Tuesday, June 30, 2009

so far...

Fri - school, bought 3 books, 3 T2 presents, ingredients for oreo muffins, ate dinner at westfield
Sat - can't remember...
Sun - Jenny's party
Mon - stayed home
Tues - baddy

Rest of my holidays... boxhill, bumming, comedy musical, Transformers, pancake parlour.. lol. did i forget HOMEWORK?

Last Friday i accidentally bought a Jodi Picoult book i already have. Luckily i found the receipt so i am going to exchange it tomorrow. I think i have over 6 books by her now. But i'm reading Bel Canto - Ann Patchett now :)

So today i went to baddy ... with some plc/cgs/one mhs (LOL hungy) people

And when i got home... (after standing outside Westfield for 10min in the cold.. dumb idea right but unavoidable... for reasons i don't even know. )

As i was saying.. my sister had baked Wholemeal Cookies :)

World Lit time. ew


Sunday, June 28, 2009

explain to me

why is it
that you can have

all that

and i have to wish,
imagine and

so hard

for one memory.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

oreo muffins

Edit: Pro singing girl and i like this too Insane Street Soccer =D (thanks farn.)

Today i woke up at 10:30am and made oreo muffins with laura.

I am so attractive.

Actually i don't think i'm yawning i'm just roaring at the ground......

I have no idea.

And yes, that's my Asia Music Tour 2005 tshirt from gr 8 ^^ it is now a pj top..

I know that's a shit photo and they look burnt but that's the crumbled oreo cookies.

4 layers: batter/oreo/batter/oreo

They were moist on the inside and the chocolate flavour really blended in well but we needed a bit more butter in the mixture to stop it sticking to the patty pan.

Okay okay. they look crap.

But looking at Masterchef.. Sam and Andre are still in because their flavour > shit presentation.

I wish Poh and Justine were still in instead of those two. At this rate, i really want either Julie or Julia to win.

It would've been great if the final four were Poh, Justine, Julie and Julia.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

mushy weetbix

Hehe, a little squishy seal i got from Gloria. Hung it on my music stand during symphony orchestra too.

I need to pee but oh look.. it's having adventures !! And.. it reached stooph's drawing that i've had for like 2 years? Taped it on my desk wall. Zoom in for fun

Yayyyy okay on a more serious note here is the GOOD: The UN Millennium Declaration.

What should i name my seal?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

unhealthy week

Not only am i suffering from a mild lactic acid fermentation/build up from House Soccer yesterday (which we owned except for 1 game) and conformed with the rest of Year 12 to walking like a cripple today, but i am also getting fat.

Actually it could be a "fat" day today. Or am i wrongly nurturing my IB baby that's due at the end of November exams? (ie - giant spring roll today). It's not even about "stress eating" anymore!

Er i digressed.. But anyway it hurt to walk up the stairs today. It hurt to cross my legs. I felt restricted from walking fast and people still wanted to sit in my lap. I mean what the hell nooooooooooo I think you get my point.

And being the stupid person i am, i stretched my arms and not my legs afterwards. Extremely stupid since i used to do 15 minutes of stretching before and after swimming training back when i was....fit. LOL that word just doesn't exist now. The people who did volleyball complained of sore arm muscles and those who played netball were just sore all over. I don't know who's better off.

Oh right. You people who didn't even turn up or just stood there. LOL

Ooh, it's raining. And it's 6:31pm and we started concertos in symphony orch today. I need to do latin.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy 13th birthday laura!

We are now 4 instead of 5 years apart. woah

That's a taro cake you're looking at. I still haven't done my geog essays.
There are 2 basic forms of Food Aid ...

Emergency Food Aid:
Used as a relief mechanism to provide food supplies to victims of natural and human disasters (civil war, drought, war) and is used to save lives under immediate threat. It plays a vital role in helping overcome immediate hardships but is only a treatment of the symptoms of hunger and not the causes.

Development Food Aid:
This aims to overcome hunger in a way that it promotes long term economic growth in Third World countries and help prevent further hunger in 2 ways which i cbs saying.

It's not helping that we're staring at my crap photography and that developed countries will only help developing ones like Africa if it won't compromise their economy, trade and position in this world.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Omg i'm so sorry (not really) for not posting sooner. I'm so behind on updating about my awesome life so here we goooooooooooo


Haha they even got the year wrong.

I had a good time actually. It started off awkward and then gradually got better.

Took all these professional pics because... well why not ... and we lined up as a group and suddenly it turned into couple shot which led to individual ...... what the hell !!

hehe i think they served the canapes as entrees .. sneaky people since i didn't take much and instead kept asking people where they lived. stalkerish much

The first one is PLC group (including ex-plc) and second is tables group?

Thanks for taking me Farn =]

Well this time it doesn't feel like some nerves in my feet died... i just get random foot cramps. At least my toes can feel properly?

It's funny how you think you recognise people but are still too scared to go up and say hi... in the end i didn't even see 5 people i knew once before =(

I can't stop thinking about dimsums. (wtf i read that as dinosaurs 2nd time through)

Did you know i was happily dreaming about food in english yesterday and katherine decides to draw half a blue moustache on my face??? LOLLLLL

We went there in a PARTYBUS so imagine normal bus + flashing coloured lights + loud clubbing music + weird people waving at strangers hehehe oh and 2 random trashcans haha

Yes that is a lot of people. My dress rode up so much wtf...

Had afterparty after in some penthouse suite. consisted of alcohol, nachos, tiny teddies, spiral staircase, nice views, delusional people and wii.

Everyone, try and get invited to one formal at least. I reckon it's rather fun =D (and even if you don't know the people there you end up pimping anyway....)

lol did i tell you i scooped icecream yesterday and it plopped onto the floor =( it's okay i ate a huge bowl to make me feel happier again. I am so retarded.

Yay? haha i like this picture. so cute.

Had grand concert tonight. that was awesome although 1st half except wind symphony was so crap. I need to pee and since the theme was Night at the Movies our music captain collected spare movie posters/banners from video ezy etc so i took home YES MAN, Boy in the STriped Pyjamas and Body of Lies. Quite massive looking.

And the Senior committee dressed up. i need to do vectors. Does this long post make up for my absence?

Monday, June 15, 2009


No CGS Formal 09 post yet because you guys have to watch this awesome geog documentary.

It's called The Luckiest Nut in the World.

How funky is that intro song? and This is a Groundnut (He's a groundnut!)
If you didn't learn anything, just remember that Senegal in West Africa became bankrupt because supply heavily exceeded demand.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Double Geog Spare

I'm going to publish my Extended Essay. I did not write 50 pages-to-be nonsense on Melbourne Docklands that included 8 hours of hand drawing 10 maps for nothing. It's worth a lot more than that.

Go IB.

But i don't think it'd get sold because Robert Doyle would send me hate mail. You see, unlike Premier Brumby, he still hasn't replied to my questions by mail. I think he found out that 10-15 of my surveyors quoted "Robert Doyle is an idiot", which was subtely hinted in my report when comparing the different views of residents and non residents.

What a douchebag.

Oh and is it really true that anything below an A+ in your midyear 3/4 won't give you 40+ at the end of the year?

Sometimes i wish i did Art as an IB subject. If i was at another school.

Friday, June 05, 2009

150th post

I went to buy formal dress for CGS today with sister. And also just.. go out because we finished mid year exams yesterday :) Two weeks of cramming ... gah. Now to finish Extended Essay ...

Laura picked it. By the way, it's black not purple. Better than the one i wore to PLC right? I showed it to my mother and her first comment was "...too plain. and go lose 10kg" AHAHAHA so failed crash diet today had two Boosts and this Sumo Salad with laura in the end pigged out on Malay food for dinner and these nice dips we bought.. lemon garlic prawn and avocado.

Everyone go shopping NOW. Everything's on sale and just go. I spent $320 in half an hour today. shit. (dress + other stuff)

I'm tired.

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