Friday, October 20, 2006

How now brown cow. whatever the verse is.

I BOUGHT A TOTORO (spirited away thing) TISSUE COVER BOX !!!! OMG SO EXCITED IT IS SO CUTE !!!!!'s not for me. It's for steph.larkin. T____T *so sad* oh wells hehe.. i'm going to go buy the totoro cushion next. ^_^ for myself..i hate weekends...they fly so fast.. and i need to pass this maths test.

I think i have a sore stomach, if that's what you call it. I keep having to go to the toilet 5min after i have already been. It's definitely not a weak bladder and it's not cramps that are instinctively telling me to go again. o.O It doesn't happen at school but i got a cramp today..during English. lol not THOSE kind of period cramps =] .. My stomach makes weird non hungry noises and maybe it's due to my diet...since my diet is very muddled up...but i eat rice everyday and vegetables etc etc.. ooh maybe it's because i'm not drinking enough...MILK !! ooh i want spring rolls now.. gahhh...

haha. i feel fine now.

nooo i can't find my slipper. T_T WHERE ARE YOU !!!! i can't stand walking barefoot in the house. socks are okay but i like slippers. haha so asian o.O

bees go bzzzzz....


Aren't you lonely? It feels so be lonely.

It's okay to cry sometimes.

Friday, October 13, 2006

my hair seems to have a mind of its' own.


WE LOVE YOU, YUNHO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Little crazy anti fan club girl, i want to kill you. Did you read that? I will hunt you down and superglue your own mouth. I will make you drink that superglue and wait for it to solidify in your throat so you cannot breathe anymore. I will flush your head and your stupid threat notes down the toilet and gauge your eyes out with a superglue gun. I want a truck to run over you.

Do you know how angry i am? You may be laughing away in Korea or wherever the F*CK you are, but one day i will come and get you. We will all come and get you.

Nobody cares if you hate DBSK. No matter how many times you bitch about something, things still won't go the way you planned. Haven't you learnt that yet? Stop complaining, it's not like you have the right to control people's likes and dislikes. You selfish bitch, how can you just judge how people feel, just like that? You don't have the right to judge everybody else around you, based on your own made up concept. I hate you. I rarely hate anyone. I only get annoyed at people.

So, why am i angry? This is just a normal band. This is just a normal girl that went pyscho and is hopefully scared that i will be coming to disembowl her VERY SOON.

I honestly don't know why.

You have to be one of the most selfish and ruthless people i have ever known/heard about. F*CK YOU.

I LOVE YOU, YUNHO !!!!!!!!

Little girl or boy, or whatever you are, homosexual maybe, i will kill you even more if you do that to Jay Chou or whatever. I WANT TO PLANT A BOMB IN YOUR OWN DRINK, YOU F*CKHEAD.

I'll split open your own lips, make sure of it. I'll hospitalize you in your grave.

Anyway, Get better Yunho =]


I don't want to feel this way anymore.

Anyway! I remember feeling this sort of..emotional pain, ever since i was young. Say, around 8 years old. It comes sporadically...spontaneously.. and i still don't know why it hurts. I am really confused, even though i feel sort of happy right now. When i was younger i thought it was a really weird type of nostalgia.. and then i grew up a bit more and it felt like i was missing someone i hardly knew (about). It affected me the most whenever i looked at someone in our group and then thought about...stuff. In fact, i always wondered why it had to be that person because..i don't know. I bet i didn't even have a 'group' or whatever back then.. And then i stopped talking to her for years and then talk again okay wtf. But i was stupid then (and still am hahaa). It made me feel very lonely and..unloved. Some kind of weird painful sensation.. I am a really strange person. why am i talking about this.

The feeling isn't here now so i can't say much. Except that it hurts for an unknown reason. How stupid can this get....

I am happy about my new PB for 50m Backstroke... 42sec/50m yayyy !!!! It's bad compared to Zoe's 35sec or even better time but oh well.. =]

I want this year to end. End fast. End now. End without any maths tests. I'm scared.

I waste time so easily...i really don't know how i do it.

Anyway today i leant backwards and i think my head landed in Ms Gray's boobs LOLLL WTFF. Omg i was like..WHY IS THIS THING SO SQUISHY.. and she's like "ohh !!! sorry.." at least i think AND HOPE IT WASN'T her boobs.. i thought it was her stomach like..sticking out a lot.. and err very squishy one.. T______T

Someone tell me why i'm not grateful for everything i have.

I think i am though. I hope i am. yeah. i wanna go there. december holidays. take a bunch of you guys and we can be happy all day long. But i swear.. i have a feeling i'll become a really intimate and passionate Christain there.. if i do go.. o.O not that i mind though !!!!!! someone motivate me and answer all my questions about God and i'll believe.

and last of all.

When i grow older, if i end up like L**d* in 9L, FKN KILL ME OKAY. i don't ever want to be like her. i don't want to be as thick as her, however thick i am now already. Get that girl away from me. She was nicer in February. I want to chop her head off.

okay okay. i think i am judging her too quickly since i hardly know her.

yay. bitching fest has ended.

my cheeks/dimple hurts. Blame Joanne. i got water all over me today. Blame Joanne again. T_T

I need a hug.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Inga Ruten - Kenji Kawai

I like cheesecake. Today is my mum's birthday and we bought Irish Cream coffee flavoured cheesecake. Let's hope it tastes nice. We have a family habit of celebrating and eating birthday cake at exactly 11pm on the person's birthday. Don't ask why but i prefer to eat cake at night and always with tea afterwards haha. I sound like those old ladies..

*bops* YEAHH I LIKE THIS SONG. I LOVE TECHNO. Except i'm having some anime music spasm now. Somebody kill me. I forgot the URL of the BEST ANIME SOUNDTRACK DOWNLOAD SITE EVER. NOOOOO.. I WANT TO DIE SO BADLY. It's killing me. I looked up the history search thing but omggg .. okay this song just said "and im ready for your body now"


I have memory problems already. *bops even more*

Quick Time Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media, DivX Player. Stupid Maria-Sama disc still goes all funny on all four SO FINE. HATE ME STUPID DISC. I'LL GO TRY YOU ON THE TELEVISION ITSELF. that didn't make sense.

I am so scared of DMP Presentation. Somebody give me a SHORTT cello piece to play. We have to like.. all play the piano clarinet violin etc as some background (CALMING) music for the guests when they come in. And then we have ushers and people handing out programs.. I know for one that "ex-dmp people" will be coming BUT NOOO DON'T COME. DON'T LOOK AT ME. *paranoid* omg when is helene coming back. Then i can be paranoid with her in maths again HAHAHA SHE'S SO FUNNY.

okay i sound like a plant. I want to talk to a sunflower. I like eating sunflower seeds. Pumpkin seeds are weird tasting though. I tried talking to my persimmon tree the other day but it didn't work. The tomato plant waved at me though. Even the strawberries ignored me AND I FEEL RETARDED RIGHT NOW.


hahaha how stuffed up is my swimming program !!!! Championship and then down to Division 3 and 4 LOL THIS IS THE WORST I'VE EVER COME TO . (excluding sports day because i'm not in ANYTHING in that) and then relays !! and then medleys !! yayyy. anyway. i am not fit.

they got the dates wrong on the swimming sports trophy. they need to swap leven and balmoral around since balmoral won last year and leven didn't...

okay what a boring entry. PINGU PINGU !!! aww i love pingu ^^

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