Monday, March 30, 2009


Omg. I finally finished my Geography Coast Fieldwork Report which is my 25% Internal Assessment.

Except for the fact it's.... around 800-1k over the word limit. ah shit.

BUT IT'S DONE! And it's going to be laminated and bound and sent off to the IBO. If i ever get the word count down. If.

Now onto other crap ==

Edit: Can i just say something? From an IB perspective, whoever (mainly VCE) complains about getting 90%+ and still wants to go kill themself, then please do. No one actually cares did you know - unless you all did well.

Instead they're either crying or wanting to throw something at you.

Now go and earn that 99.95 without pissing someone off.

Editx2: i meant 90%+ in a test/exam. Not enter.

Friday, March 27, 2009

aths day 09

It's really hard to imagine myself a few months from now, let alone a year. Where will I be, what will i pursue, who will i still be friends with.

How long will it take until i know what i want to do?

What i want to do after nov 09:

- take up drawing classes again
- buy a guitar and learn it
- make a quilt
- understand commitment
- volunteer
- become the best swimming coach because i don't feel like training anymore.

What i have to do:
- study
- get more sleep
- please myself
- and then please my parents
- how about please the whole world
- eat myself
- be awarded The Coolest Blogger title

What i can't be bothered to do:
- study.

haha, and now i will go to a buffet because it is my dad's bday today. And congrats to Leven :) I think the younger year levels think us Year 12s are strange... running down the oval whooping ... well it is our last year, right :)

I think i'm going to go to Swimming Sports just to collect more ribbons =D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I wish i could mindwork.

Then i could do my homework in my sleep and wake up with it all done.

And this tummy ache is a bitch. I've had it for two days so far and i have to keep taking dumps. Are you trying to cripple me or what?!

In maths today, i glued pieces of paper to Kristen's forehead, fingernails, ears and hand with drawings/comments on them. (Credits: fiona's phone)

It was hilarious whenever she woke up from her sleep to talk to someone else.

And i also deranged Sav's eco revision sheet. I swear i saw the word "budget" so many times i instantly thought budgies.

The pic's blurry so click on it, and it's basically daddy/orphaned/family of budgies. And why is there a "budget" and a "Budget"??? Oh, and musn't forget the illegitimate budgies on the other page. And the dodgy one.

Obviously i don't do eco. =)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Everytime i work in my room, i spend most of my time admiring it.

Therefore i get no work done. =(

But since i've webcammed it to a few of you, i'm sure you know how awesome my room actually is now tehehe..

And now i will go back to latin......

Edit: I found massive split ends in my hair today. For the first time. And i need to brush my hair....

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Some things are best left unsaid.

And some things like a fat trunk keep distracting me from my maths portfolio.

I have to hairspray it or its roots will run away.

Tell me what this drawing means. (i already know it's crap, but that's not what i mean)

Friday, March 20, 2009


Quick update:

- Had 5 hrs sleep last night due to geog report but still awake today
- Drummed to myself in car
- Almost fell asleep in latin though
- Did nothing in maths
- Tore up smelly geranium leaves for chromatography so my fingers smelt like parsley afterwards. and i kept wiping some on dot so she looked like she was sniffing her armpits haha
- Taught swimming
- Thought dearly of hw as always....
- Brought a balloon to a maths party that didn't happen

Also i don't know whether to laugh or be pissed off at my dog who jumped onto my bed and pissed on it. LOLLLLLLL now my blanket, bed sheet, woolen thing under and even mattress is ruined. wtf was it thinking?

So Laura and i took both dogs upstairs and made them sniff it and look at it and we both repeatedly said NO. look here. NO NO NO. BAD DOG. a thousand times. cos dunno which dog did it lol........


Actually i'll shove laura off hers. i need sleep more than she does.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I thought i had lots to say but it turns out my day is too crap to remember anything good.

So i'm going to talk about feelings.

Today i felt like i was going to cry. Not out of pain, but sadness. Guess where? Oh dear, in Senior Strings...

"Gabriel's Oboe" - Ennio Morricone.. N.B - listen to it loudly.

This is embarrassing. But not embarrassing enough that i am going to force all of you who haven't heard it, to listen to it. It's what Nella Fantasia is based on, but without the words.

I also hope that none of you are scarred for life by 12 page+ bio design pracs like I am. It turns out that our whole prac is disregarded once our method is wrong. And that is 12 pages worth of time insanely screwed up.

Oh, and i also had a dream of getting 42/243 for my chem test. Which i still haven't gotten back yet.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

2001 - 2002

After finishing my chem hw, i found this big box of photos and some weird artwork i did in gr 4/5 (outside school)

I remember being really bad at sketching, because i'd worry more about a perfect circle than making it look 3D.

I would get so frustrated and wonder why the hell i had to do sketching with the older people and not do fun art/craft anymore.

Yes, i hated sketching. I can't draw either.

I had a big sketchbook of artwork just like that, but i've only found this one so far.

My firemen look retarded and they have really big gumboots LOL

And my sister thought those oil pastels were crayons >_>

I'm busy procrastinating bio prac, and those spheres are ugly.


What i did today...
- bio notes
- chem atomic sheet
- nursing home
- about to do bio prac
- look at old photos

Friday, March 13, 2009


Yay it's friday!

Maths was productive. While i was doodling on portfolio, Kristen carved out "VIVI FROGGY" in my diary :)

And my phone camera bore a black hole of doom into it too. FORESHADOWING.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

there are miracles when you believe.

Lipton tea. I never really liked it.

This Japanese doll is called Seiko for success. My sister bought it as a present for my bday.

I have nothing else to say.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

guess what "utinam huc adesses" means?

Hungy had this brilliant idea of asking people what this latin sentence meant.
These are the responses i got:

Hungy: ultimate house address?

Steph: gimme ur address

Luindilwen: ...what is the vocab?

lanananananana: o.O

Stoof: ultimate hud address


superhuman: jenn is the hottest beast in the world?

sallyannie: Vietnam

steve: I wish there was cake

wongsta: vivian loves latin?

belle: ultimate address =p

Vincent: ...I like frogs?

Farnie: ultimate something :S

Kooky K. Lee: um something here stands?

Nadia: lol iunno, i was guessing whore cos im a whore

Mandy: something something addresses...LOLL

mish: ultimate something something T_T"

James: your birthday? ;_;

Fuzzy: Your wife went there? :S

Sam: some kinda addresses???

Vi: some hunk of uranium in a yellow dress!


Notice the number of "ultimate hub addresses????" But I think Nadia wins for creativity LOL xD

It actually means "I wish you were here"

cake time !

Happy Bday to me :)

I am old now like the rest of you (most). HAHA 17 years old.

Thankyou for ...
- all your bday wishes
- texts
- presents
- cards
- hugs
- Kristen's Ribena cake was very special
- Laura's 36 orange/lemon zest cupcakes she made for me
- Symphony Orch for playing happy bday to me :)

I haven't had my bday at school for a long time (camp, labour day) so i feel extra happy today! Usually i would have a party (i have awesome ones yes??) but Year 12/IB is being meannnnn

Although Sav promises to get me piss drunk on my 18th... >_>

I'm gonna comp chute you all a cupcake/slice of cake =D

Sunday, March 08, 2009

almost there

What is this feeling? So sudden and new?
I can't stop blogging, or thinking about you
My hands are itching, my stomach is growling,

What is this feeling??
Unable to refrain...
Does it have a name?



Without any moderation!


ok i give up with this rendition. (Wicked)

Well, yesterday i helped lead a SONAS program, where you stimulate the brains of those suffereing from dimentia through music/singing/senses. It was like taking a kindergarten class but with less enthusiastic people. I also happened to talk/interact with an elderly lady who helped develop the Tetanus vaccination. Also, her aura of intelligence makes me feel inferior.

I like to read Sunday Life. It fascinates me.

And i will be blogging...
For forever
despite your pleas to not..

But i will be
My whole life longgggggg !


Oh god ....

LOL can you imagine, 80 years old and still blogging away. What a sad life.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Haha, guess who got featured this time. A certain person who demands i give him 50 king crabs in exchange for a castle and 1kg of that malay green cake + recipe. Actually, in proportion to your fish tank I THINK THE CASTLE IS VERY SMALL.

Unless the "fish tank" is the sea? hehe


guess who draws like that.. hehe

Hahahaa... how cute are the crabs ??

Anyway, so we formed this rockband at school. A really amateurish one cos we don't even know how to play bass guitar, electric guitar or drums.

And yes i get to be the drummer AHAHAHAHAHAHA. oh no . i dont even know where to hit... so i'm learning by ear atm. LOL

Mr Bean is my online drum teacher. if you haven't seen it yet.

Thursday, March 05, 2009



" I'll pause this game, so our love will never end."

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I had a stalkerish fly piss me off at 2am last night. It interrupted my sleep with its persistant BZZZZZ and freakn followed me everywhere in the house. JUST WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? is it the anti mozzie chinese ointment you got attracted to??

I ran into my room and slammed the door and it crawls under it into my room..... CREEPY MUCH. So i attacked it with mortein. god.

Anyway, this is...the side of my house. I noticed the different abundance in grass today. Yeah my house is not attractive but at least it's big...? =\

The grass is nice though. I've been giving it to the guinea pigs =)

Yay my organic apple tree. Crunchy but a tiny bit sour. Haha when you wash them they are nice and pretty to look at and hold.

Today was so windy that everyone's dress kept flying up (thank god for shorts) and i kept getting sand in my eyes/hair. ahhhh

Monday, March 02, 2009


Yeah, this is what i do when i'm bored. Draw happy pictures for people on msn.

Went to nursing home today to fill out a form and get toured around. Going to help stimulate people suffering from dimentia by having music/singing activities, games, talking etc.

It will be tiring (they are unresponsive, live more in past apparently) but i think it will be fun :) They even have their own vegetable garden. So yeah, pretty cool and i get to make my own badge. Hope i get to colour it in hehe

N.B - what do you think the story is in the above pics? =D

Sunday, March 01, 2009

happy time :)

ribena berry !

Go to this blog:
Thanks Kristen for showing me it. I think i've bribed my sister into making me the ribena cheesecake for my bday now :)

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