Wednesday, September 29, 2010

picture heaven

Thanks Chris :)

Wow my photography looks so amateurish compared to Chris's LOL 

So i finally gave in and decided to upload a few of my own photos from AA ball :) 

...Except i'll only upload the ones i like most/find funny xD hehehe 

why are these pictures are uploading so slowwwwwwww :( 


I wonder what each person is thinking in this picture.. and Swango is photo ready as always.... rofl 

sooooooo many random picturessssss

Fiona :) little sister tehehehehehe 

I'm bored and trying to avoid studying. I made an interesting poo today. I also need to tighten my pj pants because when i got to the top of the stairs they fell off. LOL oops 

LOL awww jackypoo hehe so cute. pufferfish face rofllll

Are these enough AA pictures for you? No? Well i guess you didn't get your dose of facebook stalking then.... rofl 

I have found more fashion blogs to read now... because sometimes you guys don't update much so i have to compensate this by reading other blogs that regularly update :( ... :) ? LOL wth 

Thanks Chris :)
Okay... enough AA.. and onto.. COOKING :D

Laura made Coconut Rice Pudding with Palm Sugar

And then we made a Lemon and Strawberry Yoghurt Cake for Veronica :) 

And.. today we made many Interesting & Generous Pizza(s) :D 

Hah.. and who could forget Chocolate & Banana Pizza (with mint leaves) for dessert? ;) 


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 HAHA.. so today was quite funny i thought. Spent some time with just Laura at shoppo 

Bought this top at Bardot :) Yay $20 sale!

It's really weird.. the tag is at the front of the top and it confused me for a bit... because doesn't the side with the tag indicate the back of the top? So i tried it on back to front anyway.. and rofl... i think im feeling amused at every little thing today.... ahha  

But our main reason for coming was to get our eyebrows done! HAHAHAA..  $16.95 at Essential Beauty. 

rofl.. what do you think ahahhaah it only took 5 minutes.. and the wax was this hot black goo rofl.. 

So now you don't have to ask if i did something to my face over the holidays haha. 

Monday, September 27, 2010

AA Ball

Crown Palladium 

That was a really good night. Despite not bumping into everyone i wanted to see, it was a lot of fun. I really liked the food too :D

Can't be bothered uploading anymore pictures... I really like it when the lighting is in sync with the DJ music... like during the afterparty when everyone shouted EYYOOO or something each time in the song (Dynamite - Taio Cruz thanks glor) and suddenly the whole room would be blinded by white light. It would have made an incredible photograph. 

I napped for 1 hour in the couch and then for 1.5 hours in the comfy bed in the apartment rofl. That bathroom is so not private... i swear you can still see through the bathroom and toilet screens.

And then we checked out at 12pm today... and went to Passionflower for free icecream. Pandan icecream! <3 

My feet have 90% recovered :)  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

this is no festival

< sulking>

I have no moon cake to eat. 


I am sad because my mum thinks moon cake is too expensive, sweet and fattening to buy. It also doesn't help that we finished the box a family friend gave us two weeks ago and my dad isn't around to persuade either. 

I want moon cake. And i am going to learn how to make moon cake. And this just reminds me of a canto movie... where the youngest son of an extremely poor family ordered half a year's (or was it a year's?) worth of moon cake and got punished because they couldn't afford it.  

Apart from moon cake.... i know nothing about Mid Autumn festival. rofl. 


  < /sulking >

Monday, September 20, 2010

holidays & dress

Today has been a good day... apart from my water bottle leaking in my bag. It was like... mass chromatography on everything but without the pretty colours. Thank god Australia's money is made out of plastic. 

And i blow dried my monthly metcard (expires 8 october ==') in the bathroom and tried getting in through box hill station but it wouldn't work. Do you think i can still ask for a new metcard or not? Either way, i reluctantly started using my myki today and only spent $1 traveling because the myki machine on the bus home didn't work. Hm. 

 So i finally got my AA dress! I need to sew the hem up a bit though... 

Hmm.. i didn't know Eastland had Equip! I rarely visit Ringwood... 

Is the bottom middle pair one birds...?   

I got this dress from $70 to $15 woohoo! If you like Dotti... go check it out NOW. I also overheard that if you text dotti or something you get 20% off full priced items. 

Yes... this dress has pink cats on it.  

Time to start nerding again...  

And then... i came home and my sister and i made Fried Rice based on Kylie Kwong's recipe. We decided that next time we will add more sugar and less oil.  



Sunday, September 19, 2010

on hold


I think I've found a dress for AA ball.

Maxi dress from Tokito, Myer. Navy blue & white. Affordable.

Now to hunt down the right size.  

Saturday, September 18, 2010

mid sem break

I've decided on what makes me happiest. Being someone else's happiness, being surrounded by friends and appreciating music. 

Apart from a sudden scare concerning my essay (i missed my bus and wouldn't have been able to submit my psychology essay in time without Jacky's help THANK YOU), yesterday was an excellent start to my 2 week mid sem break. 

Played pool, ate Hungry Jacks for dinner and then went to a friend's 18th in Wah Wah Lounge. Good night. And i really like the warm feeling shots give you in your stomach.

 thanks for the pic henry :) 

I think i should stop smiling every now and then. My jaw/mouth muscles start to ache after a while. rofl

N.B - i've tagged some of my food posts under cooking for easier access... will improve/add more to this section later.  

Thursday, September 16, 2010



So I thought today would be an okay day... I learned cool stuff in bio tute... set up my awesome essay plan (up to 700 words now ... 1300 to go oh my god) and then....

Just as i was about to start my essay i realised that i wasn't wearing the necklace Farn gave me... because it was in my lap in the car this morning... and i must have dropped it somewhere in park and ride. So i bussed back to Park and Ride and didn't find it. I became so upset that i accidentally took a bus heading to the city instead of home but quickly got off before freeway and walked for 20min to another bus stop. Didn't find it in mum's car either. 

This is so shit i just want to hit the lady who just kept smiling politely at me on the bus when i mouthed FUCK because my backpack strap got stuck in between the seats and made me miss my bus stop by three stops and i am just going to pretend this was all her fault. 

Why did it have to be THIS necklace??????????? GOD. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

white chocolate & hazelnut icecream

Latest trend: In the past 1-2 weeks, at least one person i know has gotten their Ps each day. WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEEEE :D

Spongecake & Lemon Curd 

I just helped with the lemon curd and came back home to spongecake made by laura yayyy.

Passionflower icecream. Expensive. Was the music ripped... I like the icecream flavour in the title. But there's this one flavour with the most incredible blue colour... i think i creeped out the couple next to us by leaning over to stare at their icecream. (Gabriel, which one is that??? I MUST TRY IT. blueberry?)

I should really start my Psych essay soon........  now? 


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

cassette player

If you haven't watched/heard the song "Just the Way You Are" - Bruno Mars, then you're missing out.

Two pracs in a day isn't too bad i suppose - probably because i got 8/10 for a prac i thought i failed (i didn't finish) and i'm hoping for even better marks after today. Four bio pracs done and three more to go for chem.


We cut a termite's head off today and squished the gut contents out to observe the flagellates inside... These protists have enzymes that break down the cellulose in the wood termites eat... so if you took away the flagellates the termite would starve to death. Cool huh? 

I don't know if you read my blog Lola, but something you said at lunch today really made my day :) 

Monday, September 13, 2010

a 5kg nutella jar

courtesy of Grab Your Fork

Two pracs tomorrow ohmygod. I already hate this week and it's only Monday. 

I stayed up till 4am and woke up at 9am again to finish my essay today.  I should start my essays earlier.... starting with the next one due this Friday ==' 

On some days i feel okay and others beautiful. Today i just felt not worth looking at. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

black fungus

Today.. I had a healthy breakfast for once (yoghurt and two pieces of toast with avocado) to make up for all the hot chips this week. I also drove to Forest Hill shopping centre (I used to only go there for the congee but then the restaurant's kitchen burnt down) and just... drove around like the cool person i am.


Are you wondering why i uploaded pictures of clothes, the toilet/bin and myself? 

Well.. today i looked through one section of my mum's wardrobe and found some clothes she wore when she was young! Most of them fit perfectly but a few like that black shirt and blazer are too big. I still have to ask if i can keep her clothes. 

These are the Chocolate Fudge with Hazelnut that Laura and i made and i'm sorry for the really bad lighting... But they taste soooooo good rofl oh dear.  

I think i will start on some homework now....

N.B - Despicable Me is a very enjoyable movie :) Watch it! Sorry you didn't get to watch it vkoo... =( 


Thursday, September 09, 2010



Happy 16 months bubby :) Ily 

Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Father's Day :D

How did you celebrate your Father's Day this year? 

Laura and i actually made an effort this year.. by buying a present, baking scones and a cake for him and going out for dinner. 

I never really talk to my dad (i am a lot closer to my mum), so I guess it was a time to say thank you for all the little things like picking me up late at night.

I think he likes his new wallet.. yay :D Luckily Laura found time to go buy a present. 

My eyes hurt... I invented a new activity for the kids to do during swimming class. We already have the "Shark" and "Stringray" so i made up the "Crab Walk" :D 

Reminds me of Krabby... kikukikukiku

...some new yoghurt that goes fabulously well with Soymilk Scones. Not bad. I like my yoghurt thick... i hate the whey even though they say it's good for you. 

So... Laura and I decided to make Dad his favourite cake - Blackforest Cake

These are the Morello Cherries that give the cake its distinctive taste and were also reduced down with corn flour (for thickening) to give a dark red syrup. 


This cake had a lot of small processes in it (took around 2 days) but is not too difficult once you think about it. 

I had a whole slice for myself at uni today because no one else wanted some. tehehehee  

We went to Yamagata Teppanyaki for dinner last night. Haven't been there in years. Good stuff. 

Chem and bio time. bb  


Friday, September 03, 2010

celebratory post

Hello again :D To celebrate finding my camera again after two weeks, I decided it was time to finally update. Okay, the real reason why i had a short lapse was because... i made a short video but Blogger and Youtube refused to upload it.. but i'll try again later? :D

My dad likes to keep his "expired" coffee beans in a jar, so i thought scattering some on the bench might make a nice picture.

 The camera i use is very ordinary... Lumix DMC-FX580 in black... and i am very irresponsible with it. I always thought having a polaroid would be nice.. but expensive.

Biology is getting really interesting lately... We learned about The Age of Slime and how the carrageenan in algae acts as a thickening agent in not only your toothpaste, but also in Big M (it stops the chocolate settling at the bottom of the carton)!  

And today we found out that the Malaria parasite has a plant gene...and is therefore a plant. This means you can kill it by targeting its plastid with a suitable herbicide that must also be very affordable (~$1). 

Yay, i also bought Nigella Lawson's "Nigella Express" cookbook the other day for only $12.95. Oh my god... since its RRP is between $44.95-79.95. This was from Melbourne Uni's Bookshop sale.

Today was actually my first time wearing tights with shorts. I find they fit better with thinner stockings.

I call this pair my Elephant Stockings... because they go wrinkly around the knee and ankle areas rofl..

I went to the Lindt Cafe in Chadstone yesterday with Farn :) We ordered two macarons (Champagne and Milk Chocolate) and a Hot Fudge Chocolate Sundae. Hehe

Moon Cake :D 

Something unfortunate happened today. I was walking the dogs when Cino wanted to poo.. 

But when i reached into the plastic bag to pick it up... I suddenly realised what my hand was touching... 

The stupid plastic bag had a gigantic hole in it ==' ARGHHHHHHH LOL 

I'm not sure what these are but they were growing in my pot plant. 

Okay, i think this is enough blogging for today. And please tell me how i could improve my photography too.. or what i should take pictures of. 

Have a nice weekend :)

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