Tuesday, August 30, 2011

where are the answers

Why is our group so bad at catching up? That's it. I'm organizing a catch up during midsem and you all have to come. 

And I need to make my life more interesting and adventurous. I feel like i am so bad at some things but can actually do it if i keep on trying. I think it's time to look into going on exchange or travelling (except my course plan won't let me....) or something. 

Also, i need more people who are willing to explore or try new stuff with me. It's nice by yourself but then you want to show/experience it with others too......... 

Sunday, August 28, 2011


How well do you know Melbourne? Where would you take visiting friends and family to? 

Cute animal keychains at Monster Threads (Collins St, Brunswick St)

So my friend Carissa came over to visit from Queensland and I only had two hours to show her one of the things i love most about Melbourne - h i d d e n  p l a c e s. (The other love is food but our other friend, Joelyn, took on that role while i was at work!) Some places are not so hidden but you might pass by it everyday without even knowing (like the Bernard's Magic Shop on Elizabeth Street) or only realise its charm when someone else wants to check it out.

To me, exploring goes in hand with op shopping. You have to be open minded to get the best out of them.

Japanese inspired hair clip ($2) from RetroStar

Okay, now i'm sure nearly everyone knows about RetroStar but i never knew they had another room filled with more goodies until Friday! 

Wish i had taken a picture of all the mini buckets of hair clips and vintage scrunchies. So pretty!

We also shopped along Degraves Street (more for eating really but it's the live music that lures me in) and other arcades and Carissa bought a lot of stuff rofl yay for quirky souvenirs! 

The Mini Elf' House in Spellbox 

Another popular place is Royal Arcade off Bourke Street but i had never thought of entering SpellBox until Carissa suggested it. 

It's this enchanting place full of quills, talismans, witches spells and psychic readings but I think the Elf' House intrigued me the most. 

We also spun the Wheel of Stars and my oracles were Letting Go and Purification. hmmm okay but yeah i really like the clothing and toy stores in Royal Arcade.. 

Oh, and you should check out Kimono House, l'uccello, Pop Up Studio, Collected Works Bookshop, Buttonmania and the other shops in Nicholas Building along Swanston Street too :) Octopusssssssssss

We also had lunch at Oriental Spoon (thankyou for lunch Joelyn!) but if i had more time I would have taken Carissa down Johnston Street (I really want to check out Urban Attitudes), Lygon Street and underneath Degraves Street for more quirky stores. Oh and of course Camberwell Sunday Market and fairs like the Hello Sailor Vintage Fair if she had stayed during the weekend. And then a few more hours for opshopping tehehehehe .. But yeah it was really good catching up with both Carissa and Joelyn and i hope we can meet up again soon :D

By the way, has anyone been to the Underground Cinema yet? I want to go one day!

Anyway, time to study.. and happy birthday Tom :) :) you cute poo!

N.B - oh and my chatterbox died :(((((( didn't get enough love oh noooooo

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What i need:
- H1s in every subject
- New facial moisterizer (spf) i swear 10min being in the wind strips my face of all moisture despite how hydrated it is in the morning yay for rich night creams. 
- To stop playing Tiny Tower so much
- to  keep on exercising

What i want:
- ankle boots
- oversize knit cardigan
- lots of Myer gift vouchers
- to go op/shopping everyday 
- cottage cheese, sushi, avocado, congee and won tons to eat

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

always hungry

I've been playing Tiny Tower so much (5 days so far) that even my dreams have sorted themselves into levels. Someone recommended that i download Tiki Totem or something so i will do that soon... 

Also had a Marilyn Monroe moment today... i was wearing a very full dress and it completely blew up in the chemist warehouse carpark LOL. I really really hope no one saw or at least that Jonno didn't see.... rofl and then i drove him home afterwards. 

Good weather means walking Cino and Espresso everywhere. Still waiting for my packages....

Was an Open Day guide on Sunday... I gave directions and blew up helium balloons and after about 20 my fingers started to chaff and bleed from tying all the balloons... and then i walk out of the door from Up heaven and this one guy asks "can i have half of them?" and i'm like "er no..." look how much pain i had to go through gahhhh but yeah only now do i appreciate the people behind all the balloons THE PAINNNNNN but yeah it was pretty cool blowing them up anyway xD at the end i stopped tying the balloons and tried to find the plastic things to wind them around.. 

Had my anatomy midsem test today... some of the answers didn't immediately come to me but through the process of elimination i got through it. Was pretty tough in my opinion, especially if you didn't know your stuff. 

Time to do prac report now... which i had two weeks to do and it's finally due tomorrow. lol 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

too much shopping

Went swimming. I bought five things from ASOS today......... oh dear. Four skirts and one jumper.  

I didn't buy these items though !!! These three are still on my wish list (how about another $50% off...?) and i hope they restock the wedge boot one in my size... 

This cardigan looks really easy to DIY... just sew on a few buttons and a bow or something. :D 

Just realised my anatomy test is on tuesday and not wednesday AHHHHHH PANIC oh well good thing i guess since i have a prac report due wednesday too but oh no need to do ADSL by tuesday too hmmm and a billion other stuff i forgot meh 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

little red cape

Helloooooooo :D

Friday was a very long but enjoyable day. Had a test first thing in the morning (was alright) and then bummed around uni until work. Bailleau library has reopened and there are tai chi/yoga/pilates classes going on upstairs too... LOL but i really like the cute study booths within the book cases and the random tv study lounges strewn across the floor... 

Farn picked me up from work and we went to Knox to eat at some japanese restaurant named Sakura Place

We ordered Pork Belly as an entree (not shown in pictures), Naruto Ramen (has chicken in it) and Japanese Seafood Omelette Rice. 


We both really really enjoyed the Omelette Rice but liked Ajisen Ramen's Ramen more haha. Maybe we should try Volcano Ramen next time.... EXPLOSIONNNN 

But before our late dinner we visited Myer :D 

I got this red cape from Princess Highway (Dangerfield) 50% off and now look like little red riding hood :DDD

Farn also bought this blue casual shirt and i really like the zip on the front pocket. No picture unfortunately.... But from St Lenny from Dangerfield too. 

My sister says that Farn and I eat too much when we get together (which is only once a week.... wth) so we are dispelling this fact by exercising next week if the weather holds LOL..... 1000 steps in Dandenong? Only if we get to eat at the cafes there after xD


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

cakey roast

thankyou pinga for showing me this hilarious vid :D

"....ARE YOU DRUNK?????????" 


Anyway, i learned some sign language (Auslan) in my breadth today. I can now sign the alphabet, my name, numbers, colours and random objects/words.... like ambulance, bad, really bad, accident, fire, truck, firetruck, shop, what, traffic.... and i forgot. We were also given sentences/questions that we had to act/sign out to another person but that person couldn't talk either. It was like an advanced cherades and was heaps of fun but i found it quite hard to confirm what the other person was acting out to me without mouthing my own interpretation. 

We had a guest speaker come in today who was born hearing but severely deaf so needed a cochlear implant and she gave us more insight on topics like "What do deaf people use as an alarm clock? (vibrators/flashing lights)", "What do you think of deaf parents wanting a deaf child?" and "How does a deaf person learn English?" But if any of you are interested in learning how to sign your name click here Auslan Signbank :)

tell me what you guys think :D 

Sunday, August 07, 2011

colourful clouds

I want this rucksack for uni. 

Jacky and I could not find a suitable Lego backpack so i'm going with this. Hopefully the price will drop by the time my current rucksack breaks. Also considering a Country Road Tote bag but this one seems cuter and more me :) 

Thursday, August 04, 2011

not deaf.

- The spinal chord diagrams look like the cross section of an eel through its coronal plane to me... (it's true! everything relates to food... just like how a trilaminar embryo is like an oreo cookie somehow!!!!!!) 

- Olive bread is yummy. Especially when there are real olives hidden inside it. 

- I have new black wedges now :) 

- Jack just sent me some weird fat clapping youtube video.......

- I can't make myself study so i'm alternating between my anatomy book, Angels and Demons and The Danger Game instead. I have no idea what is going on in anatomy at the moment (dura mater? pia mater? white matter? what i thought i understood in the lecture just got contradicted by the textbook. oh noooooo) 

- I think it's time for a proper water bottle... not those recycled plastic ones anymore. 

- Today SBS weather told me that it was 51 degrees in Baghdad. WTH

- I also took public transport six times today to get everywhere. 908, Belgrave, 75, 768, 295, 907, 901. I could have skipped the last two if i actually drove today. 

- And lastly, i can read audiograms now! It's basically the results of a hearing test and determines the level of deafness in both ears at different frequencies and whether you have conductive hearing loss (problem in outer and/or middle ear) and/or sensorineural (inner ear) deafness. Hoping to learn sign language soon.... 

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