Saturday, May 30, 2009

OCD much?

That's right. I check my blog so many times i feel like i'm stalking myself. At least it's not my homepage like Hungy's is hehehehe. (A good thing though) I'll just propose to it now. =D

Sorry Farn. <3

Winnie the Pooh made me spell "honey" as HUNNY up till grade 2. Hmph

Harry Potter time

"Harry, Ron, and Dumbledore went to straight camp the summer before Harry fell for Cho. Ron eventually fell for his sister. Dumbledore failed straight camp."

How to avoid exam studying...

Get out of bed at 12pm and shower. Bum around and go to nursing home. Get bored back at home and don't even bother concentrating because brain is mush from 3-5pm. Go to shoppo and buy two cheesecakes, craft glue and take passport photos. Help sister and her friend make this gigantic wtf is this mole hill project for History. It looks like a green blob mountain with a moat around it and no visible castle yet. hehe

Facebook & these two made my day:

Yi-ling Ng thinks that Hamlet is really hot. Good night, sweet prince.
Vincent Chiang
Whoa! So do I! We have so much in common. :3
Yi-ling Ng
Shut up, rogue and peasant slave.

Hehe, cute. Gwen gave them to me 2 years ago. I don't have an exam on Monday so it feels like a holiday. I'm sick of school already.

Someone motivate me.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

elephant chopsticks

Yep, the title says it all. My sister bought it for me on her art excursion.

I can actually hold chopsticks properly, by the way. haha

Unfortunately, i still have 4 more mid year exams to go. English was okay. Maths ... i found Paper 2 a lot better than Paper 1 because i forgot how to do a lot of things. but at least i'm in the same boat as everyone else. Thank god for formula booklet.... lmao Kristen arrived for the exam 3 hours after it had started LOLLL hope she still did it today.

Time to ace chem. I should go hide my laptop again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sorry to double post but i'm playing Relationship Advisor/Confidante #1 today. It's because someone told me they like someone but i'm having doubts about that. So just to clear up the confusion, i give you my super awesome checklist i thought up in 2min =D

Possible ways to tell if you like someone…

1. Think about them all the time
2. Get jealous easily
3. Wonder what they’re doing
4. Want to talk to them all the time
5. Miss them randomly/a lot
6. Randomly think about them
7. Secretly want people to talk about him/her so you can too
8. Want to see them a lot
9. Comfortable with him/her
10. Want to give stuff to him/her (ie – being more willing/generous with presents etc than for other people)
11. Pay more attention to him/her than others
12. Like to hang out with him/her a lot
13. Attraction to physique and/or personality
14. He/her makes you feel special
15. Keep on talking about him/her until you drive others crazy
16. Text/call them nearly every lunchtime.
17. They make you happy and give you a warm fuzzy feeling (dot)
18. Have fantasies about them (hungy)
19. You do stuff just for them that you normally wouldn't do for other people (farn)
20. When you are around them your heart goes kaboom kaboom (wensi)
21. You look through all their photos on Facebook. (vincent)
22. Want to fondle their boobies (nadia)
23. You grab his best photo and your best photo and photoshop a wedding photo together and make it wallpaper on your computer (nadia)
24. You want to have sex with them (yi-ling)
25. You can't resist hugging them all the time :) (Emily)
26. You take your photo, and their photo, and match it up on to see what your children will look like xD (Sav)
27. ..reserved for Belle.

Pretty good eh? Tell me what's missing/needs editing because this has to accommodate for everyone :)

back to drumming

Uploading another video from my new drumming idol.

Click here: VaDrum Meets The Simpsons I figured out the first 6 bars last night. Haha.... oh and the end. bang bang bang CRASH ... doh! Actually, figuring it out is easy but playing it.. you have to know your drum rolls. which i can't even do. See how amateur i am?

Okay back to EE 2nd draft / biochem / bio prac omg i hate my life.

not really.

Edit: i really do hate my life atm. i've done 6 maps already since Friday using GIS and now drawing another four from scratch. kill me now????? Some are going to be on A3 ...

Editx2: why is everything due tomorrow and exams are on wed?? haven't felt this shit in ages. but it's okay now :) cried it all out. and ate this big big bowl of noodles. =D

back to work now.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is it bad to update so much?

Today ...

- I drew on Fiona's face when she was sleeping in maths. It's a blob called Viv holding a love heart balloon and i coloured it in too! Didn't feel mean enough to draw a moustache/monobrow on her though xD
- We wished Michel a happy 18th bday! She ordered a cake literally 1m+ x 45cm big ??? yummmmo chocolate cream cake ... so almost half the year level came to help eat it <3 What are you guys going to do for your 18th?
- We made plop noises in latin. I got the whole front row to do it yay
- Got excited about doing hardcore hw on a friday night but so far i've napped till 6pm and watched Master Chef. oooh dear..
- Still waiting for that detention some teacher issued me on Tuesday... haha bet she forgot about it or i just pleaded guilty on the spot and she let me go. this better not turn around on me.

No entertaining links today but tonight i plan to finish my overdue equilibrium sheet, draw more maps for EE, maybe do an unseen... oh wait i haven't even eaten since lunchtime yet :( Where's my dinner..

End of rant.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i'm in loveeee with a fairytale

even though it hurts.

That song's addictive and i have something else for you readers today. See how devoted i am to you/my blog? Click here for some funky drumming time. Thanks to Calv for showing me this :O

Been sleeping at 1:30am daily and not doing my latin homework. And i still havent' done bio prac oh dear. Played tennis and tried soccer tricks in REC today with emily - not sure which one was more epic fail haha

I did some stupid stuff today. I read glucagon as glycogen in bio test and i determined the rate mechanism in chem test but then forget to show which one was the rate determining step !!! ARGH . still hoping for 7s though :)

Today my dogs and i finished off the Sofias pasta. Also, my computer crashed on me. I mean this laptop doesn't even have Microsoft Word/Excel etc on it okay ??? I've been using other weird programs... but yeah. as long as i somehow rescue/back up all my music, pictures, documents ... that computer can go die. wtf did i do to it?

Wait, i know. I bet it was my Extended Essay. It's so long it even jammed up the school's printer okay. Plus it's like 17mb which is.. fat for my standards. and that doesn't include the 10 extra pages of maps etc. nuuuuuuuu

Now i'm wishing i did Uni Geog - then i could get those bonus extension marks and boost up my IB (converted to VCE) enter score !!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

hey guys

Edit: Spreading some of the Eurovision music i like. (both singers are the violinists here, if you didn't know)
Download here: Norway (Fairytale - Alexander Rybak - winner) ,
Estonia (Randajad - Urban Symphony)

I only had one period today wow. (N.B - IB people find spares very amazing. And rare sadly.)

period 1 - usual spare
period 2 - english spare (teacher on camp)
period 3 - geog
period 4 - usual spare (HL bio)
period 5/6 - Year 12 stuff/GAT prep which i consider as spares.
Afterschool - went to Box Hill library

I helped Kristen with her lino art and bludged around... still doing that.

Watch this clip about Japan and its' food imports. Very cute...
We're doing Hunger and Malnutrition as a topic in Resources for Geography. Did you know that 800 million go hungry everyday? And that the term "famine" is widely misunderstood? Basically, it describes a situation where a high proportion of the population are undernourished and is due to a lack of access to food, rather than the supply. Therefore, food could be available, but the people may not be able to afford it or have access to it.

That's all for today. Hope you're glad that i'm updating more frequently now :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

PLC Year 12 Formal 09

Edit: Formal Video 09 I bet you the schools who haven't made a formal video before will now be leeching this idea. Better be good then. xD

This review is long overdue and by request only. The reason i hesitated for so long was because i thought that people would rather stalk facebook pictures than read about it. Nevertheless, i present to you what really happened outside the camera lens.

Formal Preparation:
Makeup was a bitch. I ran away from my mother who was trying to put makeup on me. My sister also typed up a step-by-step beautifying procedure which I only remembered halfway through my shower. Doesn't matter, natural (as possible) is best!

Jadey's house is a freakn mansion. I bags the drumkit room.

Stoof and i played clapping games and we almost lost Kristen's lucky coin from her cool purse. It's like a 3D chinese pacman!!

That salad entree was painful to eat. (imagine capsicum/red onion overload) Even now, i am lamenting the loss of my half eaten chocolate mousse to the food/rubbish chute. I think i'm starting to salivate already... Can't believe i chose Nutbush over that dessert... bad timing much?!

Formal Video:
Funny as. You complete me (you complete me). I hope they put it on facebook/youtube.

Hotness alert:
You all looked hot. pretty. sexy. Whatever you want me to call you, basically ;)

Feet caned:
hahahaha obviously i don't walk in 10cm heels everyday. My right foot's toes were still tingly next day hehe.

Annoying pimple:
lol can you find it. SO ANNOYING AHHHH. Oh btw, i have katherine worthy eyes in pic above ;) (aka can cover with a shoelace xDDDD)

Camwhore land:
Sorry to the boys - you all became photographers for us girls. (credits to ppls pics i stole)

Big thanks to Farn, for coming as my partner :)

Inside scoop about afterparty cancellation:

Anonymous Yr 12 shows parent fb notices about afterparty > parent creates anonymous email to inform vice principal > school is unhappy > we are all unhappy > it gets worse and some staff become total bitches > afterparty is cancelled > it's not even connected to the school though > so where the hell is my refund huh?

When the pro/Mr Hankin's photos come, i'll scan them here/on fb. I ordered chem class, geog class, bio class, big group (boys+girls), group (girls), couples, something else.

I am so attractive. lol

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

bio spare

Hello everyone. Today Dot/Master D is here to entertain you.

So viv and i are in our "bio spare" as mrs henriques is at camp. i am doing my daily checking of things, whilst viv is catching up with maths setwork. i should do that too...but my textbook is at home. to heavy. ok, viv just told me to talk about something interesting in my life. well since there is nothing really going on in my life, i have decided to talk a bit about the formal, as a 'pre-update' for viv's much anticipated update.

well mandy and i were almost late to amy's pre-party ("fashionably late") as it took such a long time to get hair and makeup done. so the hummers we took to the formal were SO AWESOME. good bass for the music, good lighting, spacious. we listened to rainism. ahahahahaha (gonna be a bad boyyy) ANYWAY, leonda was really nice, and i must say, everyone looked extremely SESSY, especially VIVIAN CHAN. food was so-so, but much better than last year's. except for that noodle salad entre, i dont know what the hell that was. ok im starting to get bored, seeing as my blogging techniques are not as awesome as viv's. GOODBYE


Now i will tell you about Monday:
- wagged half of English with half the class and made comiclife..
- Emily and i found a balloon and ran down the year 10 corridor waving it into the classrooms and for the closed ones we threw the balloon up so people could see threw the windows. Next thing we know, Mr Stewart appears and we run for our lives down the corridor waving the balloon.
- TOK was biggest bludge ever
- Watched Chocolat the movie and slept on the floor
- Stayed up till 2am doing ee (it's now 30 pages)
- Dot talked to me on msn (highlight of my day) (whatever...)

I will now describe what's happening in bio spare atm...
Back row: studying
Side row: Dot is sleeping/doing weird hand actions, i am blogging/mathing, rest are working
Opposite side row: Tanji is jumping around
Middle row: Sav is reading manga and telling Belle about it
Front row: being nerdy

Okay for everyone who doesn't know Dot ...

Dot is:
- a bad boy (rainism)
- laughs funny
- won't give me her chocopie
- is going red as i type
- loves viv a lot
- i love dot too
- imitating G-dragon's hand moves
- likes to hit viv in bio (i must say, she is very strong) (whatever) (struong baby - show 'em what you got bra *CRACK CRACK CRACK*)
- likes to mimic the Mexican Taco ad in bio (dot: im very good at this)
- COCKY MUCH (see above and below)
- i am cocky too (dot: i influence viv's life a lot - in many ways)

This post is too long. New Song: It's You - Super Junior

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Just before i do a proper update about PLC Formal 09...

Click here

:) Thanks Jen for showing me this

Happy Mother's Day <3>

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

blogging for no reason

Cool things we/I did today:

- Sleep on each other's stomach during lunch on the oval while hardcore people trained for cross country around us. Gloria's stomach croaks like a frog!!! She married a froggy! =O
- Water fight
- Double latin spare = so unproductive
- Decided to go natural for formal again (moisteriser, exfoliator, mascara) and either do my own hair or book an appointment who really cares...
- Kill myself with chem prac


We're pretty funky. And unnerdy...

Saturday, May 02, 2009

I wish i had a drumkit.

So, i'm ditching my plans to buy/learn guitar after Year 12 and buy a drumkit instead. Not sure if i'll take lessons though - then i'll have no excuse for being crap :S

I'll talk about Battle of the Bands later. At the moment, i'm going to gloat over everything i've participated in since Years 7 - 11.

Note that i never did volleyball and hence i should get swimming half colours instead.

Pound Representative: ... lost property person?

Apparently the school captain's list was a handspan longer than mine. Great.

Things to note:

- I actually did sport. (CHEERLEADING, Fencing, Hockey, Swimming, Basketball, Badminton)

- I did too much music.

- They missed out the stuff i wrote in.

I wore plaits today. They went bop bop during cross country. hehe

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