Tuesday, January 27, 2009

UMAT exercise

So i went to MedEntry and saw Tanji there. Got given an exercise (section 2) and thought i'd blog about it here.

- Think of 5 emotions you've experienced recently.
- Rate intensity 0-100 of each.
- What caused them and the consequences?
- Was the emotion experienced reasonable and relate to ABC model
- Identify words less/more intense than the emotion described.

1. Thankful
Rated 100. Feeling especially loved and special. I think it built up overtime but my response to it keeps wavering. And even though it doesn't match i think it's accepting, thankful and then bliss here.

2. Guilty.
Rated 50. I still haven't finished hw/study notes...but then again, who has? ok i cbf with this exercise now.

3. Inspired.

Rated 100. Wicked, you complete me. How about obsession, inspired, melting? Haha, doesn't make sense again. I figure running after Wicked Trams along Swanston st was an Emotional Consequence.

4. Fat.
Okay, not an emotion but i can still say "I feel fat." Rated 100 for fatness and can i stop now?? This exercise is meant for a private diary entry but as if i'd last that long. I think excessive eating from gr 4 - im still living lol caused it.

5. Excited.
Yeah, i'm actually 20% pumped for Year 12 (rated 20). What a shit post. I can't handle holidays too long and i think i'll finish math portfolio at lunch, latin unseens tomorrow, geog report dunno and english books in the car.

This is a really. useless. post. Better not fail UMAT (second section) now.

Honest people see honesty in others.


Anonymous James said...


LOL the Wicked thingy is so true for me toooo, see a tram and must chase after it <3 so devoted to Wicked D:

...and Fat really isn't an emotion and shouldn't be there in the first place >_> Unhealthy to think like that D:

8:32 PM  
Blogger Farnie said...

what's the ABC model? o_O
PFFT asif 100 fatness LOLOL im fatter than you xDD so that makes me 150% fatness level? :O im offended xDD jks
pretty interesting exercise..
lol at least ur excited about year 12 >< i think a lot of ppl are negative % for that...

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Don't worry vuv ^__^ everyone has holiday fatness o.< I'm feeling heaps guilty about hwk etc too though...can't lessen that feeling much =.="
Where was Medentry held? ^^
Hmm btw thanks again for taking us all to wicked, that was truly awesome man XD
I have to agree with farnie up there though =.= Facing vce with some sense of apprehension >__>"

11:30 PM  
Blogger FROGGY said...

A- activating event
B - belief/thought
C - emotional consequence

basically motive > thoughts > consequence

haha held at RMIT. pretty good spot.

and yeah. good luck to us all ^^

yay wickedness

11:36 PM  

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