Tuesday, December 06, 2005

the beginning.

The time has come. To wipe my blog.

Correction, wipe all the entries.

And to start again.

With not so insane entries. And my random ramblings.

I aim to put a chatterbox and other things in this blog as well.

Maybe even a new layout.

But for now, i am slightly annoyed. With a person in my family. Who is being unreasonable. But other then that, my life is good.

Harry Potter Goblet of Fire was a very good movie. Scary, but really good. I want to watch it again.

This song is obsessive. Numa numa iei. Singing and dancing to this song is good. It's a love song, apparently. The lyrics are quite..disturbing. I am sane enough though. Unlike Katherine Lee, who does her aerobics routine with this dance. And guess what, it's all the same movement every second. Teh. >_>

Not trying to bag you here, " hun " . =]


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