Saturday, July 29, 2006

hiding behind a cushion.

I am NEVER watching House of Wax again. Stupidest movie, it wouldn't have been scary if it weren't for the music. Paris hilton eww... chad michael murray looks bad in that movie.. and what is that other girl? I LIKED HER !!! she was pretty too.. should get joanne to read this LOL ... We were like cheering everytime they kind of killed the bad guys... LIKE WHEN THAT TWISTED FACE GUY LANDED RIGHT ON TOP OF HIS BROTHER LOLLL. how cool.

I would hate to be waxed..? =\ (when alive, that is)

It's not the scariest movie i have watched. I can't believe it's the only horror movie katherine has watched. But then again, she's just retarded >_> JOKE!

We were eating cake when they cut the ankle tendon thing. damnit! I saw it split though. I hid behind the cushion everytime people said something scary was about to happen. WHO SAID THAT THE CAR BIT WAS SCARY. OMG. IT SO WASN'T LOL. I'LL MAKE A CAR RAM INTO YOU INSTEAD xDD

The other "appropriate" scary bits were scary enough though. Everytime someone screamed, i did too. Goddamnit hahaa. >< I will never look in a mirror again. Actually, the skin peeling was bad. And the knives chopping head off was bad too.


I didn't eat an olive on a pizza today. *sad*

I don't think i will have nightmares. Hopefully. Yeah, not scary enough LOL

And then i banged my head on the wall ARGH haha.

Steph truong has such a flashy house!!! Such a nice house ^_^ I like her curtains. And when we were waiting for the camera to flash. Everyone was posing and... 5 seconds later the flash comes. T_T

Okay. That's enough. I never knew that sumitra could be so...cuddly. LOL ^^

Thursday, July 20, 2006

^o^ " ~

wahh hou hoi sum ar ~ !!! this song.. so good .. not the best though. At the beginning - Anastasia.. the movie.

i remember singing it in gr 2 for speech night. the speech nights back then were so good. sigh... i remember feeling so "special" when we first got to sit in the Year 12 balcony and watch some ballet or something in tutus.. by the senior school. Even in year 7 i felt..that way too. LOL I'M A RETARD HAHA.

anyway. main subject of this SHORT post. THANK YOU FOR DECIDING TO SPONSOR ME FOR THE 40 HOUR FAMINE. FOR THOSE WHO HAVEN'T YET, HURRY UP. x] I have decided to do the starving one because.. the others just seem rather useless.. in a way. go me.. apparently.. like those physical examinations you see in anime.. eg: ouran high school host club etc.. next year we will be getting them too?? LOL how.. daft. =.='' i am not too sure though. something along the lines of that. at least 4000 students going under it..

oh yes. And, i need new books to read. After half a year of hardly any reading, it is rather obvious that my vocabulary and understanding of things has gone down.. i'm so depressed >_>

therefore.. RECOMMEND LOTS OF BOOKS FOR ME TO READ PLEASE !! i don't want to waste time borrowing useless books xDD i like science fiction and fantasy.. i like historical things too. actually i don't care.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

yupee yupee goldfish. =D

i like yum cha. Seriously, who doesn't.

i think i should study maths.

i don't want to get bad marks for this test.

and i am also bored. i have this CHOICE magazine. i think everyone got one? junk mail or something. It talks about shampoo. and how pantene is ranked in the middle and dove and frutience etc are right at the top. hah.

i am bored of msn. i go on everyday but er yes. my plan to work diligently is not working. not like i talk much though.

someone give me another thing to watch. since i can't watch anymore anime for a while because it hogs my download stuff, and since i have unlimited, i still don't want the speed to decrease anyway. =.=''

WHERE IS DAD. I AM REALLY HUNGRY. and he went off to buy stuff =.='' what should i make...

yum cha tea party. i seem to remember an occasion like that back then.

COMMUNITY ACTION TOMORROW !! happy happy happy ^^ my supervisor sounds alright. steph's phone went dead halfway though i told her my name so gah....

i think that teachers eat their salad in fish bowls.

the bowl really looked like one >_>


who thinks PLC is a really really bitchy school? It's true that there are heaps of groups and some groups are just losers and think they're better than the rest, but seriously. My swimming coach went to PLC before, she is in uni now, and she said that she hated PLC because it was really bitchy. We started discussing bitchiness in swimming because these gr 5 girls were complaining about some person they hated.

I guess i don't figure PLC to be THAT bitchy because.. right now, i haven't had any complaints toward me and i am not the victim of some bitching at the moment... gah. anyway. wouldn't any place be rather bitchy.... i just didn't think PLC to be majorly bitchy.. and other people in yr 9 think PLC is really bitchy too...

damn i used that word so many times xDD

on a happier note. i bought a packet to make green tea ice cream =DD

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mood swings. Or are they?

WHY DO I FEEL LIKE THIS. Maybe it's wrong to hate myself. It may be altogether wrong, just to hate. Why won't things ever work out. Why won't this thing ever work out?

Yes, yes, YES I AM HAPPY. OF COURSE I AM HAPPY. Stupid thing at the back of my mind... why are you there? I don't need you to tell me that i am not always 100% happy? Actually, who is..... haha. I laugh so randomly when i type. But i'm not even smiling.

Is this a mood swing? It's a very persistent one, then. And very annoying as well, since it jumbles my feelings up even more. Die mood swing die !! The way i am typing is beginning to remind me of particular people who write like this... maybe. No, i have decided. IT IS NOT A MOOD SWING.

It is something i have to let go of.

How do you let go of something?

Happy days, happy days ... pray for more happy days. Pray for more rain so that when i step outside, my umbrella will be my only colourful friend. Step outside in the rain and run. Run, run, run and stand there, head held high, melting in the rain. Why don't dreams ever come true? Do i not believe enough in them? What do i believe in, anyway...

I believe that dreams can come true.

If i let go of this silly thing, what will replace that empty space? Rain and more rain? Or sunshine and smiles. I want to fill it up with everything. No, i can't. When i finally let it go, i am going to let that empty space fly.

Modern life has killed romance. What is love? What is a modern life? What is "modern love"? I have a page of points now, but i am still afraid that we will lose. Divorce rates rising steadily and horoscopes leading nowhere. It is an absurd topic. What may be love to you, may not be to me. My lifestyle may be totally different to yours. How can you kill romance? Actually, if you literally killed romance... WHY ARE MORE BABIES POPPING UP EVERYWHERE. Overpopulation!! More food, more gas, more water !! The world is going to die. Hah.

So. Modern or not, WHY AM I ON THE AFFIRMATIVE SIDE? Actually, i am not too sure about the negative side either...

Happy thoughts can not blind everything. They are only mere memories, in this case. I think that peas have souls. I think that nearly everything have souls. If i took a pea and crushed it, why can't i hear it yell and cry? Why do i feel sorry for this pea, which i am killing? Why am i even eating this pea? I have a mushed green pile now. I feel like crying. I feel like a Nazi, killing a Jew. Where is your soul? What if someone crushed me? The pea has crushed me. I am dying. Is this revenge? Or what we take for granted. Where is my soul now? I believe that after i eat a pea, part of it will still live on. Just like when i go to the toilet and bits of it are in my err stuff that i flush out. It's not just peas. It's everything. So who said that once we die, we're gone for good? To kill something doesn't mean everything is fixed. Because a new friend Guilt comes along. =]

I can't be bothered explaining further.

So, to let go of something. Of someone, or anything in fact.


ngor sherng lei..........

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