Saturday, April 28, 2012


Helados Jauja, 254 Lygon Street Carlton

Yay i'm back! Just had a pretty stressful week but it's all over now after two assignments and one midsem. Here are some awesome pictures of what i did after uni today... 

Pandan Coconut  (kuih talem) & Argentine Milk Tea Icecreams 

LOL hello tongue. If you're wondering where I find all these foodie places to post about and are sick of using UrbanSpoon then i highly advise the website/newspaper Broadsheet Melbourne.  This website offers insightful and useful reviews on food and drink, fashion, night life and entertainment in Melbourne and I really like how new stories are published everyday so i can learn more things about this city. Anyway, this Helados Jauja icecream place is a fusion of Malaysia and Argentina. The flavours range from salted caramel to durian (note the lid for the durian tub in the picture haha) but i wish they opened later than 10:30pm. 

Pellegrini's Espresso Bar, Little Bourke Street 

If you're looking for a hearty quick fix on a cold night (and don't feel like going to a sauna aka hot pot) then this is it. Best known for producing traditional Italian pasta and retaining its classic 1950s diner interior, Pellegrini's lived up to our expectations with its good food, fast service and cosy atmosphere. 

Spaghetti Bolognaise 

I don't know - i just had to try the classic bolognaise. I think i like it best when there are big chunks of minced meat and i want to try the Minestrone Soup the next time i come. 

Spaghetti Carbonara

This carbonara had a faint aroma of seafood in it but what i liked the most was how "light" this dish tasted. I usually avoid carbonara because of its heaviness but I wouldn't mind eating this version again. So far so good. 

Okay, i think it's time to sleep and i really should apply to write for Broadsheet lol but ceebs. I don't have the food critic flair but just wait till Masterchef starts again.... i'm going to be fat and writing like i know my gastronomy yo. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

why you sing so high

Can't get enough of this song.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


That was probably the best Easter break i've had in my entire life LOL.

I went to a lot of 21sts, built a desk with Laura, went to see Laura after her operation, did not study lol, met up with nearly everyone during the week, bought this velvet corset crop top from Dotti for only $20, made creamy porridge for breakfast, went to booze cruise & alumbra, rekindled old friendships and made new ones, stayed up till 4am in the bathroom watching/helping Farn munt nawww (HAHA), decided that Boyfriend - Justin Bieber only sounds good on loud speakers, awed everyone with my secret glasses under sunglasses LOL, successfully saved myself twice in two different rounds of Mafia mwahahaha and finally did not get a hangover today WOOHOO. 

I'm really glad that i got to experience all the above this week because vet is crazy and i am not looking forward to another subject that crams 12 weeks worth of content into 6 weeks once uni starts again. Time to knuckle down and try to ace my next midsem :O

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

late night musings

How do i put this? To be frank, I think that I have sacrificed too much time and opportunities on my behalf for others ever since university started. For most of the time, I made these choices for my own benefit but now i can see that this "sacrificing" is not worth the effort anymore. I don't know why i had to miss so many opportunities when the other person/people did not even consider doing the same or think they needed to.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

thai yay!

hehe thanks for the photo shaz! 

So Easter break has started and things are going well so far. I finally finished my essay (on the day it was due ><) which meant that i got to Farn's house two hours later than i wanted to on Easter Friday... damnit. It was also the day i started getting really dry and hence red eyes. 

and thanks again shaz! hehe 

I can't even remember what i did yesterday apart from celebrate a friend's 21st :) Happy Birthday Sam! 

No it's not vomit or diarrhoea... it's this smoothie my sister made today out of spinach, quinoa, banana and blueberries LOLLLL..... it tasted okay actually but the texture is kind of weird... 

HAHA okay i told emily i wouldn't upload this but come on... this was our first time wearing coveralls despite how ill fitting they are !!!!! By ill fitting i mean knee crotch. Yes, the crotch part of the overall is at my knees... LOLLL but yes. Coveralls + stethoscope to examine the horses and cows? OKAY. 

They were so pretty too :) Our horse was called Fairy and the cows had such big doe eyes... 


We had to stick a thermometer up their bum to take their rectal temperature and listen to their gut sounds with a stethoscope to assess gut motility. 

You know you like coconut rice. Especially when it comes in a goblet like this and you want to breathe the creamy coconut scent all night long... hehe :D

My family and I had dinner at a place called Jintana Thai Restaurant on Doncaster Road tonight. Fast service and good food meant that i could stop shivering and start metabolizing food instead to keep warm. Mwahahaha 

Thai Fish cakes. Nothing special but i liked the sauce more. We ordered four curries (Jungle Chicken Curry, Prawn Green Curry, Beef Red Curry and Tofu & Vegetable Green Curry). All very yummy but i liked the green curries the best because the prawn just melted in my mouth :) 

Roti bread. I haven't eaten enough roti bread to know which ones deserve credit but I found this one a bit charred at times. Hmmm

Anyway, that's enough for now. I'm excited for what next week will bring :) And i don't mean study LOL 

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


My sister and i baked Mocha Hot Cross Buns yesterday and they turned out more like golden eggs oozing with dark chocolate than a "hot cross bun" LOL. I'll post the recipe up if anyone's interested. Not your typical easter bun but still best eaten piping hot with a glass of cold milk :) 

And then i went shopping today... bought this Dotti playsuit for $19.95 (RRP $59.95) and if you look closely you can see CHICKENS on it bahahaha. I think i should just open up my own Dotti store.... from my wardrobe.... lol NEVERRRR hehe

Here's a sneaky pic of dinner the other night after watching Hunger Games. Thanks to everyone who managed to come since i only made the event the night before... LOL

Farn and i went to a Mexican restaurant called SeƱoritas off Bourke Street last Tuesday and had this for dessert. It's basically two crispy crepes with dollops of sugary whipped cream or something on top mmmmm... but yeah i don't think i like Mexican food as much as other cuisines unfortunately.... 

Stupid lymphoma. Just some case study scribbles about a cat who got lymphoma (cancer of the lymphocytes) in her intestines and... yeah sad ending. Oh, and thankyou to those who showed concern over my last post - I'm feeling a lot better now.. partly because I ended up doing well in my midsem :D Except i have this essay to write tonight.... ceebs. 

And we shall now end this post with me sporting closed eyes and the reindeer jumper (ASOS) i stole from my sister. Oh, and Laura and I got our eyebrows done today (at that beauty salon in The Pines for $14 which is pretty cheap compared to Benefit Brow Bar ($25) and Essential Beauty ($17.50)) and i'm pretty happy with them. 


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