Tuesday, January 31, 2006

suki manga. //

I didn't get to say it before, so GONG HAI FAT CHOI, SUN NIN FAI LOK. pardon the pin yin but it's cantonese. I went to Boxhill festival on chinese new year eve and i bought 5 chinese dvd for $40. Yay! I watched twins effect and i have many more... Edison Chen looks really good in that movie. Nice looking guys like him ruin my life. Um, kind of. ^^ My second cousin looks nice. [mainly because of his hair] But i can't own him. blup! >< Did you know that you can marry your cousin if he is on your mother's side? In chinese relations. Kind of sick, but yeah. ><

On sunday we went to the city with my cousin, Cindy. Stupid firecrackers so loud i swear i went deaf that day. We also got incense sticks and i like the smell of them but bowing and praying infront of the queue gets a bit embarrassing. >< There were so many people in chinatown.. and when we went to QV the lion dance people even visited the shops. ^^ We went to melbourne central afterwards and i got a pink DUCHESS bag, pink chucks converse shoes and three tops. Yes, pink is so very attractive, is it not? Excluding pink clothes. Hmm... and afterwards we went to Golden Dragon Palace for dinner and i saw Rachel Fong. She was sitting right behind me. Except we didn't talk, except for saying Hi. She's still really short haha. And guess what? I'm shrinking. eek ! Well, maybe not. Same thing.

I got a new phone today, in replacement for my burnt one. It's LG U880 black model. It feels so plastic-like compared to my other one... Same number.

I borrowed Suki manga from the library. This book is about a girl who has a really cute neighbour [so they say] and he ends up being her new teacher at school. [how disgusting ><.. but so cute too ! ] And then he ends up liking her too but i haven't finished the book so yeah... All i'm hoping is that they DON'T get married. Or elope. That would be bad.

Year nine classes are bizarre. What was wilkinson thinking? Blame it on pms. Actually, 9J isn't too bad. But when you look at every other class, you think WHAT ON EARTH. Well, i did ^^ And everyone is angry about the classes. Everything seems so spread out, like random groupings. Gah. Our class is just.. stupid. 9L is a very strange class. I haven't labelled any of my books. Oh well. I'm still trying to figure out everything on the stupid blue calculator. Hmm...

Who is Mr Downie? I've heard that he is a science teacher and part of the band with Mr Carbo or something. I feel sorry for the class with buckman LOL. ^^ Thank god i'm not on top floor!! >< I wonder what classes we'll have on the first day. Hopefully not sport. I really dislike block runs now. And we have to do a triathalon in Year nine. Run..swim..run.. i am going to die then.

Oooh.. i'm going to hongkong for three weeks on my birthday. Damn, when can i have a birthday party then??? *sighs* Eek, three weeks. That means i miss out on a week of school. No, im not too sure yet. I can't miss out on camp !!! No matter the fact that i will die from lack of hygiene and starvation and physical pains but yes.

If i had a birhtday party, i am going to invite everyone. And that means, not just our group, but everyone else from the other group. LOL. *sigh* just wondering what i'd do though. to make this party interesting. o_O if i ever have one, that is.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


I decide to post but find that that there is nothing to talk about. I am reading about the government school thing in The Age Magazine and the bit about how Mt Waverly secondary school got burned down in 2003, and reminded me of a few things. In grade 6 i was pretty much insane. I even thought of burning down MLC and this other school. I had this..plan. Which involved matches and fire and basically not being caught by security cameras. o_O And to burn down MLC whilst my sister and mum were at her violin suzuki tuition. And to somehow get them out in time. *looks at the ground* Um yes, i was mental. Most probably still am. Why did i think of burning down some schools? Well.. let's just say i didn't like MLC too much... I like mlc girls individually. Just not as a group... And don't look at me like that. T_T

THIS IS GOING TOO FAR. My own sister called me a slut. She doesn't even know what a slut is !! I asked her, and she goes a big fat slug. No wait, maybe she was saying i was that o_O. Oh my gawd this is all her friends' fault. They all swear at each other.. And i don't swear at home. So yeah. Not my fault this time. =.=' Damn, she blocked me.

I am going to the city tomorrow. And i will be seeing Memoirs of a Geisha. Happy Australian Day tomorrow guys..... T_T Well, right now i guess. It's 12:16am and my eyes are blinking so much, but i'm not mentally tired. I think i will go blind soon. I don't know. My eyes are so drowsy these days, and only icecream seems to make them feel better. Erm, i eat the icecream, i mean. I don't apply it to my eyes.

The movie Casanova seems okay to watch. I guess i find it intriguing because i saw the mask in the advertisement. Yes, a mask. But i don't usually see masks !! Stupid me. I haven't even seen the trailer. And the woman is naked. *runs away* ...


*sits in corner*

Gosh, schweppes looks so good to drink. Any flavour! In any bottle ! I want to try Red Bull. BECAUSE IT GIVES YOU WINGS FOR ME TO FLY. not. *sigh* Steph truong said there were bull body parts in that drink and i'm like eh? o_O

One week till school. I am positively scared. I am going on Monday to the plc shop and to find out class lists things. I have lost my pencilcase. The whole pencilcase, big and small. This is disastrous. I must find it !! All my best stationery is in there, for god sake !! Okay, the ones i prefer to work with then.

Gong hai fat choi... *sigh* Happy Chinese new year.

I had a strange dream last night. I was climbing a mountain with two other plc girls. Except the "mountain" was made out of cardboard and was held together by masking tape. It was around 3 metres tall, but it felt so high... We had to retrieve something.. And i can't remember very much but i got to the top.. and suddenly fell back down. And then the "mountain" collapsed into a pile of snow and bleh.. whatever. a boring dream but climbing the "mountain" felt so..so..weird.

Gah, i go to boxhill too much. Going there on friday for a get together, and then going there again on saturday for northshore in morning, and umm boxhill festival afterwards. I need a change.

*moves to another corner*

Tomorrow is going to be so hot again. Times like these, i wish i lived in an iceberg. I want to know how to make igloos. It looks so easy, and nice. And the outcome looks so small and cute. hehe ! ^^

I bought this 56 project book on knitting from spotlight the other day. Yes, it's summer. And i am starting to knit scarves or whatever it looks like now. Well. It's winter in northern hemisphere now !!!! *grins* =DDD

*travels to hong kong*

mmm... *is cold*

*makes snowman* wheeeeeeeeee ~

Aren't you proud? I made a snowman. I also made myself look like an immature freak. =]

12:39am. This sucks.

12:40am. Now what?

Let's wait till 1am.

*eats cookie*

I know. I'll prove my point that wR1TinG lIk3 th1$ is so0o0O0o0o h@rd aNd maYbE i'm nOt tAleNteD enOuGh tO wrIt3 liKe thIs bUt iT taKeS me sOo0o0o0o lOnG .... wait till julia sees this !! Hah! >_> Um, yes.

For me, it's virtually impossible.

hmm... *eats baby food*

yummy !

We bought baby food for the guinea pigs. Not for me.

But what do you know...

I'm bored. And rather selfish. And lazy. And immature. And gross.

And i've decided i don't like baby food anymore.

12:46am. who cares. I'm going to bed.

12:56am. I'm back. And editing this useless post.

12:57am. Reading email and wondering why some people are so afraid of talking on the phone..... *glares*

12:58am. *stares at health warning tag on keyboard wire*

12:59am. *puts pva glue all over hands*

*waits for it to dry*

*stretches glue*

01:00am . *peels glue*

*wonders about health warning.

Remember how teachers in junior school told you off real bad if you sniffed glue...


*eats glue*

Yay! o_O

Saturday, January 21, 2006

visuals ~

Okay, let's face it. I suck at resizing photos and i cannot be bothered fiddling with them any longer. And if you get bored halfway through, that's not my fault.

^^ only kidding. well yeah..

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I am obsessed with runescape now. it acts as a boredom solution for me. If i'm not busy with html work, that is. ^^ bwaahahaha.... a lot of people in our year play runescape, i just realised. bleh...

and the year 10 acceleration book sucks. i tried the cd in it and haha nice. ok, it doesn't exactly 'suck' but there's just an overload of random photographs in it....

I have nothing to talk about. My week has been okay. Let me describe it to you. Monday, i went over to helene's house and just realised how much i suck at bowling in cricket and at nintendo. hahaha. but yes. i eventually got there. and then helene and i rearranged something but we never got to it.. because of runescape!! and i saw michael's house. but he wasn't in there. what...a...pity. >_>

Tuesday, i did practically nothing. In fact, i cannot even remember what i did, during that time ! My memory hates me. T__T

Wednesday.. err steph larkin came over. and we walked for 15min to the Pines LOL haha omg and i was planning to hitchhike halfway through. why? because there's like 3 hills..in between my house and the shopping centre. but yes. and i bought dips and this really nice top mwahaha... and we watched 3 movies . yes, i know, how sad. and do NOT watch THE OMEN. it is the crappest movie ever but i still got freaked in the end. T_T

Thursday, omg omg i couldn't go out to glen with mandy and that group because i had no way of getting there. hmph. And then i watched The Medallion till 1am. Mwahaha...

Friday, err today i just got bored. and laura was annoying me real bad.

...WHY IS THIS TOP SO SEE THROUGH. T____T urgh. anyway yeah...

im bored. and im very boring. if people are bored, does that make them boring too? hmm... ^^ hehe

oh dear. eleven days left. i'm not sure if i want holidays to end. Because i am afraid of..homework.. o.O how stupid. Why? because i can't even do the stupid homework HAHA. Ahem well, i can. I just don't want to. And then it ends up with no homework done at all... I think? who cares ^^ Ok ok i do care.. just.. T_T We get exams in RE this year. How sad.

I've actually taken up chinese again. In other words, self teaching. I want to speak french and mandarin fluently. But i just don't want to go through the stupid process of learning it.. Gah. Everyone says gah now. oh this is ridiculous. i don't even know what to write here. and right after i post an entry, i find something good to say.

Friday, January 13, 2006

IT'S DARE ~ OOH !! ^_<

i have been to boxhill everyday this week. it's getting. weird. and then i come back home and do nothing. thank god for tomorrow. actually going out!! to see chicken little with tanji and steph and take sticker photos in boxhill and then go to camberwell. you know, camberwell supermarkets scare me. >___<

i am so stupid. i watch all these movies and i don't know the name of them until i get reminded later on. so i've actually seen house of flying daggers, house of fury, new police story, kung fu style etc. house of flying daggers is the one where he tries to seduce the blind girl right? and she's sitting in a bathing pond and he's perving on her. hah. yeah. why did i remember that bit. T__T because i like to perve too !! ...NO. ooh and that time when two men and the girl in the snow and she got a knife in her and they're fighting over her right.. ahhh..

i want new police story in cantonese. *sigh* i want tvjb. i want foxtel again.

richmond festival on sunday !! i don't know if i can go. but boxhill festival soon. it's really good mwahaha. you get like free stuff to eat.. and you meet like everyone there. THERE'S DODGEM CARS BAHAHAHA *broooooom* .. i think i'll ask gwen to go with me... ^___^ or the other group... unless you guys want to come too. i'm expecting a no. since i get that response every year T__T and i'm wagging the first northshore day for chinese new year in the city. unless i have to go sat am or something but i don't want to go to ns at all !!!! >___<

i am thoroughly scared. ok is that how you spell it? anyway, my piano teacher, is getting all her Amus and Lmus students to perform in some restaurant. i am hoping it's some.. small hidden restaurant where NO ONE WILL SEE ME PLAY T__T . somewhere in alaska or something. but to have a piano inside a restaurant gotta mean the restaurant is good... and the only restaurant i know with a piano in it is golden dragon palace...templestowe.. jess tam's yr 7 bday lunch thing HAHA. damnit.

i will go in disguise. o.O

ooh blue ducks. how.. fun. mummy. daddy. baby. =D and i will get them imported from jamaica *cough* . and they can come swim in my pool... >_>

is march holidays this year. stupid commonwealth. i want my bday on a school day. *sigh*

have any of you watched kung fu style?? it's the funniest chinese movie ever. hahaha !! i'm going broke. only $20 left in my wallet. and i don't want to spend the rest from my moneyboxes. i changed wallet. all my cards couldn't fit. it's the snoopy one from..hong kong. my mum bought it. laura's taken over my bedroom. i mean she's even got her own desk and computer in her bedroom, WHEN'S IT MY TURN. and now she sleeps in my bed everynight. *misses bed* >___< aha! i will go sleep in it now. o_O

i feel like being mean. even though i'm in a very happy mood. ^_^ i hate someone. who was in 8D. no wait, i don't hate her. since i don't know her too well. but she's so annoying! interferes so much, especially last night.. and i think i should block her. but then she might get mad and that's just great. MOTHERFRIEND !! T_T

mlc girls are so whoaaaa. all rich bitches. and that's not an accusation. mlc girls say it themselves. =] they "can't" wear anything less then $200 or you're out of the circle. why don't you just combine the total cost of all the clothes you're wearing instead. o_O !!

alright. i have an obsession with blue ducks now.

yuki. momji. hiro. kyo. RAHHHHH . =] un deux trois.. comme ci comme ci comme ca.. one day i feel so high.. lala... sushi in boxhill is such a ripoff !! $2 for such a small roll. you can get bigger rolls for the same price in westfield. pft.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


HAHAHAHHA ^__________^

mwahaha i am insane.

wooooot this is so ...amusing.

only three more people to go,

and then i know who everyone likes. in our whole group.


or loves.

love is a scary word. and already some people are budding into it. eek !!

HAHAHAHA .. sigh anyway.

i am getting freaked. emong is like, physic. first night, she had dream about something. and it was true [in my case]. and next night, she had another dream and in it i was crying. and that was true too. and next day she knows how i felt today..

even if she's all the way in kuala lumpur. oh dear.

i have membership card. i got into finals in swimming. now i get free stuff to gloria jeans, boost etc... HAHA .

i even get an admission to MCG. o_O err. and the oppurtunity to buy a racing suit... LOL


ok. i deleted that useless quiz post.

my computer got wiped again. i lost my documents itunes etc again gees.

my sister got msn. how very strange.

and i seem to be getting bloodnoses everynight. damnit.

my bday is in exactly 2 months !! ^_^ hehe...

*jumps up and down*

i want a trampoline. my backyard is big enough for one...

i am depressed.

my friend got cancer. around the heart. pft.

in fact. i have two friends that got cancer. one had leg amputated. but she's alright. can still dance / run / etc.

now i don't know about the other one.


i want to see chicken little. legend of zorro. memoirs of a geisha.

i am. dou fu jai. yay. ^^

and now my dou fu gor gor is dying.

dou fu lou.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

this is how i feel.

Jay Chou An Jing Translation
Song Title: Silence

Only piano has been talking with me for the day
The sleeping cello; Silent; Old

I think you’ve make it well understood
I understand and I know too; There is no begrudge in you.

I don’t believe that you are sad too.
Holding your hand. You being with me. It is all in the past now.
I hope he really loves you more than I am.
Then I’ll leave you when it is true.

It is so confound for me to hear you want me to ask you. I do not wish to break up with you.
Why do you want me to be smiling and pretend nothing has happened?
I don’t have the talent to embrace you and him
Please don’t worry too much, I’ll continue to live well.
You are very far away from me and I will slowly walk away too.
Why do I let you choose how and when we break up?
I really have no such talent. I can’t be this quickly silenced.
I’ll learn to give you up. This is all because I love you too much.

wo hui xue de fang qi ni .. shi yi wei wo tai ai ni ..

anyway. sav's bday party. waterbombs. clare chung is really hyper... >_> karen is nice. and priscilla is quiet. i like sushi. count of monte cristo, can't believe she stopped it just at the bit when he was dying...

the world is happyyyyyyy... ^__^ hopefully..

ti amo.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

an jing .. [silence] ..

ok fine. jess has done a recap. so has katherine. and yi-ling. i may as well do one as well haha. including holidays too. to erm, fill up the space. o_O stole yi-ling's idea haha...

recap 2005

term one 2005
i remember being very happy because i had quite a good class. i also remember the very first day of gr 8, and the desks were very...green. LOL and i remember seeing mrs greenhill for the first time and i was like god, is that mrs wilson no.2 with makeover?? haha. ahh camp. now camp was very good. lots of fun and yes standing in the cold for 30min for talking and waking people up.. oops. and yeah i cried. PFT useless i reckon now. anyway yeah. jodie was a very dodgy camp leader. sorry yi-ling but "dodgy" seemed to fit. ^_^ and omg this was the term where i had a huge fight with mandy etc. even jess and i were enemies. and i remember gwen going GOOD MORNING GOOD AFTERNOON etc all through camp. and my birthday was on camp ! dear god. T__T it was strange and i remember buckman and her obsession with 8G's camp leader. tut tut never go for younger men, i say. what else.. oh yeah. i seemed to think term one as happy term but camp is like, all i can remember... *sigh* and then i had big big fight with katherine last day term one. how.. stupid. >__<

term two 2005
err.. i seriously do not remember anything in this term. wait, what months were they.. may june july i think?! *sigh* ok i give up. i just remembered that i started losing friendship with some people but gaining a whole lot more with others. ooh !! music tour camp . now that was pretty fun i guess. i remember us playing musical statues right?? and all these rehearsals and yi-ling, savana and i walking everywhere in the bush. and i had to leave halfway through music camp for something. and i made friends with tanji there. and umm.. yes. and after camp wensi came over to my house.. and she played on my cello haha.. and yes. it was my small cello then. um wait. was macrob exams in this term.. i just remember getting results in august.. um yes. i never told mum about the interview i could have had. and she found out later on and was like omg !! you should've went !! so you could've just gone to macrob !! and im like WHAT THE HECK. i don't want to go to macrob. gees. T_T

term three 2005
oh this term. hmph. actually um i got A+ on geography project. haha yay. serious tour rehearsals were going through and all the staff especially mr ross were on major panic attacks and god knows what. and yeah hamerton pranks with yi-ling and well.. the whole idea of wagging tutorials itself. omg it was so stupid!

term three holidays 2005
haha!! it was TOUR WOOOT . i loved tour. i remember on the bus to melb airport i made vivian wong call me so we talked the whole way and sav was just looking dead and after i got off she was.. annoyed. >_> but whatever. i took pictures of everybody and with her so hopefully she was happy again. o_O NOT. lol whatever. i made better friends with tanji and steph larkin on tour. and a lot more friends. tour was so good apart from the time i got colic in hong kong. and when i kind of got into trouble when i just ..ran off the train between malaysia and singapore HAHA. and i had many other events as well. *sigh* we had buffets like every night and everyone felt bloated and mr ross had not exploded yet. he will one day, i bet. um not that i was waiting for him to explode but he must have major cellulite everywhere. wait, do men get cellulite. i don't know actually. haha who cares. and then barbara commented my cello as percussion instrument... >_> the umm buckles haha.

term four 2005
um this term. was pretty stressful actually. well yes. and i like failed everything. how sad. and by two weeks to end of school i was already not doing any work. and LOL MS STOKYVICH and her sudden bitchy mood as substitute teacher LOL. now that was funny. and johnston's sudden pms mood gees. and all this... stuff. and omg we all thought that katherine would leave but she's not going to..yet. gees katherine. haha >_> and umm.. i think this term a lot of parties were held. i think? or maybe that was term three. um yes. and i became really close with jessica and that helped with like, everything. if she ever reads this.. I LOVE YOU JESS LOL .. and umm.. i'm just kinda sad. year eight has finished. year 9 now. ooh and then we all found out whether we got into accel or not. that was great. though some of us got into extension but hey that's still good.. right? whatever won't bother comforting here. everyone's over it anyway. i think we went to darkzone this term. and that was mad. hehe

term four holidays 2005 - 2006
ok. we went to snowy mountains and i climbed mt kosciusko. and i got tanned again. gees. and i lost my phone and ipod due to some retarded fire. i'm getting a new phone soon anyway. im using my old phone now so yeah.. whoever wants my old mobile phone number, ask for it. and well i talk on the phone too much. must stop ! >__< and i have taken to reading. since there is nothing better to do. even internet is boring me. and i like jay chou , initial d and jay chou songs again. they are rad. =] and yes. my favourite song now, is an jing - jay chou. a very pretty song.. if you want it i can send it to you. =] it's like a love song. it pains me too. bringing back stupid memories !! omg i am so over him. T__T i will not think of him. and don't even ask about who and what i am talking about. if you want info about him, just go to my asiagroove page and read. i refuse to say anything else.

omg what am i saying. this song is ruining me. teh ah wells. it is so good. *sigh*

alright i have to go. boxhill now.. haha

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