Saturday, July 31, 2010

atoms of awesome

Mind Heist (Inception Trailer) - Zach Hemsey

This music makes me feel so powerful - like i can rule the world after listening to it. But when the trombones just started signaling in the climax, i was suddenly overcome by the urge to pee. Don't ask me why but i guess i was destined to (also) rule from the toilet.

Er............. anyway. I stayed till the end of the song, threw my earphones down and ran next door to pee. 

End of weird story. 

Oh, and don't forget to listen to the above with earphones.  

bad idea

Another reason why I don't stay home (the whole day) very often. Boredom and bumming can only lead to one thing and that is constant eating. I'm just so hungry all the time now i don't understand IT MUST BE THE COLD WEATHER. 

Today i ate two toasts, 11 strawberries, egg noodles, salmon sandwich, two croissants, milk, juice, ma po tofu rice, vegies, pork chop, more rice and juice. So far. 7 hours and still counting. 

I did nothing but study biology and listen to my breadth lecture on lectopia. I also drove (97 hours now hehe) and walked around in short shorts all day. Oh dear. But it WAS a nice day... 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy 500th Post

Too Late Warning: Sorry guys. please don't read this blog if you haven't watched Inception.


Brilliant soundtrack and I think he was still in limbo at the end. It's nicer to think the opposite because the spinning top started wobbling just before everything blacked out but ye... Because if you think about it.. they "lost" someone at every dream level. Van driver, Jap business dude, Elevator gravity dude and the Fischer guy too right? And he didn't even "escape" either... Oh and the wife is just...creepy. 

I have Winter Melon, Tofu and Pork Mince Soup :) 

Didn't really do much today... Still a bit sick but i don't have to blow my nose as much now yay. Oh, and i finally received my 7 week late breadth essay back in the mail. I got a HD yayyayaya but sadly... did not get an overall HD for the subject rofl... 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

but it's just a crazy game

Today we showcase our Gingerbread Cake :) Add some whipped cream and strawberry jam on top and eat up! Good aroma of ground ginger, cinnamon and all spice. 

Licking the mixing bowl afterwards was fun too. I am always hungry now i don't understand why... i am never full. I had two lunches today. 

Okay Laura's eyes are a tad.. big and i just look dazed..... I swear this picture looked nicer in the camera and one Picture Manager. 

But look at our matching PLC Aquatic hoodies!! Except i got mine 50% off because of staff discount bahahaha xD 

I am currently 3/4 full and there are bubbles dancing in my stomach..... Does this mean i need to pee? LOL

Uni was good today because i finish at 11am every Thursday :) 

I also bought these black high waisted shorts that had been reduced from $40 to $7.50 in Glassons :) 

"when i climb the stair, and turn the key
ohhh please be there
still in love with me.."


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

college life

What is that, you ask? A big slice of bread smothered in god knows. Looks like cream and anchovies HAHA okay maybe not. 

Today i came late to my chem tute and then found out our genetics lecture had been cancelled woopee! Went to Lygon Street for an hour with people and found chocolate pizza on the way mmmm.. 

But the most useful thing i learned today was how to never run out of tissues when faced with a runny nose. You finish all your tissues and then start on the toilet paper. People look at you funny and then insist on giving you their packs of tissues. Repeat this everywhere you go.

I also spent my 2 hour lunch break in my friends' college. Played pool, abused a SuperMario Brothers Star plushie and wandered around their dormitories. I want to check out Queen's College.... it looks so prestigious. College life sounds fun but it would take some time getting used to. They hang their bicycles from the ceiling!

Crepe nomnomnom thanks Jacky. I actually did some work today at State Library.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

high heels & wedges

I want to wear this. With big heels. Sportsgirl, (what kind of sale is that.............) here I come? Maybe? How about another $20 off..... 


Monday, July 26, 2010

uni has resumed

First day back at uni.  

Today i woke up thinking i started at 9am. Just as I was about to leave, i remembered that i actually started at 10am.... LOL. So i raced back to bed and slept for 40 more min xDDD 

Semester 2... Made some new friends and met up with usual (and always expanding) group to eat birthday cake in honour of Mandy getting old tehehhe. Very good catchup with people. And i even packed my own lunch today!

Work was good. But I don't know if i'm missing out on our usual "biomed brothel sessions" LOL =( nuuuuuu better not beeeeeeeee. lmao okay it's just a weekly catchup till like 7pm once a week in the biomed library and friends from other uni come to hang with us too :D (and not get any work done... hehee)

Tomorrow i have no chem or bio pracs so i finish at 11am YAY. Probably going to go home and make Fiona's (Masterchef) Chocolate Ganache with Lavender Cream thing. YUM 

Friday, July 23, 2010


Had a practice driving test. Going well. 

Visited Monash Uni on thursday :D Saw quite a few people and my pool skills are getting better hurray!I like the spicy hot chips :D

I'm not allowed to go out anymore... which sucks because that means missing out on four events in these three days. Meh. 

So.. Laura's friends came over to get ready for the MHS social tonight. I suddenly felt really, really short and unglamorous standing next to them. LOL

I have work tomorrow.. from 8am - 2pm. I should just live off chlorine now haha. 

Going to start swimming again. I need to tone up.    

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lemon slice

Today i woke up at 8am but didn't have anything to do... so slept in till 12:30pm :) Missed the 2pm and 2:22pm bus and finally caught the 3:03pm bus to the city to karaoke with the others :) Unfortunately i had to leave at 6pm to go home for dinner. poo

LOL my sister.

I came home and Laura asked me to make risotto with her for dinner. Sweet Potato and Mushroom Risotto. I think we work well together. 

Next time we will add chicken thigh to it. 

 I know it doesn't look very appealing but it was yummy :) 

The best part was cooking the mushrooms in the Tarragon and Lemon Butter because it gave off this incredible aroma and the pine nuts are there to contrast the sludgy texture of the risotto. 

 Is this soup? Lemon soup? Nope, it's Honey and Lemon Tea ! :) 

Our lemon tree is being extremely generous right now and i love smelling the lemons just before slicing them.

I'm ... tired. 

Too many lemon slices? Doesn't matter because the honey balances the sourness out :) 

I think the fourth lemon slice turned this into a successful picture :D 

I think i need to start studying for Semester Two.... but i can't be bothered. 

"You are by far my favourite 
And i hope that i'm by far your favourite too." 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dream Line

"A couple spend a carefree day together with the underlying knowledge that they may soon have to separate. The two share bittersweet memories as they recall their time together in the busy city. From the subway to the ferry, Hong Kong’s public transportation carries their story and also acts as a metaphor for the future of their relationship. Written as a prequel to “The Spare” (VC Film Fest 2008). Shot in one day in Hong Kong." - WongFu Productions


And now to appreciate Hong Kong from.. a different angle. rofl. (yeah i know wth.. random towel... hanging outside my grandma's apartment)

Okay okay.. now for my most favourite picture of Hong Kong :) Probably the only picture that displays any photography skills... rofl

 .....LOL which most of you have already seen in a post 6 months ago..

What an anticlimax. And i just spilled lemon tea over myself. Enthusiastic much.

Monday, July 19, 2010


So Alvin was eliminated from Masterchef .... noooooo.... but guess what! I've found his new website already yayayaya

Enjoy :)  

Edit: i think his website just temporarily broke down from an overload of fan love... LOL

Sunday, July 18, 2010

three songs

Three songs have been in my mind playlist this week. They include..

1. Poker Face - Glee version
2. Taylor the Latte Boy - Kristen Chenoweth
3. When We Say (Juicebox) - AJ Rafael 

For those who haven't watched the mv for #3, here it is:

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Is today Saturday or Sunday... i forgot. Saturday right... LOL every day feels like the weekend now. Just one more week left till uni bahahaha unlike some of you unlucky people xD

T h u r s d a y: Had lunch with Katherine, Linh, Evonne and Janet :) Went japanese dessert hunting and i met Farn afterwards to watch Toy Story 3 (yes finally shush ...) I WANT A "PEAS IN A POD" PLUSHIE TOY !!GIGANTIC ONE WHEEEEEEE

F r i d a y: Helped out at mum's work and also went to Savers. Savers is a gigantic op shop and i bought a white, floaty top and a navy blazer for only $17 yay :) Again... don't know where the camera is so no pictures yet :( Which is a pity because i am quite proud of my purchases rofl. They're a bit big but that's okay! Guests from HK also came over and i highly recommend the restaurant Basil Leaf along High Street in Preston. Thai/Vietnamese cuisine. 

S a t u r d a y: My new shampoo smells really good yay. Today i baked a Banana and Strawberry Yoghurt Cake! It's a bit sweet but the consistency is good. Also went out for hot pot and yeah... now here.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

not allowed out

I has been ungrounded yayayay! (bad grammar intended) Missed out on three outings but that's okay, i will make up for them :) 

What have i been up to? Yesterday i made an Apple Pie which Laura and the dogs ate half of 5min after it was cut. And then Laura poured caramel over it and turned it into moosh. Oh well... still yummy moosh and i learned how to peel apples with a knife too :D 

And today i went shopping and made Tarragon and Lemon Butter. I couldn't find fresh tarragon leaves (how disappointing) so i had to use the dried version. Has this subtle licorice taste to it. I found i needed two lemon rinds instead of the suggested one and a bit more salt to cut through the fattiness of the butter. Yay!

I also made Pappardelle Carbonara :) I forgot to buy bacon so i substituted the meat for sliced ham hock and frankfurts. No cream was used in this recipe... because traditional carbonara doesn't have any! Instead you pour beaten eggs over the combined pasta and sauce mixture at the very end to get that creamy taste :) Oh, and don't forget the cheese! For some reason this pasta tastes good with a squirt of lemon... credits to Laura for this suggestion. 

What if i don't feel like swimming. What if i forgot how to swim and only remembered how to drown...? Wait then that means i must have drowned before. HMMMM... or i watched/made someone drown and learned from that mwahahahhaa... er what. 

Sorry for not taking pictures while i was cooking. Long post today.  

in and out

I did quite a bit today considering i wasn't allowed out. Not allowed out tomorrow either gay. 

I can't be bothered typing anymore so bye.  

Monday, July 12, 2010

not a dream

Woke up. Didn't have the best morning. 

Cooked rice. But didn't feel like eating. 

Went to work. Saw Tom and Jon at Box Hill and just missed out on seeing the others because i had to catch the 767 to PLC. 

Work was good. New criteria to teach. Kids were good. 

Went to a paid staff meeting after. Passed out on the floor for some reason (actually it's because i wasn't in a good mood from this morning, didn't eat all day and was super dehydrated after 3 hours teaching in the pool). Thought everything was a dream but woke up with an oxygen tank next to me and people looking at me. Thanks guys :) 

Drove home even though i shouldn't have. And i still smell of chlorine. I think i'll sleep earlier tonight and definitely eat tomorrow. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Sharkfin soup. Always wondering. Waterhorse & The Notebook on tv today. Eyes lacking oxygen. Rachel McAdams is unbelievably pretty. 

How does my life look in 5, 10 even 30 years? Driving. 87 hours now. Raspberry and dark chocolate muffins. 

I can't even tell if i'm dreaming or facing reality when i sleep now. Piano. Today was so windy it left me net-less for 2 hours. 

I applied for a few things today. Mum is going to be so mad at me. I don't even know what i should be doing. 

When i wake up in the mornings my eyelids are glued together so tightly i don't even know why - is it a condition or am i not ready to face some things?  

Friday, July 09, 2010

i am marvelous

I really enjoy looking at this picture. There's something about the blue against the brown and it makes me jealous of most brunettes. 

I went to Farn's house today. Happy 14 Months :) 

Finally gave him his 1 year anniversary gift rofl. FROG NINJA T-SHIRT YAHHH. Me is glad you like it :) And it was funny watching him eat moosh all day. I've never had pumpkin soup with toast before - only buns. I also had congee there and when i got home for dinner too :) 

Just thought i'd show some different pictures as well. Not always the nice pretty pictures haha.

This is the first xray after Espresso fractured her foreleg. Looks nasty eh?

I am still upset that Marion was eliminated from the Masterchef competition. I am hoping they bring her back somehow because no one else deserves the title more than she does. The others have talent but they don't have her spark and potential.

And this... is after 6 weeks of healing. The white lines are the screws.

I just vacuumed the whole house (omg... took me 1 hour or more... so much area to cover gees).

I feel like an apple pie. Therefore i will go buy Granny Smiths and lard on the weekend and hopefully some lye water for something else.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


Today... i drove. 85 hours 45min now. I also bought ingredients at Box Hill and played baddy with others. Big group today :) Then ordered more contact lens. And bought more ingredients. 

Why do people think "liking" your wall post is equivalent to saying thank you now. I didn't write Happy Birthday on your wall to be one of the million "liked". What did you like about it? Did you "like" my message or did you "like" how i thought of you that moment? Or are you hinting that you "like" me? HAHA. Hmmmm... WHO KNOWS. 

To be a good role model or to go out because i can? If only you weren't so misguided.... whose fkn fault was that anyway?! Seriously want to punch that bad influence in the face. 


Okay, i just ate some scones and am watching previous episodes on Masterchef now. I feel less moody now.

Edit: I FEEL WANT TO DIE. MARION IS GONE. Now Alvin (or Courtney) need to win to make me happy again ==' The show is going to lose so many viewers/ratings now i swear.

Sometimes it's just luck. Bad luck.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Staying at home is so boring. First time in two weeks. 

Woke up at 11am. Did some sewing (fixed some buttons and attached a name tag inside my PLC Aquatic jumper to distinguish it from Laura's...). Played some piano... i also found the sheet music for "Today I Broke Up With You - Younha" yay. 

Ate curry chicken. Had a nice takeaway dinner. Washed the dishes. Wanted to cook char kwai teow but... cbs going out to get rice flour, prawns, meat and pork fat. 

Had a 2 hour nap which totally ruined my sleep cycle. I am so drowsy and grumpy it's not funny. Watched masterchef. bleh

Story of my life. 

And i hate wearing glasses. Feels so....heavy... compared to contacts.   


Okay, this picture is blinding me already. Ahhhhhhh

Woke up at 8am because dad asked some gardeners to come over and prune the bushes in the front lawn and around the garage. And they put this gigantic mulching machine right outside my bedroom window too... SO FREAKN LOUD omg worst wake up call ever rofl. But yeah... now i can see sunlight streaming through places i had forgotten about or just assumed were dark. rofl

And then i gave Espresso toast with honey but she decided to bury it instead.... LOL okay then. 

Helped out at mum's clinic until 6pm... and caught the same bus as Sav on the way to the city for a hotpot gathering with our PLC group :DDD Nice surprise yay!

I am full. Eating is good. Waiters probably think we eat too much. Whatever man need our money's worth!!! tehehhee

Okay bye. 

.....I swear i have not chilled at home since... last last week o.O I really need to make this char kway teow soon! 

Monday, July 05, 2010


I bought the blue chambray shirt. And this navy blue blazer from Bardot. 

I am so stoned. Went over to Mandy's house yesterday for a Tennis Finals sleepover with others. Nice group of people haha. rofl no point sleeping... with all the movies and food after the match... in fact i only got some sleep between 9am-11am because it was a lot quieter rofl. 

Yeah.. i'm just stoned rofl. Went to Coburg to help mum out afterwards. I am so relieved Marion and Alvin got through the masterchef macaroon elimination thing. 

Friday, July 02, 2010


No pictures today. 

I walked the dogs this morning and this lady walks towards me with her own dogs. We follow them on the way home and she asks why Espresso is limping (fractured limb). Then she asks why we haven't taken her to the vet yet. 


Well DUHHHH lady, do you think she would be hopping/running if we hadn't taken her to the vet 6+ weeks ago????? Instead i said, "Yes we have and she's healing up nicely too. Is there a problem?" But the lady just kept looking at Espresso (and me? cino?) disapprovingly. 

So she stops and we pass her and our home.. and for a good 100m she doesn't move but keeps on looking at us. And then i decide it's time to go back home and the lady immediately starts walking again. But this time she doesn't walk on the same footpath... but on the road (towards us). 

What the hell? Why did you refuse to walk on the same path as us? Do you think we will attack you and your dogs ==' What is your problem????? 

Apart from that i had an alright day. Found out i did more than just pass Physics woohoooooo. 

And now i'm grumpy again because someone peed on my bed....... STUPID DOGS.  

Thursday, July 01, 2010

i am lazy


Is this some unfortunate pattern or what? 

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