Sunday, March 25, 2012


Feeling angry, annoyed and sick. I just want to punch something. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

red feathers

I bought this dress today from HIPSTER in The Pines and it was on sale for only $19 (RRP $55)!!! This shop is similar to the shop opposite Coco Late in MC because they sell the same brands like Sunny Girl etc and the staff are vietnamese too haha. (and why are they always on the phone o.O)

The sheer back and the slight peplum design is quite different to what i usually wear but that's okay :) It's quite fitting so the peplum skirt flares out so i think i'll leave this dress for an occasion to wear heels with.

LOL what a weird pose... but yes i bought this today too.... gah

Anyway, if you wanted to know more about animals i can tell you that cows salivate 100-150L of saliva a day, excrete 10L of water in their faeces a day and eructate (burp) 10L of gas every hour. Oh my god LOL no wonder 20% of greenhouse gases come from ruminants. 

I also learned about anal sacs today and watched a video of vets putting their finger up the dog's bum and squeezing the anal sac contents out gahhhh LOL. Can't believe i'll have to do that one day but then again i'm going to have to shove my whole arm up a cow's bum as well.... HAHA scarred. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I haven't listened to chinese music in so long but i really like this cover. Going to relive some JJ Lin now. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Eeh i don't have time to write a blog post about my birthday but here are some pictures describing my life at the moment.... 

On the way to my birthday dinner at Ocha with Farn and the family in the car. Laura was being a poop and didn't want to be in the photo. 

China Red, China Town (Salted Egg Yolk & Tofu and Pai Gwat) I think i've been to this place about 4 times now... not the best restaurant i've been to but it delivers yummy and fast meals. 

Charles tried to kill my brain before my birthday LOL. I swear that "hawk" looks more like a chicken.... HAHAH but yeah i'm kind of sick of this game now... i feel guilty whenever i play it because i should be studying instead. In fact, i should be studying about the simple stomach now... finished learning the compound stomach in cows yesterday. 

We went to the opening night of Tom Turtle (Bourke Street) for free icecream from 7-8pm. What we didn't expect was that they'd fill up all the tables and make us wait until past 8pm (so there would be no turn over of new customers wanting free icecream) before serving our icecream. Mine came in a squishy puddle instead of a nice cube anyway. Although there are a wide variety of flavours such as pomegranate, lemon lime and bitter, peanut brittle and durian, I don't think the prices (and definitely the wait) was worth it. Someone needs to open an AFFORDABLE dessert place but just like passionflower and tom turtle. 

Kanzen, GPO on the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Street. Hidden in the side of the building, this place delivers affordable and delicious Japanese food. The chefs prepare the sushi and sashimi as you order and the soderling sushi just melted in my mouth (after a very satisfying chew). My Anakake Udon Noodle Soup ($11) had sweet mushrooms and I was pleasantly surprised by the broth because it had the same texture of shark fin soup!!!! And Jacky really liked his cold noodles on such a warm day. Yummy. 

And this is a new playsuit i bought from Jayjays ($20 on sale) a few weeks back and decided to wear today. Since Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are prac days, I can only wear nice(r) clothes on Monday and Tuesday since you need closed shoes for dissection and i don't want to wear sneakers/old shoes to be disinfected/gumboots with dresses or skirts. Well i can but i'd rather wear shorts then if it's hot.... 

Okay feel like napping now. Whatever happened to study LOL

P.S: Jacky and I went perfume shopping today and now i really, really, really want "Lovestruck" by Vera Wang. Must wait for sales.............. Most of the Calvin Klein perfumes are also on sale from $120 to $49 if you want to go look in  Myer.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012


I fainted during the prac today LOL.... sigh i don't think i ate enough (jonno would probably think otherwise LOL) and the smell and sight of a dead dog with blood and fur was just so bad that it made my blood pressure drop low enough to hit my head on the table and then the ground on the way down GAH. You really don't know how bad it smells until you see it... maybe i shouldn't directly face the mouth next time LOL. Oh and the dog looked just like my one at home :( lol i "woke up" crying and thinking oh my god it wasn't a dream i'm actually on the floor oh shit. 

I think there's a bump on the back of my head but i can't tell. At least i'm not concussed or my brain would be spilling out of my foramen magnum (large opening in the skull that the spinal cord exits from).... Thanks Emily etc for helping me recover today =] And we got to play around with a sheep head today and its wool soaked up all the blood pouring from the back of its head lol........

Anyway haha. Had a strange salmon sushi on the way home... the random black sesame seeds in it made it strange. Am waiting for dinner and it's my birthday soon :) 

Sunday, March 04, 2012

finally awake

It's been a really long first week of uni and i can finally sleep in on Sunday. We've had 7 hours of lectures and 6 hours of pracs for just one subject so far and i can't be bothered counting the other ones but we've done a lot of clinical stuff since day one. I never knew i would be so excited to learn stuff that we will ACTUALLY apply in real life one day. Like seriously, when was i ever going to figure out if a reaction was Sn1 or Sn2 or do first differentiation in my life anyway....... We're learning how to remove a dog's incisor next week. 

awkward froggy - wongfu 

Monday: Disgustingly wet and humid. I was late for uni unsurprisingly and i even slipped and scraped my knee twice on the wet concrete. My knee does not smell very good sometimes HAHAHA pus... Had an instrument handling course on our dissection kit. 

Tuesday: The day i plan to wag but not yet. Need to buy gumboots/leather boots/steel capped boots soon. 

Wednesday: Hurray for Day 1 of pracs.... Had a self teaching prac on skull bones. Then we learned some basic dissecting techniques by cutting through the skin, removing the superficial and deep fascia, isolating the muscle, identifying the joint and its associated ligaments and finally identifying the major veins, arteries and nerves of a greyhound's hind/foreleg. And yes it came with fur and everything. Not soaked in formalin @.@ Our greyhound looked just like Espresso..... eeeeh

Thursday: Omg Werribee day ==' Drove 1.5-2 hours in peak hour each way and now my car tyres are muddy. We learned how to muzzle dogs in two ways and correctly put a worming tablet in their mouth. We also had to stick a rectal thermometer up a sheep's bum (and then the sheep stood on my foot when i wasn't watching LOL), listen to its bowel movements with a stethoscope (fail. sheep is too fat with too much wool) and give it an oral worming drench with this gun looking thing in its mouth. SO COOL RIGHT. But we all looked like such noobs in our labcoats since our overalls hadn't arrived yet. But all the 1st to 4th years share a common room, lockers and this coffee bar and cafeteria that REALLY reminds me of school and year 12. 

Friday: Hahaha late for prac again.... i dislike microscope work. And then had seminar on 12 weeks minimum placements. Did not go clubbing because i had work next morning.... but did ingrain the image of sheep poo-looking like maltesers in Hungy's head xD

Saturday: Yay work...... But YAY for wongfu at night :DDDDD

Sunday: hahaha......... i should go study now >< 

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