Friday, September 29, 2006

I don't get you.

This person is silly. No further comment.

Or maybe i am the one with problems. I still don't know what to say, since none of my blog entries ever concentrate on one topic alone. It's hard, you see. I never got used to writing in a personal diary, let alone an online one. But somehow i prefer to write online and let people comment, because i am still not writing down some hidden things. It even tired me greatly to write my holiday to America this month in pinpoints for each day. My handwriting looks awful there.

I just watched She's the Man. It's okay. What makes it good is the soccer and the boy/girl mistakes idea..

Now what.

First priority is to speak Cantonese more. Second priority is to get over my dislike of washing up. Since i hate washing dishes i try to cook with the least equipment possible. (don't worry, not in the unhygienic way T_T)

I just made spaghetti. Usually i wouldn't cook it because it wastes my time and yes. I prefer to fry rice and put all this stuff in.. or whatever. Or make wonton and then afterwards cook it. I can make tempura stuff that's really easy...

Anyway. I only like washing dishes on particular days. It bores me. But i'll do it if i'm feeling sad or i have nothing else to do. Which is like now, since i've decided to leave homework until later. Again. Shameful, isn't it?

I have to cut my fingernails. All this gunk underneath them already ewww... how can people survive with long fingernails !!! And mine aren't even half their size yet. T_T

I still don't get this person. If you are a rock and all you need is a little glimmer..actually nevermind.

So,i updated but it's boring as usual xD

I'm scared of going back to school. LOL i sound like i'm bullied or something. T_T

Saturday, September 09, 2006

plane letters are so wonderful !

thank you to everyone who wrote me a plane letter !! Nine people in fact. Thank you !! I'll miss you all =]

Didn't get to write Helene and Katherine one. Oh well... >_<

I went to the wedding at MLC's chapel today. It was quite cold and Gwen's mum started scaring me. *hides* Anyway i wore a skirt. And this singlet top. And then some..holey vest thing. I think i looked okay. And then these shoes... And then i went to the library and officeworks to photocopy stuff and people were giving us strange looks.

My mum seriously cannot take pictures. Especially with Laura's camera and her one is slow to respond. She kept on clicking throughout the whole wedding and half the time the pictures are blurry. She doesn't wait long enough for the picture to be taken. T_T

I have a blister on the side of my foot. And i just found out that i am a size 8 or size 40 in hk shoes. Or maybe it was just for that particular shoe. Meh.

I hate packing.

Friday, September 01, 2006

If only i looked like this penguin.... xD

DIM GAI AH ??? WHY !!!!

swim trials were horrific and at least 12 seconds slower than my usual time.. except for backstroke which was 46 sec/50m .. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME TODAY. my backstroke was even faster than my freestyle....

okay. i'll just ace Division D events then. T_T hehe.

Lucky we didn't have Downie today..otherwise i would have got all you guys into trouble. man.. even now i feel heat radiating off me. i think i should sleep but i have a piano exam tomorrow.

Who on earth gets a fever or some strange temporary illness the day before their piano exam ?? Okay, i do. And even worse i've had some cramp from my digestive system.

Why am i so unfit now. o.O bahah..

2 sets of Etudes. op 10. op 25. 12 pieces in each. no. 25 and 26 still don't know who their proper composer is.
57 mazurkas. master of romantic solo miniature pieces. eg - nocturnes. ballads.
polish fold music influenced chopin's works a lot. eg - mazurkas, polinaises.
chopin's etudes/studies are not dry and technical music like Chernzy. but like real romantic music.

damnit. can i make it sound like real romantic music.

FEVER. or whatever you are. DO NOT LET ME DOWN TOMORROW.

otherwise i will be very..very.. mad.

at myself. o.O

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