Friday, November 21, 2008

sunset glow.

There are three things i learned today.

1. Don't imagine killing people just for fun.

I was watching Heroes and i felt angry because Angela should have just knifed her husband straight away. And now he's still not dead. So i was imagining how it must feel to be in that position. And how i would have enjoyed disemboweling people i don't like (which isn't many) just for fun. But that would be wrong, no?

2. I admit that i need hearing aids.
Those who know me well like to bag me about my hearing problems. What i don't feel like hearing, i make it up. What i don't even get to hear, i make it up. But my translations can be quite comical =D I just watched the latest Bond movie and the agents speak so quickly and precisely. The point is, i wouldn't make a good agent because my ears only seem to translate words into jibberish. I would fail the company, the country and life itself.

I think it's because some things are better off unheard.

I don't understand this post.

3. Teachers like to lie to you.
This could be in a positive or negative way. However, in exam conditions, what do you think it is. We were told that nothing on semester 1 would be on the bio exam aka only 5 multiple choice q out of the 30. Instead i think i just failed half of that paper + the ones i got wrong for semester 2 work, because i believed that lie. Or i didn't care. Hopefully paper 2 and 3 are passable because they hurt my hand.

There are huge 50% sales everywhere in Westfield. I seriously have to go there soon.

This is a crap post.

I feel like bombing up something.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm a hopscotch!

Yeah, so i just had my english exam.

Not too bad i wrote like 6 pages. Only left an hour for the commentary though so i didn't have time to finish the last few lines. The prose was like wtf so very offputting this massive chunk of text so i did the poem.

i think if the prose is all on one page then i am more likely to read it because it looks less...intimidating.

tomorrow is maths. it took me 4 hrs to do the practice paper. kill me now? and actual exam is 2.5hrs . Whoever can do the last question on Paper 2 Section B, please inform me. It's like proving identities but with letters instead of numbers. I only got half of it ==

then chem+geog. latin+bio.


and then geog camp ^^ off to the beachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Woah the maths exam was the worst exam ever i've ever done. It killed all my remaining brain cells. Good luck to those continuing HL maths next year, but then're all so smart because ...


I kid. but yeah. smart ppl @.@

going to vacuum up other people's smartness now ^^

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My only mosaic of you.

It's exam studying time. For me, it's suddenly anime time again. Wtf?

So warm today. I've been doing a lot of chem revision. Purposely neglecting bio. Ecology is so off-putting.

This is the view from my balcony.

I got a bloodnose the other day while walking the dogs. It was not fun. I remember in gr 4 after i did a backflip dive i didn't jump far enough and i think i hit my nose and i had this massive 20min bloodnose. And then the ambulance came. Hmmm....

I have a tummy ache.

I can't be bothered to type so you can stare at the desk in my room LOL

Yes, that is 15+ geog textbooks on my desk in the corner.

The top of this thing got chipped. =\

That bracelet is from Macau and it's meant to bring outstanding academic success.

Obviously i haven't been wearing it enough and the yellow ones have faint cracks in them o.O

I'm looking at past chem hw sheets and how "hard" it was back then. And how easy i find it now. Hopefully energetics calculations will be like that one day.

Yeah, i keep on forgetting the conversion between moles and molecules. The multiplication or division sign. Kinda sad.

I like avocado. And i like pumpkin. I think i will buy a watermelon and pea one later.

I wish for HP food. I want a butterbeer.

Okay, that's enough for today. I already know what i'm going to blog about next time :)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Sometimes life is not what it seems.

Another short post today for i am still picture-less. My life is becoming dull and all i did today was sit down at the desk in my room and admire the wall in front of me. And the desk too. Oh and my window sill as well. Nothing on balcony though. When i get a picture, you guys can admire the refurnishing i have done. :)

Well, you better.

So i will talk about school being gay as usual. I wagged RAL along with many other Year 11s to do english. But in the end i only wrote two paragraphs and kept talking to Nadia. Then i was 10min late to geography as always, but since our sub wasn't used to our usual tardiness, she was rather unhappy. (I'm late to every class except maths. Oh and bio because teacher keeps threatening to make us stand outside the door like in chinese school. No one cares about punctuality anymore. WE'RE TOO TIRED OK.)

So after we watched some hampton beach video we stole jadey's razor looking white board marker/eraser and drew diagrams. That was when i went kind of retarded from lack of sleep and yeah...LOL

i want my neighbour's mini cute statue elephant thing. like those fountain things. omg so cute. yeah since im at the top of the hill i.......look at stuff below me from my window. It's only natural :)

i really want strawberry cake.

...ACCIO, strawberry cake!

into my mouth !!!

wth is going on.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Is this a sign...?

HAHA so guess what you stupid geog posters I FINALLY FINISHED ALL THREE OF YOU OFF. Now you can get pinned on the classroom wall looking pretty and having a happy life whereas i just spent 7 hrs of my life slaving away researching and making you guys look decent.

why am i talking to the posters. Actually i talk to a lot of things. Like the time i was yelling at Kristen's DS on the way back from swimming sports because Brain Training wouldn't process my handwriting. So glad it doesn't have ears.

And somehow spending less time on the 10mark poster than on the two 5 mark ones. wtf? Case studies. Diagrams. BLEH

So i keep playing Unfaithful- Rihanna in my head. THIS IS SO DEPRESSING. This better not be a sign of my future love life. oh crap

Yeah sorry no pictures.

Because i need to go to bed and shower and really need to pee atm.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Eating lots through my comp chute

I went to Dot's house yesterday to do TOK. She has a strange doorbell.

Being the most polite person i am, i proceed to randomly open doors to make sure she actually has...stuff because both of us agree that her house is nice, but just too empty!

I had her permission of course, but omg it was like woah. EMPTY

We pigged out on Nandos, KFC, Pringles and Chocolate. And also "karaoke-d" for like 5 hours?

I gave Dot my ribbon and wrote a random note about TOK, dentist drill and ribbons on it~

I think it looks pretty there.

By the end we had written up about 10 pages of research.

Aren't you jealous... :)

Today we went to Westfield Doncaster. Hmm, apparently i came one hour late >_>

We watched "Burn after Reading" which is the stupidest thing i've watched for a while. I hate that woman. KILL YOUUUUU

The word "fuck" keeps replaying in my head. Blame that goddamn movie.

Featuring Nadia's photography and posing LOL


I'm going to put up the video of her eating on fb later >_>


Viv #1
Emily #2
Gloria #3


Yeah we walked around a lot. I kept getting lost.

There's the affordable section by our teenage/asian cheap standards.

And then the expensive line of shops that is reserved for when we are more financially equipped. == Where's my credit card....

Elaine, you're so cute. Just like a hamster =D

YAY, finally we went out somewhere together :)


I will post the other pictures on fb and there are other funny ones (like Nadia posing with the James Bond cardboard figure) on other people's cameras.

I'm hungry.

This is a really long post ==

I bought that.

Shirt, skirt, 3 pairs of earrings.
Stupid movie ticket.



homework. bb =]

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