Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Thanks Jen Quan for showing me this :)

So i finished uni at 11am today yay. Then i went to Monash Uni to see people today :) yays and ate these spicy hot chips haha .. then went chaddy and watched a movie.

I should really do hw now. I'm so tired sigh 

info overload

Too much bio to remember. My brain is on crack. 

It's a quarter after one, i'm a little drunk and i need you now
Said i wouldn't come but i lost all control and i need you now ~

Coming to Monash for a bit tomorrow :) 

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Need You Now

Seeing no one else post makes me less motivated to do the same. But i actually have something to say today. 

On Friday, we made fireflies' butts glow in bio prac :) We also examined an ant's butt and head under a microscope while waiting for our turn. 

I went driving twice today. So i am now on... nearly 52 hours :D Had to wake up at 8am for driving with instructor..who is also my mum's patient so yay discounts... and we just kept doing u turns and i was so tired that i didn't notice i was driving 40km/hr in a 60km/hr zone. Usually i have to force myself to brake from 70km/hr to 60km/hr. 

But it's okay. I went driving again in the afternoon but with dad and i was more alert too. We drove to Coburg to visit one of mum's clinics and then to Latrobe Uni in Bundoora. Then we did a lot of parking and i swear a car was stalking us for some time. But it's okay just went zooooooooom and i lost him :) I love Sunday traffic. 

I'm finally getting photosynthesis. Photorespiration...Rubisco...C4 plants... YOU CAN'T ESCAPE MY BRAIN NOW. 

From now on Photosystem 1 and 2 will now be referred to as PS1 and PS2 (play station 1&2) in my head thanks to James :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Bday Dad :)

Today was my dad's bday so we went to a chinese restaurant to celebrate. The food was really good and came in large servings but the service was a disappointment. They need more staff and chefs. But it's okay because this banquet had lots of yummy things in it like abalone, lobster, fried rice, soup etc :D

Belle, if you read this - then hbd for yesterday and i'm sorry i couldn't go to your party tonight @.@

Did you know that there's a Max Brenners opening in shoppo? It's next to Groove Train and Kam Fook above the food court.

 I just bought two books online from Borders. 25% off online offer :)

I can't explain the satisfaction that i get from buying books to read. I used to borrow books but they were always bad so now i take the time to browse and buy them instead.

When i grow up, i want to turn one room into a library. It will have glass windows and a high ceiling. Alternatively, i could put a bookcase in nearly every appropriate room.

Okay, i need to do homework now. I haven't done any for the past...... 12 hours. rofl

Friday, March 26, 2010

call me, call me

Today was a good day :)

Oh, and look at this bus route!!! 902 You can get to Doncaster Shoppingtown from Glenny in 40 min !!! Omg this is incredible. Now i don't have an excuse to not go to glenny.

GAH i forgot what else i was going to say today. Tom took me for a drive yesterday :) He got his Ps yay! We went to a park and blew bubbles and then drove to boxhill and back home. rofl

Hmmm... okay forgot what else i was going to say.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Credits to James. Again :) 

Edit x2:
Seriously James. You find the coolest vids ever!! 

I really cannot be bothered studying.

I'm coming to Monash Clayton next Tuesday (30th March) because i finish early. PLC people especially, make time to see me :D I'll even crash your lectures!! And eat lunch with you <3

I think i'll come around 12:30pm.  

Monday, March 22, 2010


So you may or may not have noticed that i had deleted the previous post shortly after writing it. I thought i had deleted it for good (it was emo) until people kept asking me why they could only see the title in their blog follower list. LOL damnit. 

The reason for my temporary emoness was because i felt like my world was getting smaller and more compact even though the universe was getting bigger... I'm speaking of uni in metaphorical terms btw. I just suddenly felt like i wouldn't be able to make any really good new friends at uni like at school until i realised that it's only been 3 weeks and blah blah. And i was sort of hating myself for not going on any camps (namely AA) because of all the new potential friendships etc i could've made. But this is just the beginning no?

Maybe i should start stalking people and force them to stay friends with me forever. Ha

Well maybe not like that. xD

(I have a lot to say today. So you can stop here if you want.) The girl next to me in my 2hour breadth lecture was really strange. She drew a blob person and labelled it with "SKIM MILK". And across the top of her page she had drawn smiley faces that screamed "Let my Cameron gooooooooo"... and there were lots of notes reminding her to "think happy thoughts" all over her page. Hmm.. And when i tried to talk to her she put her earphones in instead =(

We ate eggy noodles for lunch today =D And had these big, free pancakes for "recess" and i slept on Elaine's squishy bear pencil case on the squishier couches in the Biomed library... which seriously looks like a club/lounge. It sucked Geerthana right in rofl.

Are you guys bored of this post yet? HAHA (Well this is the best bit i reckon.) I love Chemistry and my lecturer even more now. He tells us which polycyclic hydrocarbons trigger cancer (like the scrotum cancer significantly seen in chimney sweepers at the time) and of two particular amines that smell like rotting corpses. They train police dogs by making them smell these compounds. And he also told us that excessive smelling of diethyl ether will render you unconscious moments after experiencing a moment of euphoria. Apparently he witnessed this as an undergrad during a chem prac. Heh xD 

Saturday, March 20, 2010


What the heck happened to the subbing? What does this even mean? HAHA It suddenly changed from chinese pin yin to exaggerated english (i seriously think the sentence was "i really really like you" and not "i really really love you" and now....


Whatever. I still love the drama "You're Beautiful". And it's korean btw.

Friday, March 19, 2010


 :) (Thanks James)

There was an advertisement in the toilet cubicle today. It said it would pay any girl over 18 to be a nude model for $250+/hr. I swear i nearly tore off the contact details at the bottom of the page (only 2 slips left) until i realised that i'm currently having "fat days" LOL. Gah but yeah. I wonder where they would publish those photos anyway.......... 

You know when you're looking at something but not actually taking the information in? So if Medusa suddenly walked infront of me but i was too busy thinking of something to "notice" but still "see" her, would i still be turned to stone? This seems like the stupidest question ever. I guess i'd eventually notice her anyway >_>

I bought a top from T-Bar at DFO today. It is a nice blue. I am so glad it is the weekend. 

There's something moving outside. I just sent my dogs out to find it. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I like watching "Shortland Street"

Edit: This morning, one of my dogs (Espresso) stole the chocolate rose that James gave me for my bday. Later, i found her with only the stem and an empty wrapper. LOOOOL guess i won't be eating it but wth??? nuuuuuu espresso don't die ==' Well she seems pretty content atm... licking my hand and all hmm =='

Can someone who's doing/knows someone doing Music as breadth in Melb Uni tell me what it's like? And which subjects would you recommend blah blah. I've looked at the handbook but you can't get into LMS unless you enroll subs....which sucks. 

And no, i'm not aiming for a Diploma in Music i would just like to consider this as a breadth next semester. My friend picked up guitar as his breadth and as cool as that is, i don't want to add " a guitar" on my next uni booklist. 

I don't have uni on thursday. But i spent today watching lots of tv, dramas and eating. Damnit. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

You're Not very Nice

The physics sub lecturer was a bitch today. Can't be bothered recapping again so i'll just paste my convo. 

vivigloo says:
*the sub today for physics
*he got pissier and more pmsy each time someone came late starting from like 30 sec late
*and kept yelling at each person who came in through front door instead of back rofl
*so each time someone else came in ppl were like oooh......
*and he even made this guy on crutches
*go away
*and told him to go back of building
*and climb back up to back door
*i guess he never came back
*and cooindicentally sheets of paper were going around to be fileld out for student rep about physics on what we think about it and it was like I LIKE (original lecturer's name) and etc. subtle dislike for this sub guy
and it's like duh why do you think the guy's late it's cos he's on crutches ==' 

Oh, and my new physics tutor...cos i changed timetable. He's super nice but he can't teach. He agrees with everything we say so i don't even know what's right... I seirously need to crash my old tutor's class/es.

I'm not very good with the explanations in physics. I just like the maths. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wonder how fast 1st year uni will go. And i'm wondering when i'll get bored of uni itself. 

I need my Ps. And physics pracs are so boring i felt like dying after the first hour. 

I cbs. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Second week of uni done. Ate dumplings yesterday :) And then had jap for dinner.

Slept for 12 hours. Woke up at 8am. I have a bad cough. Strepsils are yummy. 

I can't walk past SushiSushi on Swanston Street without dying a little inside. It's always packed and i swear the sushis are calling out to me.... If someone gave me an unlimited supply to sushi i would be the happiest person alive. 

I should just marry a sushi. Salmon and Avocado preferably!! Where are you good yummy lookinggggggg??

Going to Crown tonight :) Going to stuff myself with food and walk into casino just cos i cannnnnn. Cya

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yay :)

Happy 18th Bday to me :D 

I like the beginning. Download the soundtrack.
It's been a long day. And i really like the salmon sushi from Plush Fish in melb uni. Nice and fat. Chem prac took me 2 instead of 3 hours. I mucked up my first titration trial though oops. 
Newman projections!! Conformational isomerssssss =D

Phragoplast = cell plate. 
I am seriously craving sushi now... I wonder if i will crave sushi during pregnancy. AND THEN EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO GIVE ME SOME or the baby will die. Okay not really...
Anyway, this post isn't about my future child's birth. It's about me getting old and legal yay 
Happy bday to Ann, Jan and Osama Bin Laden as well :)  

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


And i was like, baby baby baby ohhh

I'm tired. I got my new timetable and it's okay. I end at 8pm on one day but have thursday off. so er........ meh. 

Birthday tomorrow :)

Went to see Alice in Wonderland today with peoplessss yay. I really like the soundtrack. and the cheshire cat is roly poly funny and i want the hedgehog!!!!

I changed breadth subjects btw. From chinese to a geog/eco sub. Because the people wouldn't let me move down fromt he post vce one like wth... but yeah it's cool now my new breadth has a 2hr exam of just mc (YES. NO ESSAYSSS) and some 10min presentation on any developing country (i chose cambodia cos guy next to me took phillippines - the one i wanted....hmph) and then some long essay later. meh 

It's just a lot of reading but the content is familiar thanks to HL geog :) sweet 

ok i need a nap. And then it's chemcal prelab time. 

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Testing, testing.

Hmm, i'm going to try this. Ask Froggy anything :D 

I had my 18th bday party yesterday. Laura hogged the camera with her friends and i still haven't gotten it back to show you peoplessss my side of the party. And sorry for the severe shortage in guys once again - but i really had to cut down on people no joke. 

Thanks for the lovely presents guys :) I will definitely use all of them - even the froggy shower kit HAHA. And i will sleep with the plush toys too! And i also like the more practical gifts like tshirts, wallet, bag, jewellery etc... Except some of you are trying to make me fat :O All this nice chocolate!!! HAHA I think i'll keep the chocolate rose as decoration though haha.

Oh, and some of you kept stroking/touching my back yesterday. Creepy much?! Except my knee is softer than my back... HAHA lol thinking back to year 12... (Looks at Fiona) rofl. But my point is is that only i can fondly touch my back !!!! hahaha 

So thanks again for coming guys :) And i hope you enjoyed the food and each other's company despite the weird and slow service. I mean...what kind of busy restaurant doesn't serve drinks in jugs..... And the other party table was like wtf... obviously they were wannabe cool asians because they kept mimicking everything we did. ha 

LOL at the massive hail today and then shoppo on fire... HAHA

I'm 18 soon YAY (next wednesday - so come to Melb Uni/find me just to say happy bday :D :D ) Because i have a 3 hour break from 10 to 1 and i need people to hang out with =(

I remember last year i epically failed (i think i got 14/30...or was it 40 oh god) for the chem test on my bday but then Symphony Orchestra brightened my day by playing happy bday for me HAHA :) And yes... since then i have managed to not fail a chem test rofl...

Friday, March 05, 2010

The First week is Over

It's not the workload nor the number of contact hours. It's not having to wake up for 8am lectures or finishing at 6pm+. And it's also not having to adjust to a slightly different learning pattern. 

I think most of us would agree that the hardest part of uni is making friends. There is no scheduled lunchtime for everybody. There are no guarantees that you'll be able to sit next to a familiar face in lectures ranging from 15 to 500 people. Suddenly, everyone has become a "floating friend" in my mind. Someone who you see rarely/occasionally and hope to hang out with for a period of time. 

I don't like to be alone. And during one lonely lunchtime i was tempted to solve/avoid this by studying in the library instead. 

But i think the solution is to be proactive. Make prior arrangements for lunch. Look for people. Crash lectures during long breaks if you have to. (Although i don't recommend Finance... too boring haha) Hang out with existing friends and become friends with their current/new ones. Talk to new people and hope to bump into them enough. And somehow still see people from other universities/campuses. 

I don't know. But i think it's slowly working. 

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Thank god for HL chem. I am totally loving chem lectures now. And you biomed people out there, i can do study groups with/get help from you too!! Because our chem lectures are exactly the same :) Started with hybridization as well. 

Except doing HL bio might have helped. There is no beginner biology class unlike for chem or physics. And our lecturer is so passionate about bio but he goes super fast that i'm relieved i at least did SL bio last year. 

But i'm really enjoying uni so far :) I had a 4 hour break in between lectures today because the 3hour pracs don't start till later... so after physics i sat in the chem library reading my chem textbook for one hour...yes sad... and then i found new people to hang out with for 2 hours.... 

I need lectures to crash. Anyone?  

And i bought two new dresses on sale yesterday. Gah. Well, i would rather be in the city with something to do than be in a uni with nothing else to do... xD 

Monday, March 01, 2010

First day of Uni

Not bad, not bad. I'm lazy so here's a summary in dot points. 

- I ate so much today. I had crunchy nut for breakfast, a chocolate mocha and peanut sandwich for recess (they should schedule recess into our timetables!!!), sushi for lunch, hungry jacks for afternoon tea and korean for dinner. Hmm. No wonder i need to always go to the toilet. 

- My timetable is still not fixed. But i did make another friend and we went to Lygon Street to eat sushi. And he also showed me where the 4gb usbs for $4 were woot

- I like my physics lecturer. Biology sounds boring this year and i'm looking forward to chem. 

- The post vce Chinese class was surprisingly okay considering i only did Chinese up to gr 6. My writing/reading is a lot better than my speaking/understanding though which is partly why i want to go down to the post elementary class anyway. I need to fill up every hole first. 

- The OHS induction at PLC was boring because it was a 30min lecture on common sense. Vi and i also saved a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest and put it back. 

- Hungry Jack's chocolate sundaes suck. Hungry Jacks just sucks in general except for its amazing whoppers. I want a Maccas sundae now. 

- Again, i shouldn't have worn shorts on such a cold day.

- Do i want to go on AA camp? Depends on who else is going.... 19-21st March 

I'm tired. Bye

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