Thursday, March 31, 2011

just like a fishy cake

Guess what! I'm finally doing a proper blogpost for you guys :) This birthday post is almost a month overdue (so my hair is different now) but i did promise to write about it... 

So, I finally turned 19 and i admit i wasn't looking forward to it - who doesn't want to stay 18? One step further from 20 than 19. The ten of us (family, family friends & Farn) went to celebrate my birthday dinner at Shanghai Dynasty in the city (It's above Dragon Boat Palace in Chinatown and it is fully..........bling. Golden. Versace plates made in China (?) Awesome teapots. I don't know how else to describe it) 

I think our moustaches look excellent... a bit droopy but i bet you never saw a finer pair! hehe (Actually i would hate to have a moustache/beard. It'd turn into this disgusting treasure trove of food.........)

Which Roald Dahl book had the drawings of a man with a beard with food in it.....?? 

HAHAHA I have about 100 photos of us camwhoring and there's another pic of us showing off our double/triple/quadruple/could it get any worse???- chins but it was so unattractive that the camera couldn't handle it and decided to blur our faces for the sake of the world. 

I actually can't remember what we ate... wait...  



I don't remember getting my hands dirty so that cancels crab/lobster & noodles off the menu. I think we ate pork, black and white fungus, vegetables, fish, wasabi prawns, meat, rice...tofu? Man, i have bad memory. 

 But it was really yummy until we got to the food platter. Mushy watermelon.... soft cantelope.... ewww. At least they didn't give us red bean dessert soup i really dislike that stuff.. 

What a poser... I think half of the photos are pictures of herself LOL

 I really like "Liquor Store Blues" - Bruno Mars at the moment and am suddenly into "Cool" by Gwen Stefani again. Sounds so old school and.... simple compared to a lot of the heavily auto tuned stuff now. 

I also learned about diarrhoea in neonatal ruminants this week in Animal Health and the lecturer brought in a jar of tapeworms, ringworms etc and held each one of them up in class... and then he pretended to almost eat one (the fettucini lookalike tapeworm) to scare us omgggg LOL 

in the fully bling bling reception

We were actually going to eat at Gum Fook in shoppo (you must try their humungous fried wontons... YUMMY so crispy and the sauce is excellent) but then my parents saw the ad for Shanghai Dynasty in the chinese newspaper (it just opened) and decided to give it a shot. And it was a good choice too :)

 And... the presents. I actually don't have any pictures of them yet but i can tell you i got a lot of red pocket money and awesome gifts :) So thankyou to everyone who made my day wonderful and i am looking forward to one of my presents in about two weeks time ...(thankyou for the Bruno Mars tickets Farn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

P.S - sorry for the bad quality and yellow pics... didn't think of changing camera mode/lighting or whatever 

Monday, March 28, 2011

puffed up

What can i say. I really dislike my new haircut. 

10cm shorter so all the split ends are gone and now sits above my chest. Side fringe is too short for my liking but it will grow out soon. 

And i look like a little kid. 

It's not a massive change and it's not THAT bad but seriously, i want my long hair back. Even if it was a tangled mess at the bottom and i had too much hair in my face but at least i had MORE HAIR. 

It's okay. It's just hair. Give it a few weeks. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011


"We often want second chances. Sometimes we don't deserve them. The feeling of regret and wishing for another chance is common when a couple separates. Whoever is at fault usually searches for sympathy as they have realized in hindsight their mistakes."

- WongFu Productions 2011

As a first year uni student, I thought that everyone and everything would last for some time. But now as a second year student, I can see that people are already preparing to go. I guess they weren't planning on staying for long anyway. 

So wherever you go, I hope it's the right place. But i really hope things stay the same between us - between all of us.

P.S - Happy birthday Baba! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

goldfish noodle

So.. I've decided that i really like my Food for a Healthy Planet tutor and because of that i feel bad for coming up to 20minutes late to every class so far. It's a 9am tute by the way. And i really did try to come on time today (i took the wrong tram last week and ended up in nowhere/had to walk back) but... my tram collided with a truck on Elizabeth Street. Stupid truck. Luckily everyone was okay but then i had to walk all the way up to Berkeley Street instead.... 

I also have NO IDEA what is going on in human physiology ever since we changed lecturers (the PRS interactive questions don't count because i only get them right by using past knowledge... not what i understood in the actual lecture) but everything in biochem is going well so far. And animal health is a nice break from everything :)

Other than that..... I am still hunting for affordable sweaters, oxfords, flats and dresses. I think it's time we go opshopping.

P.S - check out Rampage at the bus stops outside QV - you'll find some really great bargains there for both girl and guy clothing and don't go to the Fox store on the other side of QV because the Rampage stock there is not (as) discounted. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

honey honey

Do you remember this song? :) 

Elephants eat cucumbers. I would like a new dress and a sweater. Preferably on sale or even in an opshop i don't mind! And you got me wanting youuuuuu! I think i will try the lobster salad and cream cheese sushi combo one day. Looking to volunteer in Cambodia/South Africa and help out the kids, wildlife and the elephants for two weeks. I really, really want to go (be chosen)!!!!!! And I also sat on a damp seat on the bus today...................great. Came home and showered immediately. My poor bum =(

Baby, goodnight. There are so many animal welfare problems............ more than i actually thought. 

Monday, March 21, 2011


can't sleep can't stop thinking about stuff i feel like i take in information slower and that i'm more stubborn than before why is this also sometimes my grammar gets so bad that i sometimes can't recall what is correct i need to find out what i really want to do in life because i tell people i want to do this major which will lead on to this particular career but really i have no idea i'm just saying it because i DO like the idea of it but my heart isn't really in it yet what am i going to doooooooooooooooo

so apart from suddenly feeling/acting more stubborn towards people i also feel less social and willing to participate in things which is stupid but sometimes i just don't want to participate because i just don't. end of story. what the hell

i think i need a change. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

an afternoon of dreaming

I have 30 eggs in the fridge (I think i know what we're eating for dinner tonight....or not. Mum just suggested eating out. okay!) and 6 are outside on the bench because there's no more room in the tray. 

Anyway, just got back from work and driving on such a nice day is so soothing. Since i didn't have any tissues to blow my nose with my nose clogged up during teaching and i suddenly got a british accent. LOL okay.... 

And guess what! I won Dotti's High Tea Competition so i get to take three friends with me (already picked and confirmed - sorry) and will be having afternoon tea somewhere nice soon so i better email them back and confirm what day and time this yummy food occasion will be on....... hehe :D

Friday, March 18, 2011


My phone hates me. Yesterday it wouldn't let me press the 'disconnect' button to go back to main menu straight away and instead made me press 'back' a million times. And today it just shut down on me in the middle of texting someone. I really think it's because i have 3000+ text messages in my inbox and another 3000 in my outbox. I should really delete some..... 

Also, my nose has been peeling after blowing my nose every ten minutes for three days and I found a navy dress with gold buttons on sale at Dotti. But it's still pretty expensive so i'll wait for it to reduce in price again.... And i had a test today. 

Otherwise, my life is pretty boring.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


:( oh nooo click on it for the gif to work

tehehehhehe :D

Having this crazy shopping impulse atm.... trying to find some nice short sleeved dresses for winter now..... spaghetti straps are too cold now. 

I'm falling behind in biochem... got some serious study to do tonight otherwise i'll be even more wtf in the tute tomorrow... since i can't even rely on the tute to help me - it's that hopeless but maybe it'll get better this week :)

Hmm... so what did i learn today? I learned that bone density increases with greater calcium intake (obviously) but you also need to exercise otherwise nothing will happen. And i learned that sufficient Vitamin D helps urinary Ca absorption in the kidney and increases bone mineralisation too. 

So i guess calcium and vitamin D work together and that's what forced me to go for a run/fast walk this evening. 

And i'm out with sniffles and congee. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


gah so tired i think i smell noodles but my nose is too blocked to tell.... I think i'm imagining udon or ramen because i was just looking up japanese eating places in the city nuuuuuuuu

 So i'm sick with a runny nose and the occasional blood from a blood vessel that burst and i found lots of tissue packets for only $2 at the Reject Shop today yay! Finished uni at 11:30am today and then went home at 6pm after spending the day with Farn. We bought crepes from that French creperie near brownless and he told the guy "Julian" but he wrote it as "Julia" so i guess we are Julian and Julia now eh?

...... no thanks, i don't want to be called Julia. 

What i learned in animal health yesterday... that Taurine is an essential amino acid that cats need and is only found in meat so therefore they must at least be carnivorous... whereas dogs don't have any essential amino acids that can only be taken up in their diet but since they have a more complex digestive system than cats they are considered more as omnivores (not true carnivores) since they also eat vegetables. But i guess you could try and feed cats vegetables with the occasional meat but their digestive tract may be too simple to digest the plant material in vegetables...... Therefore the more herbivorous an animal the more complicated their digestive tract is because they need more space and time to digest the plant fibre. 

Long post - sorry. With bad grammar too. And i drove to uni on Labour day. 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

happy day of birth

Helloooooooooooo I am in rowden white library at the moment waiting for lunch and Jacky got kicked off his computer teheheh so he's somewhere in the corner now.

Anyway, it's my birthday today and it's been really good so far apart from missing my bus.....again.... BUT IT'S OKAY! Because the next bus came super early yay!

I had a day off last Thursday so hopefully there are people to spend my birthday with at lunch today :) I will post pictures of presents.... week.... never...okayokay

 Have a good day everyoneeee (oh and my biochem tute sucked. majorly.)

Saturday, March 05, 2011

thought lanterns

I have smarties stuck in my molars. 

My sister bought me (and herself) suede wedges for my birthday. Except we are sharing them since she already wore them to the Twilight Picnic last night rofl.  

Could we ever go back after knowing what we have now? 

There are giraffes on my bed. With "My Little Pony" bedsheets. I think i'll pick Lion King 2 next. 

Time to pee again. 2L+ water does that to you. 

It is my birthday soon.  

 It feels like i currently have a lot of money at hand because i just got paid and have stopped buying lunch from uni and surrendering to impulse buying. Oh, but all my savings will disappear on hopefully cheap secondhand books soon. 

Pretty & ugly. Pretty or ugly. Ugly but pretty.

Your choice.  

Friday, March 04, 2011

awkward times

Pinga and I were just discussing awkward situations involving people. I think I suffer from the "We both know (of) each other through mutual friends but we won't acknowledge each other because we weren't introduced" predicament the most. I see so many people like said that I should just stop anymore awkwardness by introducing myself. 

That is, if we are in an unavoidable situation with just the two of us there.... or just so happened to be next to each other in a large group.... 

 Actually, there was one time last year where i was sitting by myself at the end of a row in a lecture because i came late. And then a guy comes to my end and goes "YO!" 

Me: errrrrrr............... (pretends to know him) OH HELLO!
Guy: ......I wasn't talking to you. *nods at the people on my left and starts talking to his friends*
Me: (must avoid gaze for rest of lecture)


What about you guys? Any awkward turtles/pandas/rhinos/octopuses/bunnys cuddling up to you lately? Cuddling up so close that it's now too awkward for even those skilled in handling embarrassment? The word "awkward" is now looking so "awkward" that it's just not "awkward" anymore. 

I think I should go to sleep now. 

Thursday, March 03, 2011


I need a life outside of you.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Guess what! I have an unexpected day off from uni tomorrow yayyyyy because my two tutes don't start until next week :)


Anyway, i was looking through blogs and came across pictures of the new Dotti range that is to be released in March! To see more of it click here. I'm really into sweaters at the moment.... actually half my wardrobe is too big for me. Like the other day i found size 14 skinny jeans that i bought in year... 9 yeah okay what the hell was i thinking. 


Today... i found out my 2 hour breadth lecture is actually for one hour only. So i spent the second hour getting free pizza and sausage sizzles with the first years in my class. I feel old but not... and the beer was terrible. 


Bye :) 

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


LOL what the hell Senor Chang.... hehe

Second year uni has started! I'm freezing and my subjects are beginning to look rather hardcore... like in today's vet science workshop we spent the first hour going over forum questions. But unlike a normal discussion the lecturer decided to open up a list of our names in Excel and then use it to randomly pick someone's name to answer the next question. Not the most...comfortable experience... especially when the questions were on the lecture you missed the previous day because your timetable said 3pm when it actually started at 2pm. 

But it's okay, i didn't get picked (...yet) and actually understood a lot more after the intense discussion.

I also managed to fit some city exploring in this afternoon... i will tell you guys about it later when i bring a camera next time :) 

And now it's time to wash my hair.... oh and do any of you use a night time moisteriser as opposed to a day time one?

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