Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday a few of us met up in the city, thinking we could go to Docklands and relive Outlook 9. Turns out the weather thought otherwise so we shopped around, checked out kbox and went to edi hardy instead. A few games of pool, air hockey and daytona made time pass really quick. And then we went to ShabuShabu for a hot pot sushi train :D YUM. It's located at 380 lonsdale street. 

Today i bumped into so many people o.O Eeh went to the post office, met up with other Melbourne Uni-ers to watch Shrek/Toy Story, had a nice long walk with Cino, went to BodyAttack, showered, ate dinner and washed the dishes. 

Oh yeah, and something else that's been bugging me. I just missed out on a H1 for chem ==' sigh. 

Oh well, i deserve it because i didn't study the last lecturer at all. But if that's the case... i'm definitely hoping for H1s for Biology and my breadth and at least a credit for Physics =='

hehe 81 hours of driving. getting there.... 

Monday, June 28, 2010

what a waste of time

Just a few items i'd like in my wardrobe.. you can tell i'm obsessed with the colour blue. Except you need a nice tummy for this shirt and it reminds me of the Carribean mv haha 

This morning was the biggest waste of time - it ruined my plans for the day. I had planned on creating my timetable, going to pilates and the post office, booking an eye appointment, buying bread, walking the dogs and organising the shoe cupboard. Turns out i only completed 2.75 things on the list.

I woke up at 9am to ring student centre to ask why a sanction had been placed against me... turns out that call didn't really help. And to explain why i still couldn't enrol my breadth subject. 

Basically, the system kept lagging and crashing so many times that it took 4-5 hours to create my timetable for next semester. And only for 3 subjects so far. All because of this stupid new student portal. And every other Melb Uni-er trying to create the best timetable for themselves. stupid stupid stupid 

But i'm rather pleased with my timetable so far :) Let's hope my 4th subject doesn't screw it up. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010


DeBortoli Wines place... 

Today we explored Yea and many vineyards. I actually live quite close to these places... o.O in respect to other suburbs LOL but yes I would like to apologize in advance for not cleaning the lens after Cino had sniffed the camera.. hence the blurry circle in some pictures. 

This is Espresso if you haven't seen/met her before :) Sosososo cute! 

Yep lots of pictures today... she was sitting in between Laura and me because her fractured foreleg is still healing.. and Cino keeps bumbling around in the back rofl. 

And this is Cino :D 

Cino is short for Cappuccino if you didn't know haha. And yes... there is the random blur sigh... 

Laura and i bought Heidi Raclette cheese and Verjuice (not a drink, more like a dressing). And tasted other cheeses tehehe... 

This is Laura. What a loser. (and total poser) HAHA 

I wonder what Cino and Espresso are thinking... something like "who is this retard??" tehehehe 

So.. Laura was even stalking me behind the trees with a camera. Cbs putting those pics up though.  

And this is me

I have nothing else to report except that i get headaches after sitting in the car for too long. 

And Laura was coughing up phlegm and shit and at one point she didn't know if it went into the bag or onto herself.... ewwwwwww 

Oh, and sorry about not blogging the past few days... All i did was help mum out, eat lots, buy lingerie and wake up late. Tehehe BYE 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

froggy ♥ bubby

Today i went to Farn's house :) 

Windy yay. Playground yaya. Ladder in new tights sigh. Walked around a lot blah. Ate stuff. Squishy tanbark. 

 Got dropped off at Nunawading. 902 home. Walked the last km. Walked Espresso. Chased dog next door. 

And thennnnnnnn.... came home to help Laura bake a carrot cake

She looks so pale and my right eye is freaky... LOL 

I watched Prince of Persia the other day. The leading lady is so pretty. And i also bought 16 Dolmades (because they were on sale ...25c each!), twiggy sticks, marshmallows and lots and lots of chocolate to eat with Sav. 

And i'm getting fat. 

All of my mum's patients think i am still in high school. Whyyyyyyy I am a big girl now :( 

I think i will buy that Bardot blazer... even though it is a new arrival and $99.95 ==' Helping mum out 3 times a week can't account for nothing right...? gah 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

body jam

Sooo... today i learned reverse parking. Then i made myself a nice lunch with a fried eggy on top and did some sewing. I think i'll start french knitting again... it was my favourite class activity in grade 2! I remember one day my year 10 buddy didn't come and i was sooooooo sad :( 

And then.. i washed the dishes, cleaned the bench, vacuumed the house (it takes forever) and then went to a BodyJam session at Aquarena at night :)

And now... i feel like chocolate. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

family comes first

Don't you hate it when they've run out of your size for something on sale? I bumped into this issue so many times today. I swear this time of the year is size 12+ galore for old stock. Especially sizes 14-16. DISLIKE. 

And what i dislike even more is hearing people slurp. Some people's slurping i can stand... Don't ask. 

But what i hate the most are people who go into relationships for the wrong reasons. People who have respect for their friends but none for their family. And those who take others for granted. 

Do you know what is going on? Are you aware of the person you've become? And do you even understand why this "change" worries us so much? You lack respect for others, you've replaced manners with self-centeredness and your morals are falling one by one. 

I only ask that you show more respect towards your family and to yourself. If the beginning is like this, then you need to be aware of it and both of us need to know how to stop or at least control this. 

Because in the end... only you will get hurt. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

birthday happiness

Happy Birthday Laura :)

Today Laura and i made Savoury Vegetable Rolls. This is just before we popped them into the oven and normally... i don't eat stuff like this. 

But some of Laura's friends are vegetarian so we made them for her party :) 

You're meant to place the roll with the "seam" down but... meh. Middle one makes the photo more interesting xD

And these are the finished products :) 

Laura made the filling while i washed the dishes while watching the soccer last night. gahhhhhhhhh 

And we also snacked on dark chocolate, peanut butter and crackers, chinese tea and mozarella o.O

And thennnnnnn... we made Chocolate Brownies :) 

Yeah... don't ask about how much dark chocolate, butter and sugar went into this thing rofl... 

Tip of the Day (Laura): When melting the chocolate and butter over hot, simmering water, don't let the bottom of the bowl get wet or it will burn the chocolate. Oooooh. 

Hehe nice family pic minus Dad who didn't come ==' Oh, Laura's party was at Icehouse in Docklands haha (ice skating). Sorry i couldn't come to your 18th Vincent :( 

Sooo... who looks older. Me or Laura haha. Yay you like my present :) 

Open your eyes Laura ==' 

I also went to Camberwell Sunday Market this morning. Mum woke me up at 8:30am arghhhhh why. I swear my eyes are glued shut even more by that yellow crust you wake up to in the morning gahhhh. 

And i didn't buy anything because it was pouring but Dad did buy flowers haha :)

Rofl this picture is fat. But yes.. i invited Farn to come along too :D He is good at ice skating!

There are funnier pics (mainly of him) but you'll probably find them on facebook.. rofl. And i swear mum kept on taking stalkerish pictures of me/us two. GAH 

You can't see the green and blue balloons in this picture :( Oh well. 

Then we went to eat Japanese at Malvern and it was really really really good :D Yay! Okay finish blog. hehe


Saturday, June 19, 2010


Thankyou Vkoo for the "Blog with Substance" Award :)

To blog is to inspire.

Above is my blogging philosophy. I suppose everyone has their own interpretation of the word "substance". 

But mine lie in the following ten bloggers: Gloria, Vkoo, Vincent, Alex, Hungy, Fiona, Jan-Lee, Flic, Jenn Wu & Tom :) 

beautiful nightmare

I feel like the letter that
never came.  

Screw the sending and the receiving.  

This is in my hands now. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Now it's Up to You

It well may be 
that we will never meet again in this lifetime.
So let me say before we part
So much of me, is made of what i learned from you
You'll be with me -
like a handprint on my heart. 
And now whatever way our stories end,
You know you have rewritten mine
by being my friend. 

- "For Good", Wicked Musical 

Well it seems a lot of people are not interested in seeing West Side Story Musical with me sometime between 19 August - 3 October this year :(

Therefore, James and i will have a splendid time together instead and if you 100% want in then you'll have to tell me before i make bookings later in the semester :) Since Swotvac/exams come up from 20 Sept onwards we are looking at earlier dates to see it. 


This video is a bit long but i think it's worth every second. (i like the beginning and end) Can you even imagine graduating from university just yet?  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Christmas Holidays 2009 in Toronto, Canada

This is what i want to do right now. Snowboard or ski down a mountain. Perfect weather combined with a hot shower, hot chocolate and a good movie. 

Today i occupied myself pretty well. Helped mum at work till 6:30pm and met really interesting people who recognized me despite last seeing me 16 years ago. Then i went to a Body Attack class (really fun - aerobic/dance) and i feel so good right now after that workout. 

I went to Pilates yesterday and apparently Edi's mum was in the same class too. rofl. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow so i think i won't go to a class...... Wait. I have to swim after little kids in work tomorrow. 

==' hehe 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lucky "Dan Tat" Fish :)

Sorry for bombarding you all with videos... but i am just sososososo BORED.  
please watch at least one of them :)

Looking Ahead (2019)

Microsoft in the Future - 2019

What do you think?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Harbour Town

Kristen and i went shopping today at Harbour Town, Docklands. 

We decided to take a picture of ourselves in the water's reflection and the seagull we didn't catch actually photobombed the picture. So all was good. 

Not. (I wanted to step on it.)

And then i decided to stalk this speed boat. 

It was really sunny today :) Perfect weather! Nice and chilly. 

Btw, Southern Cross DFO has 2 for $30 TBar tshirts sale on now. This is better than the $25 sale you see in normal outlets. 

This was cheap and purposely big. I also bought a grey top on sale (below)

Kristen and i make a good shopping pair :) She bought funky hair ties, a skirt, mochi, jewellery, a mickey mouse nightie and i forgot what else... hmmmm...

Oooh! There were super cute felt elephants in this store... 

Hehehe... 3 for $10 Diva sale! How cute are they :)

Can you see the naughty (wooden) bead which has unwound itself of its thread? Actually the stupid thread has kind of moved on to hugging the (blue) bead below it... =='

I need to glue it back on. 

Lots of pictures for you guys today ... 

I bought lace up ankle boots today :) Not from Kate Hill by the way. The only thing not on sale lol. 

The angle makes them look....fat and clunky. Oh well i assure you they look nice!! (otherwise why would i have bought it rofl)


I had to wait an hour for family to come to city for dinner.

Guess where i was in this picture? Tigger says hi!  

We also ate yummy pigeon :D 

Sunday, June 13, 2010


I'm in a bad mood. 

I'm bored.
My mum keeps nagging me. 
I don't disconnect. I purposely sign out and come back on later to talk to particular people again. 
I need something to do at night apart from surf the net, chat, read, watch anime and get bored. 
I don't see the point in this.
My life is going to improve drastically when i get my Ps. 
And i don't like people telling me what to do.  

Saturday, June 12, 2010

fried eggy :)

First day of my 6 week holidays :) 

I woke up late to the phone ringing and no pants. Laura was like "where are your pants" when i walked past her room and i replied "i don't know" ... even though it's because mum washed my pj pants and being lazy, i slept pantless. 

I really like the last episode of Glee. (This is going to be a long and picture-full post!)
Laura made fat, chocolate pancakes today. I helped out mum at work and even cleaned the windows. Hah. 

I like this picture, don't you?

I also went to Aquarena, decided to go to pilates at 9am tomorrow, vacuumed the house, walked the dogs, caught up on Glee and Masterchef and drove to Glen Wavelery.  

Pink. Reminds me of Forever New. 
* pictures from PAPERTISSUE


"Funny Girl" - Glee Cover (feat. Idina Menzel)

Friday, June 11, 2010



Physics was better than i expected (still unsure of so much but i think i passed at least) and breadth was 100 multiple choice so it was mehhh mehhh this is stupid let's check hair split ends mehhhh oh dear i haven't read this chapter mehhh okay i haven't picked C in a while so i'll put that in hehe oooh i know this one yay i'm on a roll oh dear not sure which one again ... yayy on a roll again.... and not.... gah hehe 

LOL yes... did you even read that..

Now what to do for next 6 weeks... 

- Going to do guitar next year for breadth. I don't want to start it now and be already one semester behind everyone else. 
- i need to pick a new breadth this is so hard. 
- Research on what elective to do next semester (a second biology subject or psychology...) assuming i passed physics lol 

Thursday, June 10, 2010

so far

Biology exam - pretty good but i stuffed the cell division/menstrual cycle questions up. Not sure if i can scrape a H1 or not. 

Chemistry exam -
Edit: I have decided that the exam was actually alright and much easier than last year's HL chem exam. I'm just scared of how fast the marks can drop though. 

1. read the paper (oh not bad this is do-able)
2. beginning of paper (this is boring dum di dum)
3. middle of paper (oh shit wtf WHY AM I SO UNSURE OF THIS & THIS & THIS & THAT?!)
4. end of paper (aha, i have successfully tricked myself into thinking that everything i did was remotely correct!)

 I hate it when it's the little things that trip you over. And i have no idea how i went (some MC questions are worth 4 marks... sif) because you can lose marks so easily ... especially in multiple choice :(

Physics exam - 
It is tomorrow and i am going to fail it. 

Breadth exam - 
Also tomorrow ..need to do well to make up for physics

I so cannot be bothered anymore...................

Tuesday, June 08, 2010



but i must say... it is amazing how much information the brain can hold.  

mudcake time!

they might say hi, and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry
about what they say
cos they got nothin' on youuuuu baby
nothin' on youuuuuuu baby

Studying sucks. Exams suck. 
But most of all, my study cramming strategy sucks. 

I am so going into semester 2 with a new study strategy.
Bring it.  

Monday, June 07, 2010


That's right. That's my mood right there. 

And now i can't even study properly because i have this bothering me. Why the hell. 


Sunday, June 06, 2010

random quiz

I stole this quiz off Alex. Check out her wordpress (for interesting reading) and tumblr (if you want to see pretty pictures of Emma Watson xD)

1. I am married to my blog. I am also my blog. That's why it's so cool. (LOL oh dear)
2. I go to Melbourne University.
3. I like to drink milk when i eat pizza/pasta.
4. I am going to fail the physics exam.
5. The texture and thickness of the clothes is important when purchasing.
6. I like to talk to myself in Cantonese.
7. If i could major in any subject, it would be Chemistry.
8. I'm a poo. You're a poo. We're all poos!
9. I am squishy.
10. I like unexpected texts that make me smile.

1. Why the hell didn't i start studying earlier
2. Why the hell are exams in 3 days. 
3. Why can't i go to sleep straight away now.
5. I need a buffet. 
6. I should really continue studying. 
7. Why do i always wake up at 11am o.O
8. I need to stop being a blob. 
9. I need to start swimming again.

1. Smile
2. Same sense of humour.
3. Hugs 
4. Knowing that you like/want to talk to me.
5. Texting me even if it's silly/random stuff. 
6. Being you. 
7. Food because right now i'm STARVING. 

1. Get changed.
2. Go toilet
3. Take contacts out and put glasses on
4. Brush teeth
5. Set alarm
6. Pack bag.

1. Can you glue yourself to me in the physics exam please?
2. I wish we lived close to each other. 
3. Your attitude isn't cool at all. 
4. -
5. -  

1. Chemistry
2. Msn
3. Listening to music
4. Thinking

1. Being alone
2. Whiplash
3. Big, hairy spiders/cockroaches

- Travel more.
- Stuff

You'll have to find out yourself! 

Friday, June 04, 2010

baby rumpa pum pum

Highly recommended song: "Drumma Boy - Justin Ellis" good beat :D

Today involved some quality vivikoo time today :) I accompanied Vincent (check out his blog) to hand out job resumes at shoppo. Then we went to Monash uni and i did physics. And thanks for explaining simple stuff to me Farn :D

I should've started studying physics seriously ages ago. And now no subject has ever made me feel so dumb. But i figured i can still get Credit overall even if i just pass the exam. 

On the other hand, I love you Farn :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

choc brownies

Thankyou Laura for baking such nice brownies. I ate seven in 10min and now have a sore tummy LOL damnit.

sibling love; 2009 in Canada 
back when i wore glasses (old pair) & no fringe

Crammed more chemistry in today. I think it's nearly time for tea and brownies nothing ^^


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

brain explode

I want these tights. Hearts Suspender Style. poo 

(cramming like hell)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I wish physics was like chem. Then i could ace it in 1/8 amount of time. Studied at Bailleau with group of people today =] blah 

Here's something to humour you all..before your brains explode from cramming...

vivi says:
*now reading on loudness of sound...
『 `m a n d y 』 ♥ says:
*LOLOL omfg
*im so stoned
**ok...i half dozed off right
*woke up
*looked at my page
*and see "period of make sure you chuck it in the bin" LOL WTF?!?!?!?!
vivi says:
Well. this was the night before our physics test. Which Mandy and I (and everyone else) failed LOL  

Let's hope it's not like this for next week's exams... 

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