if i'm not already. Or to be "like a FROGGY, FERNY CABBAGE. THE BABY IS UNNATURALLY GREEEEEEN" Do you know what this means? It means i get to be an awesome green froggy wannabe Elphaba! =D

Have fun celebrating the end of 2008 and reliving the happy memories :) I hope that 2009 will be even better and good luck for Year 12 everyone haha

Another goal: "That could help me meet the Wizard !!"

Monday, December 29, 2008


Just a quick post, nothing special.

Christmas Day:

Went to Portsea and Sorrento with the dogs. Ate lunch but forgot the salami/cheese/semi dried tomato thing woops.

Laura and i waded in the beach and rock pools.

Haha, seaweed..

fill up space.


Boxing Day Shopping:
Went to Westfield, shopped for 6+hrs. Bought bathers, contacts, bike helmet, shirt from Bardot, 7 things from Forever New, belt and shoes. Saved around $200 but Forever New is still rather expensive. Saw heaps of people i knew and ran away from most. Encountered Farn for a bit and my mum interrogated him with the usual asian academic questions. Didn't get to see nadia =( Walked for 20min back to mum's clinic.

I am so over shopping.

Getting fit!
Yes, it's happening believe it or not =O I am doing more exercise than study/hw ha. Bike riding, swimming, walking dogs, skipping rope.. hurray now for Austswim.

Thankyou to all who came last night and boo to those who couldn't come. jkjk but you ppl should have come. My camera is dodgy and my sister is an even dodgier cameraperson.

Absent from pic: vicky, ben, laura, kristy, grace

Wicked was really really good! I almost melted at times and i'm amazed at how small the cast and instrumentalist groups are. Hurray for squishy chairs and refer to facebook for more crap pictures.

I was loaded for 5 seconds and then i had to give the money to mum. DAMNIT. But it's okay, mum got me a program and then laura and i bought the mug and tea towel LOL it's huge. And now Laura thinks i'm a pimp but noooooo i'm not. Or do i need more guys to live up to that name xD haha nah..

Lots of good quotes in this musical - i suggest you read Hungy's blog for them if he remembers any and decides to put them up. I had a dream about Wicked last night and you ppl who came were in it too =D I wouldn't mind seeing it again but i'm broke already LOL let's hope another awesome production comes soon. And steve would like me to mention the flying monkeys.

I really like Fiyero - Rob Mills :) And Amanda Harrison (elphaba) is pretty. I really don't know what to say except that i am a really good organiser and i made so many people's lives awesome last night. i am now totally obsessed with Wicked. People, go read the book.

oh ppls, if you want your Wicked ticket as a souvenir, tell me.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Continuing on from yesterday's outing:

Haha spent like 3hrs+ here for geography. cbs putting up pics. But Steve pulled half my nice smelly rubber out of its case and now it won't go back in. LOL i warned you about this xD

We ate chips and jam donuts. And sat on fake grass. I have a lot of Dockland scenery pictures.

I was tired by then. Didn't buy anything really except a tie for dad. Missed bus back home so jen made me take sticker photos with her. Jen, i want the one where i drew Steve and Farn on okay. They look like snowmen.


After bike riding with Sav and her dad and having eaten 5 plums, Laura and i made xmas cookies for the dogs. We could eat them too but i don't really like parsley.... i think all the parsley is to make their breath fresher == I did keep on eating mozzarella cheese from the packet though.

But don't they look cute? ^^ And a tad floury..

Then i went to glen waverley to eat and then walked the dogs in the dark. I have done nothing today. noooo

Merry xmas everyone =] Stay safe and have many happy memories!



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

i'll post about today's outing later.

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

I took this from Wensi. Everyone else do it too.

What song best represent my personality? Only wind, only wind - Kim Jong Kook (am i invisible to everyone then?)
What song will be played at my funeral? Angels in the Room - Delta Goodrem
Will I ever love somebody? Sayuri's Theme and End Credits - John Williams (you can't just end my love life like that!!!! ..or it could be a list of all my ex lovers >_>)
Will I be successful in life? I don't know how to love him - Helen Reddy (i guess not?)
Will I get married even if my love life is out of shape? Alive...but even in death... - Wheesung (I'll still stalk you till you are MINE MINE MINE, btw i love this song)
Will anyone accept me for who I am? The Mixed Tape - Jack's Mannequin (a mixture of people will)
How will I die? U - Super Junior (NO, I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT YOU GIRL - stalker)
Who'll kill me? Sunset Glow - Big Bang (nature..)
Will I be a murderer myself? Box in the Ship - DBSK (no?)
How's my life so far? Stephs Remix (LOL GO SLARKIN)
My current obsession? Kissing You - SNSD (AAHAHAHAH oh yeah baby)
What song best represent my friendship with others? Thnks for the Memories - Fall Out Boy (did i just reject everyone)
If I ever, where would I go on vacation this year? Daylight - Kelly Rowland
Which sexuality are you? THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT - andrew loydd webber
What's your favorite color? One Last Breath - Creed
What's your hobby? How Far We've Come - Matchbox 20 (omg same with wensi)
Will I get far in life? Jukdorok - The One (?)
How do my friends see me? AAHAHAHAHHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHA LOL .. Blind - Lifehouse (yes it is true. but that's not what i will be having eye surgery for >_>)
Where will I get married? Fallen Angel - Chris Brown (sounds magical)
What's my best friends theme song? Everyday - HSM
What is the story of my life? Breaking Free - HSM (!!)
What is/was high school like? Adagio Expressivo - Flight of Bumblebee Album (depressing. exhilirating. slow.)
How can I get ahead in life? What a Girl Wants - Christina Aguilera (so i get everything i want?)
What is the best thing about me? Love is a Beautiful Song - Dave Mills (I must love exceptionally well then.)
How's today going to be? 같은 마음 (Gateun maeum) (Same Heart) - Tony An (..heartfelt?)
What's in store for this weekend? Cinderella - Stephen Curtis (YAAAAAAAY PRINCE CHARMING AND DRESS...pumpkin)
What song describes my parents? Halloween Theme Song - Movie Theme Songs (this is quite a creepy song)
My Grandparents? 맨발의 청춘 - Can (i hope it's something positive)
How's my life going? Forever - Chris Brown (wooo!)
How does the world see me? Ming Tian - Jay Chou
Will I have a happy life? Stay with Me - Solid Base ( am i begging you to stay with me == NOT HAPPY AT ALL)
Do people secretly lust after me? Merry-go-Round - SNSD (YES. A NEVER-ENDING CIRCLE OF GUYS CHASING ME. not.)
How can I make myself happy? Solo Suite: Intermezzo e danza finale - Maria Kleigel (by being alone together in a suite..?)
What should I do with my life? Dan Shui Hai Bian 淡水海邊 - Jay Chou (am now buying beach houses)
Will I ever have children? Irresistible ft Jay Chou - F4 (i think i am too irresistible to not have any =D what's with all this Jay Chou...)
What is some good advice? Sentimental City - Baek Ji Young (eeeh)
What is my signature dancing song? Breathe - Faith Hill
What do I think my current theme song is? 그대를 부르면 (Tears) - SNSD (.....great)
What does everyone else think my current theme song is? 1973 - James Blunt
What do I really want from life? Lose my Breath - Destiny's Child (LOL sexual much - I WANT YOU TO HIT ME)
What should I do to help others? Thank Goodness - Wicked
What should I do to help myself? Torn - Natalie Imbruglia (>____________>)
What should I do to succeed in life? Silent Pain - Noir (depends how successful i am then.)
What is my one important goal in life? My lover - Hwanhee (I'LL LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE COULD. no idea what song actually means.)
What do I get most pleasure from? The M Style - Tablo (YEAH BABY)
If you reached the top of Mt. Everest you would scream: Unwell - Matchbox Twenty (VERY LIKELY)
The next time you stand in front of a group of people you'll say? Out of the Blue - Delta Goodrem (quite fitting)
Your favorite thing to say when drunk is? Staying Alive - Various Artists (..TOO TRUE)
Your message to the world? Another Days - winds (Never fear. You're not going to die yet.)
What you think of your best friend? Everything - Michael Buble (aww...)
Your deepest secret? Remember - 김성태 (Kim Sung Tae)(..don't think i want everyone to remember it)
Your innermost desire? If i Could Turn Back the Hands of Time - Rkelly
Your oldest memory of life makes you think? Skyway Avenues - We the Kings (sounds pretty/emo)
Somewhere in your wedding vows you'll include... PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - andrew loyd webber
On your deathbead you'll whisper... Xin Yu - Jay Chou (omg how pretty.....)
Your friends say behind your back... Uzongikhulula - Mango Groove (you are most ridiculous)
You say behind your friends back... Summer Rain - Slinkee Minx
When you wake up in the morning you mutter... 1 Love - Ayumi Hamasaki (I only love you, and only you?)
If you found yourself lost on a desert island you'd yell... The Trouble with Love Is - Kelly Clarkson (hopefully i don't have to run away to an island to figure that out.)
Right now your feelings are.. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba (YEAHHHHHH)
What's your excuse for reposting this? This is Home - Switchfoot
Your life's soundtrack: Car Wash - Christina Aguilera etc (I wash away every mistake and repent all my sins till forgotten)
The day you fall in love will be the day that… Way for Love - Super Junior (OMG I GET TO MARRY EUNHYUK. OMGGGGGGGGG)
You scream during sex: 不能说的秘密 - Jay Chou (...LOL HMM)
Your farewell message to the readers of this: Promise Me - Corey Williams

...that you will do this quiz too ^^

Monday, December 22, 2008

20 more posts

Oh wow up to 80 posts. Okay this is the 81st. Soon to be a 100.

I have Wicked tickets for us :)

I am so awesome.
And so are the rest of you.

...The price isn't awesome though.

Saturday, December 20, 2008


I woke up this morning and felt cheated. We had lots of deluxe sushi last night and mum told me to only eat half so i could save some for today's breakfast. And then i open the fridge today to find that there isn't any left. So when Laura told me that mum had eaten the rest i banged loudly on the piano in response.

I really like my sushi.

Anyway, i had an insane kookaburra come visit us by banging its beak/head on the window countless times.

Maybe it really hated its reflection.

Hehe it's really cute.

I wanted to hug it but then it would puncture me :(

Me want it to come back but not to attack my window.

...That is a kookaburra yes? =\ Not just any insane bird right.

...HAHAHA yes this is what Laura and i were splodging away at for some reason.

Apparently the girl likes baby colours so Laura designed that.

iuno what's inside it atm...

Is it just me or is the back/side a lot nicer looking than the front >_>

Okay, no matter how crap this wooden thing looks i still think it's nice to make something kind of handmade for others.

So that girl better be grateful that i got paint all over my hands.

But look how talented i am/was at smudging everything everywhere since young. >_>

Dw, i'm actually better than that. And i think i ate paint too.

I know, i know. This is a really random post. But i have to show off how randomly interesting my life is right? YES. OF COURSE.

Look at what my dogs did to that poor panda. It's eye got gouged out. great.

Don't ask me why they went for the eye. Not the tastiest part in anything to me.


My dad is making me change to Optus because he saw my phone bill. This means i get a new (crap) phone because of the new crap plan and possibly a less awesome number. I like 3. Oh well i'll use both phones.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

no title

I woke up at 12pm and made this ham and cheese sandwich with way too much Hot English Mustard. stupid me. Now my nose is screwed up LOL =\

We got the randomest letter from the school today about a former history teacher who had child pornography stuff on his home computer. Um thanks for telling us..probably better off that i didn't know about it ... but good thing i can't remember what he looks like xD The funniest thing is that we all got told he had cancer which is why he left >____>

I think i've eaten another 20 crackers today. The Doll's House is pretty good. easy to read. Maybe i should start to do hw.

Sometimes you wish for something. And when you get it, you don't know what to do with it anymore.

So why did i think about it in the first place?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Don't read if you hate reading.

Today was the only day i'm allowed out this week so my sister and i made good use of it. And this is a wordy blog in case you hate reading. At 12:46pm we accidentally took bus 280 to Pines instead of 364 that goes directly to Westfield... But it was okay! We took bus 305 afterwards. My sister is so scared/clueless about public transport that it makes me laugh but then i realise how dumb i felt before we had year 9 outlook.

My main purpose was to get my eyes checked. My eyesight hasn't worsened hurray but apparently i have some "holes" in the back of my eyes/side of retina that need to be checked by an eye specialist early next year. And i'm getting new contacts too and keeping my current Nike glasses which i like because they're flexi and don't mind being dropped all the time. Also, my lens were scratched and smudged before so that explains any blurriness i experienced in class ==

Sav, Emily and Ann met up with Laura and I at MnG and they revealed their inner pervertness. Omg i was changing and they fully pulled back some of the curtain LOLLLL OMGGG. I felt so insecure and sav even decided to open door a bit to shove her xmas card at me. THANKS A LOT LOL. Don't sue me if i scarred you for life with my flab. They need a proper door. Not a curtain rod door....

Laura and i went on massive shopping spree instead of going to watch Twilight.

In order of purchase: Koko Black, Forever New, T2, Riot, Matchbox.

Mostly presents for other people.

Okay we had some Chocolate Appoglato...thing. It was rather nice but omg money wastage == We saw a lot of PLC/ex PLC here.

Teddybear - for Laura's violin teacher.

Chocolate block - Laura's KK/herself/WHAT ABOUT ME?!

I like this top although Laura isn't modelling it well at all. In fact she isn't even holding it attractively.

I keep on eating olives.

FOREVER NEW is a nice shop. I like Dotti too.

For my cello teacher, we got her those two teacups but yellow and a sachet of Blue Mountain Tea Leaves. They look really really pretty and smell nice.

I found a cello figurine at $225 in David Jones way.

Must..keep..typing. See what i do for you readers? =D

For Laura's 2nd KK ? Art and craft store. Wooden jewellery box. and other stuff

Going to decorate it and yay paint sparkle time


This is for our piano teacher.

Teapot is sitting in its own teacup and it's very cute. That recipe book pissed me off so much.

Now to shop for MORE bday presents KILL ME NOW and for mum and dad.

WONDERFUL. I AM SO WONDERFUL. ...ahem. blame Wicked. I swear that's part of the lyrics o.O

Yeah guess what i still haven't finished blogging. == My thongs actually peeled skin off b/n 2nd toe and big toe. GAY MUCH. We bused back and everyone is staring at us and our shopping. Maybe we should've dressed up nicer....

Actually i'll end here LOL


Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm going to go insane by end of holidays. Not allowed out and parents haven't even seen my report.

It's okay. I'll go insane on purpose. It will work.

Everything is too loud, too noisy, too distracting. I blame my sister's music oh my god i will superglue headphones on her if i have to. Or i'll get myself a laptop so i can go up to my room instead. ok too pov.

Apparently there is a party for whole neighbourhood this evening. Selfish as it seems, i don't feel like going.

Congrats to all those year 12 and year 11 with 3/4 results. =D

VCE is so confusing.

Edit: Neighbourhood Xmas Party~

I'm actually quite glad i came. Even though the oldest kid there was only 13 (the other teenagers were indoors...) but i got to know my neighbours better =D Introductions were like "Hi, i'm ___ from No. ___ " since it's just a small court up to no. 12

So, after hanging around i got out my uno and normal cards and the 5 of us started playing. And then 40/40 and hide and seek and tiggy. It really brought back memories haha. like that .. "dip dip dog shit you are not it " or something. I am not a tiggy person but it was fun =D And during Match, laura randomly put a plate of kettle chips infront of me and one boy was like " she your servant?" LOL I WISH.

Got offered champagne so i drank that. And ate lots of finger food =D Went into house/backyard of two of the kids' houses and played with dog, table tennis, basketball... yeah it was pretty fun =D Oh, and one neighbour is ex PLC too so yah. The adults had their normal talk. My pants are all dusty now.

I want the neighbour's yellow lamborghini. omg i am jealous.

I'm going Westfield tomorrow. eyecheck up. New glasses + contacts. A pity i couldn't come to chaddy today :( My mum blackmailed me with my eyesight you see. "If you go to chadstone, then no eye checkup on Tuesday" I could always book another appointment myself but then it got down to
1) i'm not gonna bus all the way to chaddy for twilight.
2) mum is unhappy and she hasn't even seen my report.
3) laura wants shopping tomorrow as well.
4) omg my eyessssssss

=D eat lots and lots of cake

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i'm bored of holidays

My ass hurts. I'm going to have callouses instead of fingertips.

And Laura stole my normal spot to practice cello. Okay okay it's her spot but I WANT TO SIT THERE TOO.

So i moved next to the piano. It's colder here.

Me love that cat. Thankyou stoof! Still nameless though. Any suggestions?

And i stole her colourful stand. Which she kind of dumped after she got a pro one. It's really heavy.

Ninja cat.

My cello is really orange......

The cat is watching me <3

I'm playing some bach cello suite. I haven't practised in a long, long time... orchestra rehearsals don't count.

Patchwork jumper love!

I've been watching a lot of Fated to Love You recently. I like it.

Yay i has milo now

Friday, December 12, 2008

I am so amazing.

A list of things you probably and hopefully did not know about me before.

1. I admit and fully recognize my weirdness. But that doesn't mean I am always weirder than you =D

2. When i eat dumplings like 虾饺 i eat the inside first and then the outside.

3. I prefer full cream milk over lite. It tastes better and about the extra fat...whatever.

4. I gave my babysitter chickenpox when i was 3. She was extremely happy.

5. When i was 3, i touched the hot iron with my finger and got this wart. A year later, it went away and i excitedly told mum that Santa had cured it =D

6. My favourite disney princess is/was Jasmine. Pet tiger, magic lamp/genie/carpet and minus the creepy perv Jafar...yeah =D But i really like Mulan (and Mushu) too!!

7. I am a scruncher, sometimes a wrapper and never a folder.

8. I still don't know how to put on a tampon. Disgraceful, since i can't always go swimming.

9. Yes, i do have an unhealthy obsession with frogs. (More the fake than real ones)

10. If you take away my graphics calculator and/or holepuncher from me, i will cry and come to kill you.

11. I've had my nose cauterized twice. It hasn't 100% worked but the blood comes in smaller amounts at least.

12. On Asia Tour, we almost got kicked out of Shanghai Maccas for arm wrestling and being too noisy and then busked at 12am. Our hosts advertised us on the street. We then gave the money to beggars.

13. We once did 60 pushups in a row, after the class made a total of 60 mistakes during swimming training. (Real pushups - back when i was fit)

14. When i first got my period, i thought i was going to die from an unknown haemorrhoid disease. (Had sex education later in the year)

15. In Grade Two, my mum wrote my name all around my goggle eyewear. The part that sticks to your face. Haha, after swimming i had my name faintly imprinted twice around my eyes xD

16. I prefer to buy books because i always seem to borrow crap books. I'm also shaping up my own mini library =D

17. I pick up every balloon i see and hug it. <3

18. My favourite HP character is SNAPE and favourite non-existing ship is Draco/Ginny. damnit.

19. In grade 4, Yi-Ling, Nadia and I named ourselves Melissa, Melanie and Melody McGonagall respectively. We even made these green boxes filled with stuff dedicated to each of us in our HP state. LOL

20. I liked to not only splatter the page with paint when i was a kid, but also look as if i had dunked my whole face into a paint swamp.

21. I like mushy weetbix. And all my cereal with lots of milk.

22. I am hungry every 2 hours. I go demented after missing a few rotations.

23. I drew and wrote a colourful note to the tooth fairy when i was young. S/he never got it.

24. I admit to liking the HSM(3) soundtrack. Especially when Ashley Tisdale sings LOLLLL funny. I really like that song Fabulous LOL

25. Back when people still used film rolls for cameras, i never thought that you could actually take it to the shop to develop. Being the stupid child i was/am, I thought that everytime you took a picture it went through some awesome underground process to the place where we would pick it up after the pictures were developed. ==

That was long. Hopefully i am now less stupid and not weirder.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Should i post more frequently?

Whatever, i am now. haha

Not a very eventful day, in fact i wasted another 10hours of my life doing nothing. I was in a levelwhore mood so i levelled in runescape =D I slept at 2:30am last night after finishing a good book and i am onto my next book now. I still have to get my english books for next year.

To pass the time, Laura and I made Cheesesticks.

Yes, that is a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Don't mock me because it's actually good!

...Even if i do read magazines backward, the asian way.

They are meant to look like those breadsticks that go with congee, but ours were packed together like extremely cheesy lasagne xD

We bought Filo pastry instead of Puff pastry woops, so more sheets were needed.

Brush each sheet with beaten egg and sandwich them together.

You can sprinkle the parmesan on before smoothing each layer down but we didn't.

Yeah so put baking paper onto the top layer and with a rolling pin, press down the cheese.

I think i want apple pie now.

I need to make a list of what to do these holidays. Or i will go crazy sitting at home staring at homework.

Cut into 2cm wide strips, twist, and lay on baking paper-lined tray.

Bake for 12-15min until golden and crisp.

We squished ours together so it became cheese lasagne basically >_>

Um, we eat really messily.

And Laura prepared salad too in a takeaway bowl. Cheap much ??

Oh well, salad dressing makes everything nice.

Haha can you see how i'm extending and spacing everything out a lot, so it looks like i have a lot to say xD

This is a random crap photo. When walking the dogs.


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Speech Night

After speech night rehearsals, Sav, Emily and I went hardcore shopping and walking around. First we went to Borders to use our vouchers and we bumped into Steve along the way to Ichipan Crepes. After letting them scab off my crepe we all went to Valleygirl and Steve and this old man were the only guys in the shop. Awkward much. Whatever you can handle it (H)

Bought two dresses after trying on like 6 things.

I don't know when i will wear them but yay. Emily has such a tiny figure @.@ it's so cute.

So we each bought stuff and trooped off to Bourke street to investigate that store with four floors of heels. I think we all looked pretty spectacular but didn't buy any of them.

Oh btw, the thin straps aren't meant to be there. It's a strapless halter thing that makes me look fat.

We also happened to pass by where all you guys were lanning. >_> Shopping hurts my legs but didn't lose any calories because we had puffy and something else along the way LOL

Patchwork came out after speech night. It's fatter and much better looking than most of other previous years. Taking a picture of the front cover won't 100% credit it. So those non plc-s have to come look at it in person ^^ Congrats to the editors and rest of Patchwork Committee 2008!

Moving on, Jen expressed her interest in my future ambitions regarding Year 12 so i will tell you more of my life. I want 99.85 at least which is a 43/45 I suppose and so far I am thinking of Monash Uni. I am sort of okay with 42 too. I haven't told my mum yet but I'd like a double degree; one in Arts (geog, yes unbelievable shuttup) and Medicine (I'm not doing HL chem for nothing okay.) Or Biology. To get that 43, i think i will lose a mark in HL English because i am crap and one in Biology/TOK because i suck at Extended Response and my TOK mark is unpredictable.

I don't want my report. My exam marks depress me. The whole of semester 2 is depressing. And my mum isn't helping, going "at this rate you're only going to get 98. That is not good enough." Well, you know. That is still pretty high. It's good enough for biomedicine at melb uni. But it's not high enough i guess.

So, it's Med/Arts. Don't tell me i won't have enough time for either because i will make time and that Arts degree is only on the sideline because it isn't financially and interestingly fulfilling as a job alone to me. But i still love geog.

This has to be the most boring yet rather wordy post i have written.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

We finished Year 11 =O

I think i did a lot today. Or will be doing a lot.

Woke up at 7:30am which is early for me on a weekend. Text messaged people and then had a shower! No wait, that was after i rolled onto laura's bed because her room faces west and not east == Stupid sun. I was planning to do hardcore piano today but....

...Instead i was lured by discounts in Westfield! And was depressed because i had left my 35% off Borders coupon at home but it's okay i bought two discounted books from Dymocks and just had to buy one from Borders. I'll use the borders voucher on Monday at MC. Oh and i bought a present. My legs are tired already.

So after stuffing the fridge full of food from Victoria market, my sister and i made dad breakfast. Fried egg, toast, kransky sausage, bacon, tomatoes. =D

Last night i played cards by myself for like 15min. My sister wouldn't wake up from her sleep and i sat on her whining for 5min. So i practised my shuffling skills - new aim: be a casino worthy dealer. I'm that sad and it went quite well. I played an unbalanced Big2 with two sides of myself (schizo alert!) with 13 cards each. My hand had these really hardcore full houses whereas the other had more simple doubles. However i managed to make the unfavoured side win in the end anyway. I tried to play this game with Farn over webcam but it got too hard. It's okay i made him win in the end anyway =D I'm such a nice friend.

I will play hardcore piano now. And i have to do something else too. And then party, out for dinner and what happened to the sleepover >_>

My thongs make weird whacky sounds when i go down the escalator. == whyyyyyy

I ran away from some shop assistant today. Kinda rude of me since i was trying on some dresses (for fun) but i didn't intend to buy them okay @.@ I was saving the money for the books ==

Patchwork is done. I'm so happy =D

Monday, December 01, 2008

Geography camp 08

The six of us and two teachers drove off to Mornington Peninsula for the weekend and we basically did physics on waves and the resulting coastlines. We kept being reminded that our teachers were "humans" too LOL and yeah it was awesome. Small classes are always better.

It was the best food camp ever. On the way we snacked and then visited two beaches. We also managed to spill smoothie on the floor of the bus and Nat had to water down the bus later haha. Holding sticky measuring poles is not fun..

When we went to eat at the pub, we felt like orphans with the two best foster mothers ever haha.

We ate so much that two large baskets of chips were left over (school paid xD). I don't know how we managed to eat a mudcake that had gold flecks on it afterwards for Ellen's bday.

Being the nerdy kids we are, we most of us spent a lot of time reading. And playing Pictionary and watching movies. There was so much junk food that we even had cake for breakfast. I woke up early because Jadey was making weird sounds in her sleep and the teachers were cooking breakfast for us.

We did a lot of measuring wind/wave stuff and beach profiles. Ocean beaches have more spilling/plunging waves and are narrower/stepper than bay beaches (surging waves) which are wider/flatter. Collapsing waves are rather rare.

In the summer the constructive waves help gather sand on the shore due to a weaker backwash, but this is the opposite in winter when the destructive waves are strong enough to drag sand away.

I forgot the formulas to calculate everything.

When calculating the beach/mega cusps width we broke the measuring tape at 30m. NO, THE WIND DID. It was so strong and we hadn't thought of plonking me in the middle of the tape as a windbreak yet either.

Our equipment got all this sand in it and so did the lens of my camera LOL. So right now my camera is stuffed LOL damnit.

We found an injured starfish and heaps of fish bladders. My hair was all over my face by then and we had mudcake, gummy bears and wagon wheels for morning tea whilst calculating and collating our data.

Haha Michel spelt "bladder" wrong. I accidentally squished one barefoot.

I think i got a shade pinker and when i showered two spots on my arm hurt. I also suspect that i got sunburnt but nothing is peeling. Good sign?

Freaken hair.

We weren't allowed to go swimming because even though some of us have lifeguard/Austswim qualifications, the teachers don't. Better for surfing i think.

The space with no waves is called a rip. If you get caught in one, swim parallel with the waves and not against it or you will tire out and drown like everyone else.

Don't panic and expect to be pushed out back beyond the first wave that breaks (white foam). Then swim away from the rip and back to the coast.

Before you get eaten up by sharks. haha jk. Well, you never know.

We had eight pieces of fish with that too for our lunch. When we got home we still had a crate full of junk food for us to scab off. I don't know how i managed to keep eating at slarkin's party LOL.

Learned Cooking tip -
Add vinegar to the water to avoid the black lining that forms around the yolk in boiled eggs.

Even though it was only less than two days, I learned a lot on this camp.

I don't think i can look at waves and any landform the same way again. (good way)

I like our geography class. It's small. And it's just right.

Until next time, with a shorter and less wordy post. Byebye

..and wtf am i listening to. Korean bollywood wannabe music again?!

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