Thursday, October 30, 2008

Melbourne 2030. Inform me.

I think that i should blog more. Or even write a story.

So, i was invited to a fundraising dinner dance.

My left foot had me on its hit list, it didn't enjoy being in a high heel, and now i am arguing with it.


But i had fun and the food was good. Food is important. (Evidence seen in "Paradise of the Blind" - Duong Thu Huong) Food means bonding and this can get awkward. And i really liked the female singer's voice.

Now i must show you something.

I THINK IT IS A SIGN. (That i will get a 7 in every subject) It's taped on my wall and nothing is happening.

I look quite scary. But my sister was making turkey cranberry / turkey nice salad thing at 1am for her Year 7 Food Stall. Cakes! Jelly! Muffins! Chocolate! Lollies! All at ridiculously low prices.


I feel like a tea party with devonshire tea and scones. I hate quiche.

I think that i have failed anyone who reads this post. My life is so boring at the moment, apart from the fact i spilled water all over me in the car and it looked like i have real bladder problems. So i sat on my blazer thinking, ABSORB DAMNIT ABSORB. And then i got to assembly and my dress/jumper was 60% dry by now and hurray for .... absorbing seats.

Don't worry, i was not menstruating. LOL


Super Long Edit: for the photocrazy.

You know, i really think that that light is an opening into another world.

Where i can eat sushi all day and make my own sushi train. How about my own sushi cardboard box bed. okay wtf

Okay, so that box of chocolate had issues. Steph and i exiled a few from it and forced them into a line. Then we made up a game similar to where you leap over something else and that thing disappears... to see which chocolate would die first.

And then it met our taste buds. And they were really happy.

I think i suffer from Severe must-steal-every-balloon-i-see Syndrome.

When one waiter moved our bunch from our table, it was very tragic for me. YES I HAVE ISSUES. In the end i asked to take two home but Kristen's mother was kind enough to let me take ELEVEN and i was greedy enough to accept.

Balloons make me happy okay?

I'm going to end on the highlight of the night.

We got Kristen on the dance floor. You don't know how long it took to convince her. BUT HER DRESS IS SO PRETTY. And that is a bad photo. But it's proof! (surrounded by other ppl dancing)

Friday, October 24, 2008

I have cracker crumbs in my hair...

Today i was inspired by my sister's Panda artwork to finally collate some of my Year 7/8 artwork and hang up.

Unfortunately, i only received half of my paintings/drawings back. And i'm annoyed because those were my better works. I also never got my turtle cupcake back from ceramics.

This is obviously incomplete - it seems i worked too slow and still do to this day. I could have finished it today if i hadn't thrown away the stencil back when i was stupid(er).

(NB: pikachu!)

Yes it's simple and nothing brilliant. Shhh. I just cut out the lino ink things and bleh.

This makes my door look rather fat but it isn't.

This is so weird how i am showing off my bedroom door. But i have to show the Qoo thing i bought in HK. =D

The artwork i was inspired by to create/finish/be reminded of mine. I like the mouth and nose but this panda needs to lose weight.

I like how any mistake in paintings can be turned into something worth looking at. This reminds me of photoshop too.

The stupid fish decided to go vertical instead of horizontal. This is my sister's artwork from last year and i like it.

Only problem is, does that eyelash need trimming or is that an overgrown moustache?

So my next week is full of torture. Hope yours is better :)


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Remember: tan²θ + 1 = sec²θ

Like my sheep?

I stole this rather than received it. Obviously I don’t know enough bloggers.

A is for your age: 16

B is for burger of choice: WHOPPER

C is for the car you drive: The sexy sports car I’m planning to steal from my neighbour.

D is for your dog's name: Espresso and Cino. Previous dogs when I was 4 were called Billy and Bessie.

E is for essential item/s you use every day: Face cleanser, graphic calculator (just because I’m not as mathematically able/less paraonid like you...), hole puncher, highlighter, INTERNET, glasses.

F is for favorite TV show/s at the moment: FRIENDS, Better Homes and Gardens

G is for favorite game: some car racing game on Xbox, and I played Runescape to reassure my inner levelwhore and then to rip people off.

H is for home state: VIC

I is for instruments you play: Piano, Cello

J is for favorite juice: Grape, Cloudy Apple, Tomato, Orange juice

K is for whose bum you'd like to kick: I don’t kick people. I spank them with my water bottle/a racquet.

L is for last restaurant at which you ate: I told you can’t remember anything beyond two days ago. But I think it was Plume in Doncaster

M is for your favorite Muppet: EW. Kermit’s voice is traumatising and I want to rip Miss Piggy’s head off.

N is for number of piercings: One in each ear.

O is for overnight hospital stays: If you count not wanting to leave my mum when she had my sister, then okay. And then I got jealous of Laura’s attention and threw toys at her.

P is for people you were with today: Family – what a boring day.

Q is for what you do with your quiet time: There is no quiet time because I like my music loud. But I guess blogging, reading, and when I’m IN THE ZONE to work.

R is for biggest regret: I trashed them so i have less things to worry about.

S is for status: Single

T is for time you woke up today: 9:45am

U is for what you consider unique about yourself: I can make people happy.

V is for vegetable you love: Pumpkin because I’m craving that right now.

W is for worst habit: Stereotyping people in my head at first. Over chewing my water bottle lid. Not studying for tests enough so I’ll be failing my double period geography test tomorrow if I don’t do something now.

X is for x-rays you've had: Nose (after I mucked up my double back flip for diving in gr 4) and Teeth (unsure why)

Y is for yummy food you ate today: I can mind eat. So I always have yummy food (in my head).

Z is for zodiac: Pisces

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Swimming mentality.

Wagging school, realising the extent of your unfitness, pigging out on chips and wondering if you're even allowed to drown at 25m - i think this pretty much sums up Swimming Sports Day at MSAC.

However, this might be our last Swimming Sports because it's optional for all Year 12s next year except for the housy and super fish. But i find competitive swimming, even in a supposedly relaxed state for school, impossible to do without a calm disposition.

Waiting to be marshalled behind the wings before the swim is already painful. Wanting to just melt into your own little puddle of fear after remembering your fellow competitors' pro swimming history is already tragic.

This is how the pro people who swam at 28sec/50m free did it. (And Olympians too)
1. Keep warm.
2. Relax. (This was too hard for me because i hadn't trained for a year.)
3. Listen to your Ipod before you're called up.
4. Don't talk/complain to others to maintain focus.
5. Constant stretching/flexing.
6. In the end, it's about achieving your personal best or for the sake of your house. Hell, i came last in Championship Freestyle this year, but you know what... That's more points than first in div 1 :)
7. Some Olympians put goggles THEN cap on. This might solve goggles that fall off after diving in. But i'm going for do pro cap, house cap, goggles.

8. Remember to drink plenty of water.
9. Purposely busting for the toilet before your race will not boost up your time/ribbon place. Adrenaline > my stupid brain.
10. For 100m, after you tumble turn don't breathe until after your first stroke (ideally, after you pass the flags). Why? Because breathing takes up time.

New goals:
- 7am swimming < two lunchtimes/week because i'm lazy.
- Skipping rope.
- Grow my hair.
- Stop thinking about cake.
- I need a new bladder.


I'm wearing bathers underneath that shirt dress okay.

* Hi James, my #1 blog stalker/FAN <3

Thursday, October 09, 2008


This is a joint post featuring Dot today. She is absolutely delighted to be a part of my blog - such a privilege isn't it? Also when the stupid screen keeps running away from me. COME BACK HEREEE

Today is a complaint blog. About TOK . POK. AoK WHO CARES. WoK EVEN. SO ASIAN .

For those who don't understand the complications and hardships of TOK, just. don't bother asking. It's meant to give you TOK moments and inspire you to think outside the box. Whatever.... more like inspire us to kill ourselves. (Oh that will be on Study Day and the actual event will be postponed till sunday before TOK oral starts.)

Hello....this is DOT. so, anyway, I HATE TOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid teachers told us to day that we hardly have any time to prepare and even think about our presentation( (due to exams). They also cut out two days of exams just for stupid TOK so now our exams are being squished into 4 days. sorry if my post is lame, but the bell just went and i have to go feed old people now...

Also, we get half a year less than previous years (originally planend for March/April 2009) to prepare our TOK presentation. around 20min + 20min for the both of us. How can we prepare this when we have exams and a Group 4 Science project straight before/middle of it? I have Geog camp that weekend too oh noooo ... Everything fkn counts. I WILL TRY AND MAKE IT IN TIME FOR SLARKIN'S PARTY. YES. i hope.

Following on, did you also hear about how Katherine accidentally saw these old man's balls at Epworth. I FEEL SO SORRY FOR HER AND OTHERS. Hopefully dot won't have a similar experience.

Anyway, you can see how much Dot loves tok. I really love it too........ sarcasm FTW.

i need to go pee.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Geography report is killing me.

I feel like i live on a farm. In a good way, of course. I've had two german shepherds since i was 4, chickens and roosters, still 9 guinea pigs and now two greyhounds~

I can't believe this - i never thought we'd actually get a dog, let alone two. I don't know what to think actually. They're from the Greyhound Adoption Centre in Seymour which means they've either retired from racing or weren't good enough.. Nevertheless, if you try to run after them it's like chasing after a horse. Most of them get put down if they aren't adopted so we will contact their previous trainer/s to tell them they've found a good home.

The brown one with tiger patterns is a 2 year old boy and is known as Boo until we think of a new name. He needs a peace treaty with the guinea pigs too - he keeps staring and following their every movement. No mad barking yet although I hope the little dog next door will get along with him, as Boo is rather domineering. Laura wants to call him Cappucino/Frappucino. My mind is blank as.

My mum and sister are giving both of them a bath in the pictures and the dogs are outside my study window at the moment. The black one is a girl currently named Cecie - she's 1.5 years old and is more submissive and timid but will get used to this new environment and us through time. She is my sister's favourite because she's a lot quieter than the others that jumped on her. Laura wants to call her Espresso.

Yes, i have a huge backyard but that's not the focus of this picture. We bought lots of toys to play with them! Apparently they have really strong teeth so we had to buy sturdy, long lasting toys. Also found this cool kong toy where you stuff food inside it and they keep on chewing it.

Today is also my mum's birthday, so my sister and i wrote her a card and bought her a mug saying I love you mum xx. Kind of ran out of money this time - last year we bought her this Chanel perfume/lotion pack.

I think i'm quite happy with our new pets =D

What do you think we should name them?

- Edit: Ooh they learn really quick and like to follow us around everywhere. Aw so cute.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Paparajotes - a dessert

Today my sister and i cooked Paparajotes. It's a dessert that involves fried batter around lemon leaves picked from a lemon tree. The aroma was great even though we made a few mistakes along the way.

On right: Ingredients in the foreground.

On left: Ignore my pjs. NOMNOMNOM

If i had my own cooking show, i'd get my own assistant/s to do the dirty work for me. IT IS SO ANNOYING. I wish i could cook well. I think i'm going to make an APPLE PIE next. =D I LIKE CREAM!! Also because for IB CAS.. all Creativity hours can't just be music. So gonna include 9-10 hours of cooking and getting fat.

Below: stupid egg whites

Okay, THIS WOULD'VE TAKEN MY WHOLE LIFETIME TO DO if we hadn't used the electric mixer. It's quicker and you don't get sore muscles, but beating egg whites by hand is a lot better. So we alternated between the two and my god it is still so annoying. But yes, nice and white and fluffy now !!!! I think if i was a chef in a kitchen i'd die of high blood pressure the first day.

On left: This was our first attempt.

It looks nicer when you lightly dust icing sugar/cinnamon sugar over it. We set the batter in the fridge for a while first so it would envelop the lemon leaves better before frying. After a few times we managed to make them crispier. But it got a bit oily at first.

On right: Piggy sister

I wouldn't consider today an absolute success but it was fun trying to do something different. We're better at baking, steaming, boiling etc. Not frying @.@

What should i make next?


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