Saturday, May 28, 2011

to sleep, perchance to dream

...but to die instead.

What i want to know is, how closely are our body mechanisms tied to our dreams? 

I was becoming increasingly upset about something in my dream (I, the villain, was being wrongly accused of something and began to hyperventilate as i tried to prove my innocence to the other creatures) and I suddenly awoke with serious palpitations. This was ensued by a lasting tightness in the chest. 

I'm pretty sure my heart is healthy but i thought back to what I learned about palpitations in Human Physiology yesterday anyway. Either way, I'm wondering if it was because i had just begun to "wake/become conscious of reality" and therefore everything became so much more real. 

Oh, and i just read that in one stage of your sleep "you are paralyzed from the neck down, your eye movements are jerky and rapid, your heart rate fluctuates, your breadth rate changes. Sometimes when you wake up from an especially intense REM episode you may be panting, your heart's pounding and you're sweating. " ( You're paralyzed so you don't act out everything in your dreams. 

Enough for today. Something else happened today that scared me but I think i'll go eat instead.... 

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey guys, so it's finally the end of semester one and i am so over studying........ Exams are in one week though :( 

What else have i been doing? Well.. I bought ten books in the past week from The Book Depository (5) and Melbourne Uni Book Sale (other 5). So the average price i paid per book was around $6-$12 and i can't wait to show them to you guys later :)

By the way, they're having an extra 10% off sale now (ends 31st May) and who could resist that??? Not me hehehehe sigh going broke from reading books.... 

Seeing "Next to Normal" tomorrow night :) SO EXCITEDDDDD 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

dream manipulation

Watch this if i haven't already shown you. It is so inspiring - i want a musical house too!!!

Today i decided halfway through my nap that i didn't like the dream i was having so i made myself dream up a better version. And it worked... to an extent.

So the dream began with me boarding a train from The White City ( looked white so i named it that in my dream) to... Box Hill. Except this Box Hill wasn't the Asian filled one we know - instead imagine a gothic and grungy Westminster Abbey. Yes, i had suddenly turned this suburb into some menacing and dark cathedral....

After running away from class and my scary, Trunchbull-like teacher (i think this reflects how much uni i skipped this week...), Farn called me to have lunch with him and his soccer (?) friends. So i jumped off the train and found them in some Chinese restaurant. Then i excused myself to go to the bathroom but ended up getting lost for 1.5 hours....... After totally missing the shortcut to the toilet, I managed to gatecrash one wedding on each of the three levels of the abbey and finally find myself in the Slytherin girls' bathroom. 

This was when i decided to create a new version of my dream because who takes 1.5 hours to find the bathroom anyway??????

So this time I decided jumping off a plane would be cooler and found the shortcut to the bathroom. But when i finally got back to Farn and his friends, they had all KO-ed in a hotel room... LOL WTH. 

But yeah... I don't think i had planned on getting them all drunk the second time round..... rofl oops xD

Blogging challenge: Day Four

"Seven things that cross your mind a lot" 

1. Farn :)

2. I'm hungry. 

3. First impressions of people (eg - This person looks nice/mean, I wonder what that person is thinking, wow s/he is good looking, what on earth is s/he wearing????)

4. Earlier in the day: I AM GOING TO HARDCORE STUDY. 
Later that night: omg i've done no study at all. 

5. *waking up* Just 5 more min.......and another 5min....... another 5min won't hurt..... oh my god i'm late. =='

6. Stupid fringe/hair, why won't you stay put? 

7. I should stop shopping/window shopping and start exercising more. GAH

Thursday, May 19, 2011

paint the walls

I would love to paint my house like this one day......

Anyway, I have skipped uni twice this week.. oh dear. I also don't know why i ended up having to learn 15 lectures in two days for the 2nd midsemester test tomorrow.... But i only have three lectures to go :DDDD

Oooh, indie music just came on shuffle. I also eat way too much at home. I feel so enlightened about the kidney and severe dehydration now too. wow. But seriously hating the cardiovascular system too. 

Something exciting also happened today too :) hehe 

P.S - I also bought tickets to see the show "Next to Normal" with Farn next Saturday... can't wait :DDD It's advertised all over Melbourne Uni... It's a sign !!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

weird things

Something i heard during my human physiology prac: "...her cubicle had run out of toilet paper and she was too dignified to ask the girl next door for some so she used a $50 note to wipe her ass...."


Also, the stomach doesn't absorb food. But it can absorb a few lipid soluble substances like alcohol and aspirin which is why you should drink on a full stomach to delay the effects of alcohol. And eat a fatty meal while you're at it too - fats take longer to digest than carbohydrates and proteins. But if you overwhelm the small intestine with too much chyme at one time you're going to get diarrhoea. 

Must...revise three more lectures tonight..... 

Monday, May 16, 2011

indian summer

This song makes me so sad. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

new experience

No proper pictures today but i can safely say that I've had a rather enjoyable (but not so studious) weekend. 

I didn't have work yesterday so i went to help out mum for longer. Also bought two pairs of jeans from Just Jeans (yes. it's true. i haven't worn jeans since year 12 - got replaced by skirts, leggings & trackies - but i will be wearing these jeans. it's getting cold anyway) and did no study. Oh, and if you want updates on mid season sales or a particular item like jackets, ask me. I've speculated and window shopped enough to know. How sad.... 

Today i woke up and went on a double date to the footy (Hawthorn vs St Kilda) with Farn, Emily and Vincent. I have to say, it was a lot better than i expected because i was brought up to begrudge this kind of sport... in fact after mum calmed down, she told me to tell dad i was going to a birthday party in the city instead otherwise he would have a fit lol. 

But yeah, it was freezing but still good (especially since Hawthorn won) and i got to keep one of Farn's many Hawthorn scarves and am looking forward to a pom pom next time :) LOL 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

almost an outfit post

Edit: Blogger is working again :D

jumpers (all on sale now) - Dotti, necklace - Forever21

Today, i had an Enoki Mushroom & Tomato Omelette Sandwich for breakfast :) I guess mum ran out of rice and decided to put it in toast instead. 

Anyway, I bought this jumper today and the necklace is just to show one way I would wear it. (Also considering the blue bowtie necklace Fiona gave me for my bday)

I think i will go look for more of these necklaces now... do they have a special name? 

Gah i woke up late for uni again... and also slipped on the wet pavement outside The Spot on the way to class. 

So now i have scabs and bruises all over my leg :(

(Yes.... My half hearted attempt to do an outfit post. The sleeves are slightly ruched but you can't tell here.. and sorry about the pjs hehe)

But then i hobbled to class and found out i got full marks on my second breadth essay too :)

YAY so all was good despite my stupid kneecap. 

I also can't believe i wagged this week's breadth lectures to finish my other essay... I WAS WAITING TO LEARN ABOUT COCOA AND CHOCOLATE AND I MISSED IT UN/INTENTIONALLY. 

nooooooooooooo meh i'll just lectopia it HAHA

My feet got wet today too :( stupid boots have holes in them....

HAHA so i'm eating crackers atm but sometimes I get scared of wearing down my molars... 

So now i'm eating them with my incisors and there was another one starting with p- (steve, update me on dental terminology please) 

I feel like a guinea pig... LOL

And there was a third jumper but i ceebs putting it up... wait, karma is going to backfire on me by making that jumper super itchy or whatever if i don't upload it... Jumpers have feelings too? not sure. 

Time to study biochem/human physiology and continue freezing my ass off. GAH 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Nothing like finishing a 2000 word essay and just chillin' afterwards. I think i'll go get some bak kut teh now. 

Yesterday my feet were so cold they went numb and i couldn't tell if they were wet or not... but they were still dry yay! I really like mandarins. 

Time to start hw? Maybe a hot shower first :) 

Sunday, May 08, 2011

tell me,

How social/antisocial is your family?

In the beginning (late 1990s), the four of us would go out for dinner and mum would let my sister and I bring books to read while waiting for the food. Not sure if it helped my English in the end, but the point is that ten years on with iPhones, iPads and phones that can surf the internet.... my family has gotten even more antisocial and I don't approve. 

Maybe we just weren't as social to begin with but it's usually dad on his iPhone, sister facebooking on her phone and mum sometimes reading the paper. Mum then tells me to read the paper but instead i continue to annoy my sister or just sit there wondering if the people around us are thinking the same thing - "omg this family is so antisocial". 

There's nothing wrong with my family but we could definitely communicate more at times. So when i grow up, I am definitely not allowing anyone in my family constantly surf some gadget when we could be talking instead. 

What about you? 

N.B - I would like to add that it is only at dinner time that this issue occurs. Otherwise, we all interact pretty well with each other - with some more than others though. 

Friday, May 06, 2011

Blogging challenge: Day Three

"Eight ways to win your heart"

Okay, I admit that I have been putting this one off because I don't know how to answer it. So i'll just answer with the mindset of how to continue "winning my heart" and other attributes i find important.

1. We must be good - if not very good - friends in the first place. I won't go out with someone I don't find comfortable talking about nearly anything and everything with. 

2. I don't mind how many other girls you hang out with or talk to (because I'm the same with the opposite sex) but only if you continue to show more interest in me than them. No one likes getting jealous for no reason because the other person got cagey or assumed the other person still knows how they feel about them.  

3. I like people who smile and laugh a lot :) Especially when we both see the funny side in the silliest and most random things.... LOL 

4. Good personality (that matches mine?) heheheeeee ... like, I think being patient is a really good and forgiving virtue. 

5. Knowing that you care. I take everything to heart so i really do appreciate even the little things you might not consider so important. 

6. I think that hugging and holding hands are nice :) 

7. Respect. I hate it when people don't respect/appreciate others and start accusing them for no reason. It makes me so angry and i'm rarely angry! 

8. I guess understanding and listening to each other is important to me too. I'm not sure why i picked this one but it does make things a lot easier and more enjoyable...? Hmm


Wednesday, May 04, 2011

raining umbrellas

Hello :)

I'm trying to avoid studying glomerular filtration and animal toxicity and malnutrition so... i'm blogging instead? But since i haven't come up with anything to answer Day Three of the blogging challenge, you'll have to feast your eyes on something more visually pleasing instead xD

Anyway, I invited Farn over to cook dinner with me during Easter and we made Spaghetti Bolognaise and a Cinnamon Apple Pie :)

I don't think i'll the post the recipes tonight but i did a mash up between Jamie Oliver's and's Apple Pie recipes..... 

HAHA this pic makes me laugh because i'm not sure if i told him to kiss the pie or not but he did.... oh well rofl

This was the second time i made apple pie (using a slightly different method for the filling) but i think i prefer the first method because the filling was a lot juicier last time but that's also because a lot of the juice trickled out this time... LOL

Still tasted nice though :) Good with icecream/cream/custard and WHEN HOT.

Is it just my computer or... do these pictures seem really pixelated =\

Anyway, the spaghetti bolognaise took like 15 minutes max to cook and it was yummy but i didn't cook enough pasta.... Also wished i had mushrooms, brocolli etc because by the end of the holidays i had run out of food....

Ooh... i also had my first churro yesterday! Except it was not that exciting........ i thought it would be extraordinarily fluffy on the inside instead of fried and crunchy all the way through. I ate something even more exciting today though - a fish fillet sushi! yum :)


Monday, May 02, 2011

Blogging challenge: Day Two

"Nine things about yourself"

1. My favourite TV shows are The Circle, Masterchef, Top Gear, Big Bang Theory, Iron Chef, Zumbo etc..... and i really hate that Talking about your Generation Show. 

2. I like the smell of food, petrol, stairwells and perfumes like YSL Parisienne and Miss Dior Cherie.

  3. I collect mugs.

4. As many of you already know, I buy books to read and then add to my growing library. The next two books i am going to buy from bookdepository are "Never Let Me Go" - Kazuo Ishiguro and "Fight Club" - Chuck Palahniuk. I let people borrow books on the condition that they treat them well and use some kind of bookmark :) 
5. I like making friends. 

6. I don't believe in make up. I am more interested in obtaining the most natural look by eating, drinking and exercising well and using the most suitable skin care products for me.  

7. I still don't know what career to pursue.

8. I am a very indecisive shopper. I also speculate too much. 

9. I love Melbourne Uni :) 

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Blogging challenge: Day One

"Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now"

- I don't know why but you annoy me so i will minimize as much contact with you for now. 
- You make me so so so happy :)
- To all the couples doing the same subjects in the same course in the same uni as me, i feel intimidated by your couply presence and do not wish to sit next to you unless we are already friends. 
- Some days i hate you but most of the time i am glad you exist in my life.
- I can't wait till you get back home. 
- Why are you so pretty? (to various individuals)
- What are you thinking about?
- Please sing at my wedding. 
- I think i prefer my relationship over yours.....
- We should hang out (to various individuals)

That was hard. No prizes for guessing correctly :) 

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