Saturday, December 31, 2005

guitar rock version. ENJOY ^^

hmm two more days and it will be new year. 2006. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY ^^

if you're going to get drunk, NEVER FEAR. i'll get drunk with you haha. >_> lol no i won't actually. never want to be that hyper again. but yeah.. keep the partayyy-ing going and.. stay happy. =]

i have a replacement phone now. i really don't want to say what happened to my ipod & phone so yeah, i'll actually tell you what happened if you ask me personally. hehe.. anyway im going to get a new.. phone soon i hope. upgrade it hopefully. stupid insurance. and i really want another ipod.. i miss my phone ><

anyway my bookshelf is stupid. it will not fit anymore books . well it would, if i took about some of the boxes and stuff but then where would i put them? and i still need to clean my dressing table and i have too much stuff and my room is too small. that's it. when i grow up i'm going to have nice house with big rooms because i know i will have heaps of stuff in them haha. and modern furniture. IKEA maybe? pft who knows. in fact, if im not happy with the colour of my house i'll paint it myself. =]

omg omg omg i found pachabel canon guitar rock version. it's by taiwanese pop star Jerry C. it's so good and he looks really good looking as well HAHA . =] here's the link...

also go to playing piano the unconventional way

awesome basketball dunkfest.. >_>

the truth about love *animation*

oh so sexy.. FUNNY just don't let parents see...

and there's many other good links. just go to honey roasted live at top of page. because most of them are all MADDDDD ^^

i went on this shopping spree yesterday. i was going to buy this skirt [finally haha] but omg i felt and looked like a total slut. so yeah, no way.

i think i got .. another tan. oh dear. next thing will be skin cancer.

im gonna buy sunnies. big one. going to look cool haha. T_T hmm...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

merry xmas.

I've decided it's time to blog again. Merry Xmas and Happy new Year to everyone. Love you all. Sincerely as well. Remember that.

Today was an okay day. Had few of you guys over... My house is boring. I dunno. A lot of awkward silences. I think i invited the wrong 'group/mix' of people. *sigh* I should have invited people that got along 'comfortably' enough with everyone else. *shrugs* But it was still pretty okay... I think i'll stick to one to one friends over now. Today is such a depressive day. Even yesterday, i was uneasy about today. Okay, today wasn't that bad. Hah, whatever.

Making people wear clothes they don't usually wear.... Stressful eh? Even for me.. tried on so many tops i don't wear anymore... just for Wensi. T__T Gah. This top's comfortable though...strap's bit weird. *shrugs*

My favourite song for now, is Stick wit you . I like it. I'm sick of We Belong Together now. Check out my asiagroove page... lol. haha

I got nothing to say. In fact, i have nothing to say to anybody. Everyone's gone or going. I'm alone... *sigh* >__<>breaking up, and throwing their love away... "

I fkn need a damn hug. From anyone !! T__T

I need motivation/inspiration/resolutions dec 2oo5 - 2oo6. Here they are...
..o1 get fit LOL. didn't work last year >_>
..o2 pass Amus piano. If i don't pass, i will die. T_T lol...
..o3 complete gr 7 cello and just skip to gr 8 without exam WOOT. >_>
..o4 not go on the internet as much. distracts me so much....
..o5 start a new "life". forget the past, keep the memories & just fkn move on.
..o6 omg actually get good at tenor drum. o.O HAHA. Get linh to get good as well xD
..o7 sort out all these friendship misunderstandings/gaps/whatever.
..o8 get into gold for swimming. And reach 30sec/50m freestyle by end of 2oo6. T___T
..o9 pass theory musicianship exam..
..1o Pass acceleration exams/ westpac maths/ swimming competitions/yr 9 aim tests.

I'd also have a wishlist but that seems to extravagant.....

` gone..

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I hate little children now.

Following on from my entry, i hate little children now. Particular ones that cry for no reason and love to yell, and worst of all, all of it is done high pitched. I was in mum's work, and this family of god knows what, comes in with four little children. The oldest was eight [i thought he was FIVE by the way he acted and looked] and the youngest one or something. Anyway, the mum comes in for treatment and the dad just sits there in the reception watching the little kids "borrow" mum's pens and draw all over themselves o_O , rip magazines and well... do stuff.

I am going to go MAD soon if i ever hear little children crying, yelling, screaming etc for the sake of it. This is not good. Not good. To think that my little sister was ever annoying.

Um anyway. Speech night on Monday, how sad. Year 8 ended and i really don't feel like year 9 yet. I think i will be in a very bad class next year. Like, one with hardly anybody i'm pretty close to. All of the people in somewhere else. Oh well, one hopes for something better.

Well then, how pleasant. I checked my hotmail inbox 3 hours ago. Some mail was there but i didn't open them. Came back home just now, and the mail's been read. Pft. I mean, i don't give a damn, if people are going to sift through my 50pages of hotmail, just to look for one email or the whole cluster to read. But as long as i get to read the mail first, i don't care. No wait, half of my inbox are private emails. So i DO care. Teh. But that's not the point. And guess what? This thing happened a month ago as well. Somebody must be making it a monthly routine. =.='

I'll even change my password if this happens again. =]

Second day of holiday and i am already bored out of my mind. Not good eh.

Hmm. We have a few people leaving PLC...soon. Won't bother mentioning names.

I am ten minutes away from the city, by tram. Feel like going to Bourke street.

Who wants to come over to my place one day. =]

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the beginning.

The time has come. To wipe my blog.

Correction, wipe all the entries.

And to start again.

With not so insane entries. And my random ramblings.

I aim to put a chatterbox and other things in this blog as well.

Maybe even a new layout.

But for now, i am slightly annoyed. With a person in my family. Who is being unreasonable. But other then that, my life is good.

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire was a very good movie. Scary, but really good. I want to watch it again.

This song is obsessive. Numa numa iei. Singing and dancing to this song is good. It's a love song, apparently. The lyrics are quite..disturbing. I am sane enough though. Unlike Katherine Lee, who does her aerobics routine with this dance. And guess what, it's all the same movement every second. Teh. >_>

Not trying to bag you here, " hun " . =]

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