Friday, February 27, 2009

Into the world of swimming teaching...

Hehe, so today i became fishy fishy again and taught swimming in Purple Level. This means kids who are improving their freestyle and backstroke but haven't learned breastroke etc yet. Oh and they're just starting diving too.

Stuff i noticed today:
- In the staff changeroom, all these funny ringtones go off occasionally.
- Today a kid was like "Are you married?" AHAHAHA
- I think with a cap on, glasses and staff shirt i look a bit older. But assuming i'm in uni isn't that far off i guess.
- Kids are cute. Except for that guy that sneezed into the pool and snot came out. I tried to avoid that area... LOL but he was next to the filtering vent anyway LOL

On my sister's request, i think we are going to watch Wicked again since the show times have extended. But this time in cheaper seats... if dad doesn't agree i'll buy tickets myself and pretend Laura is helping me do my EE in Docklands that day....

When i grow up, i plan to travel and volunteer a lot. Kristen and i have many plans. =)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So i've been either really tired or silently raging lately. Actually, i'm not even pissed i just decided to turn issues into a mini tantrum. I haven't sworn this much (out of hearing range) in ages. Well screw you all. me likes to complain. And printer...I hate you.

I need sleep. A lot of it.

Anyway i found some volunteer work i think. i think i'll be playing piano to old people or something. we'll see. since i have to pick up a form on monday.

And i wagged PE today. Again. hopefully i'll be in a nicer mood when teaching swimming tomorrow.

February is ending soon :) I don't like February. and if i ever had a child i'd make sure it wasn't born in this month or in a leap year. ...Or on my bday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


...from nowhere.

Anyway i'll describe my life atm.

House Concerts 2009 was really good but i'm still upset that Atholl didn't get a place but i'm still really proud of Leven hehehe. everyone did great.

I really hate hw, and i just realised i have double latin on my bday.
Oh that's in EXACTLY TWO WEEKS btw HINT HINT hahahah and.. maybe i'll have a bday thing on saturday night of midterm. revolving around food again i guess.. but i won't be inviting guys lmao.. sorry xD if i do have one...suggestions?

We got our Year 12 Jumpers and the yr 7s (used to) move out of your way. and yeah time to abuse our power! WHERE DID ALL MY SPARES GO TO ??

I got into Senior Strings (oh what an achievement) and i'm looking around for a new laptop to study in room away from laura


Oh so we had VTAC overview about uni, course etc. And now i don't think i'm 100% for med. I know i definitely want an Arts degree (geog)..probably something urban.. haha try telling my mum that.. iuno i'll figure it out soon :) going down to careers department tomorrow to figure my life all out =D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


it's freakn cold and i need to go pee. trying to sleep in the massage chair is not fun and my dog took over the couch. hahaha Year 12's fun actually i just need to sleep before 12am. ha, whatever.

reminding myself what needs to be done by next thursday so far. NEED PRESSURE.

- bio prac
- some latin translation
- english commentary
- chem prac
- start that 150 paged chem question booklet
- go to docklands for some ee research
- read age of innocence
- GEOG DRAFT REPORT due - it's killing me
- learn songs for singing and cello.
- finish reading running in the family
- geog summary due
- latin article due
- do some cello for audition if i'm bothered.

okokok i'm going.

House concert rehearsals make me sleepy. Before/after school, lunch and saturdays.

Hope everyone's getting enough sleep too :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

98th post

Today i went to Prop Day 8am-1pm at school. 45 degrees heat haha but it was awesome.

Made chimney sweeper, flowers, flowerbed. Got paint all over my leg/arm/hands - at one point i think i accidentally painted a misplaced moustache on my face. Helped Sav arrange a piece for Rosslyn Music. Cursed the printer in the music school because it didn't want to print out music for singing. Played random Musical songs from sav's broadway book.

Had singing rehearsal but only 4 people came. I am liking Steph's arrangement of Love Somebody so far. It is so pretty. Had music rehearsal and i have some random parts.

But ye, today was good. And i promise to do hw now.

Year 12 is like living day by day. If you don't finish something important now, you're never going to finish it. We had a Year Level group photo in the quad all these weird ppl knocking on the glass windows around us. what freaky people i swear one girl was prepared to fall to her death because she kept banging on the glass.

Which would have been funny to see.

N.B - come to twilight picnic people.

Monday, February 02, 2009


I'm sorry.

But this is how i feel.

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