Monday, November 28, 2011

summer night market

This summer i'm planning to do as many new things as possible.. and one of them is to visit night markets! So Farn and i went to the Suzuki Night Market at Queen Victoria Market last Wednesday night and it was a lot better than i expected. Just imagine a never ending maze of craft, vintage, delicacy and clothing stalls surrounded by food stalls from every cuisine possible...

 We actually didn't eat dinner at the market because we wanted to try out the new Taiwan place on Swanston St/Lonsdale St (the one that has lines of people waiting outside 24/7....). 

Farn ordered the "XXL Chicken Bento Box" (and it was a very big piece of chicken LOL...) and i decided on a Hot & Sour Noodle Soup because it was cold and i didn't bring a jacket.... 

Unfortunately, the food was either under or over seasoned (but the actual food is cooked well) and i prefer Box Hill's "The Booth" Taiwanese food a lot more (get THEIR hot & sour soup!!!!)

LOLL so of course we had to try what literally the whole market was lining up for that night (apart from the Korean potato skewers) - DUTCH PANCAKESSSS. 

Warm, soft and fluffy... covered in butter and icing sugar hahaha not the most appealing photo but after it melted it was nostalgia all over.

I'm thinking chocolate sauce next time :) Oh and the home made lemonade with "lemon pulp" was nice too!

vintage skirt $15 - Global Vintage Collective
Now i only found two stalls worth buying vintage items from - a $15 skirt stall and one with a "2 items for $20" rack. The rest are your usual overpriced $35-75 range. 

After browsing through every single stall (poor farn LOL), I decided it was either a $15 vintage skirt or a $2 lucky dip because i was definitely not going home empty handed hehe... 

But then i chose the skirt because well... lucky dips are rarely worth it :(

The skirt looks rather blue, yeah? It's actually rather green and awesome to twirl around in :D 

Anyway, I missed out on the French Festival and some outdoor cinema this year but there are plenty more night events to go to yayyyy

Monday, November 21, 2011


Hm so i bought lipstick today - "French Rose" from David Jones. I'm looking for a lighter pink one next time.. I also walked 5km with the dogs and finally got to see Tom after sooooooooo long. ribbet

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


$2.95 each (RRP $16) at Dotti. gogoogogog !!! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011



omg i think i just died. WHY SO CUTE FORRRRRRRRRRRR. why does my dog have prettier eyelashes/eyebrows than me????? LOL 

picture of cino next time. 

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

exams = food baby

me like .... lacey/crocheted stuff. rofl 

I think my food baby is due... next Tuesday. 4:15pm to be exact. I can't predict how big it's going to be but i better have a food miscarriage/abortion now or i'm going to end up REALLY FAT. 

I hope i'm not the only one who snacks like crazy during swotvac/exams..... I also haven't exercised since saturday and i feel like shit. And i would exercise right now but apparently there's some crazy thunderstorm looming in on us. It's like the grey clouds suddenly ate up the fluffy clouds and blue sky :( :( :( 

What did i eat today.... random sandwich (why does mum keep putting lettuce in it... and yes i picked it out in case you were wondering, lunch people LOL)... two bowls of soup with bread, strawberries and chocolate, char siu, biscuits and milk, water, crackers and sun dried tomatoes, chocolate..... gah i'm so hungryyyyyyyy oh my god i have to wait 2hrs at least until dinner FUUUUUU  

Sunday, November 06, 2011

more of exam life

Exam status: first one is tomorrow...
Food eaten so far today (breakfast to 6pm): left over fish head noodle soup, some honey & raisin cookie, two bruschettas with tomatoes, roast chicken, smoked salmon & balsamic vinegar, a baked potato with blue cheese and smoked salmon, crunchy nut cereal, endless mugs of water... 
Food to be eaten from 6pm -12am today: mango & chicken salad, crab curry, rice, more water, hmmmm what else should i eat - wait the question is what else SHOULD I BE EATINGGGG probably some fruit and veg. okay will do. 
Mastitis: an intramammary infection which i am currently studying in cows. Don't try to get it either. 
Work: my knees, back and bum hurt 
Music: WOAH Cool - Gwen Stefani just came on shuffle. I don't know why but this song has such a 90s feel to it... which may not be genre-ically correct... but it was like BAM all these memories suddenly came back. 
Weaning transition: When weaning animals from mother's milk to grass, remember to supply supplements (eg- pellets) as well to reduce stress and the onset of (clinical) disease. 
Weather:. ... do not like. too humid. 
Ruminants: gradual dietary changes are especially important in ruminants because when given feed with high levels of starch (grain), the sudden starch intake into the rumen can lead to a reduction in pH and acidosis... 

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


breadth essay: done
brain status: recovered but dying again. 
urogenital lectures: ....i thought i knew everything until i saw the ADSL material for it. 
stomach: full for now.
wallet: negative.
crunchy nut box: disappearing.
mailbox: ...i thought my package would come today but i don't even think the postman comes on cup day o.O
flies: pissing me off.
full cream milk: an endangered to nearly extinct species in the land of my fridge but ONE HAS SUDDENLY APPEARED OH YEAH.
work: looking for a retail job. 
procrastination status: over 9000
everything about the pelvis: understood at last 

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