Sunday, January 29, 2012


We went to Southbank Promenade as a family for Chinese New Year and it was so hot that i could feel my scalp burning. Maybe i should've put sunscreen on my scalp too... (my hair started flaking after chelsea beach....LOL ew) I even put sunscreen on my feet! We didn't see the main celebrations in Chinatown this year and instead spent most of our afternoon sipping young coconut juice and stealing spoons to scrape out the flesh.  

Chinese New Year Eve dinner

CNY dinner made by mum: Chicken, Radish & Carrot soup, Oysters, Steamed Fish, Char Siu, Duck  and Siu Yuk, Jai (vegetarian dish with black fungus, cabbage, chestnuts, dong gu etc) and Grilled Prawns. sooooooooooo good :D 

You can't tell but i'm wearing this Dotti dress that has this mesh band around the stomach and it must have been a horrible sight after we left Crown Conservatory buffet HAHA. Other than that, i really love how this dress floats behind you as you walk due to the front hem being a lot shorter than the back.

Except... i somehow stood next to a girl who was wearing the same dress as me GAH i hate it when that happens. oh well at least it means we both have good taste xD lol...... 

Dragon and Lion show. One of the lions fell down while jumping to another pillar :O :O :O

Too attractive to handle. 

Chelsea Beach. Didn't get a photo of the others but it was a fun day :D 

Another "naked photo", as fiona likes to call them.... LOL

A lot of other stuff has also happened but... i have no pictures of them. Laura and i also watched The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo today and it was really disturbing...... For once the tv people got the MA15+ branding right. Anyway, hope this is enough for now. AND I WANT NADAL TO WIN GODDAMNIT.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I cannot stop watching this. Too funny LOLLLL

Thursday, January 19, 2012

a break from food

Wawrinka vs Baghdatis, Margaret Court 

Hello hello yes i am making an effort to not turn this blog into a food  blog. 

Yesterday after work, a group of us spent a day at the Australian Open. Even though we didn't get to watch Federer play (his opponent forfeited), we still managed to see other players such as Del Potro, Isner, Baghdatis and Wawrinka play. The best match would have been Wawrinka vs Baghdatis' since the sun had finally stopped burning my shoulder and the cool breeze made the already wild atmosphere even more enjoyable. Unfortunately our last bus/train was at 12am so we didn't get to see the last set.... but at least we saw Baghdatis rage live LOL broke 4 racquets oh dear. 

Wawrinka (in black) ended up winning. 

That paragraph must have been quite boring if you don't follow the tennis. Anyway, i ate a lot of junk/random food yesterday at the Aus Open. Calamari rings, two servings of hot chips, chicken strips, three mini hot cross buns, a lot of water, chips and a banana. 

Oh yeah, and a few of us got pooped on by the seagulls flying above us. ewwwwwwwww at least it went on my hand and not my hair... LOL 

LOLLLL.... it looks like something is going on between those two and Mandy wants in. Who knowssssssss xD 

Anyway, i haven't told many people about this but i got into veterinary medicine :D It's going to be really challenging but i think i'll live. I even have to go to Werribee for uni once a week and soon board there in the last two years of the course. Oh, and i saw the cutest puppy in the pet shop today :DDDD

Saturday, January 14, 2012

i'm backk

Monga Dessert Lounge, Box Hill (open 3pm-3am)

Hallo peopleeeee.. so i arrived back home nearly a week ago and have done much since! I won't be blogging about my trip to HK, Singapore & Canada since i already posted pictures on facebook but I came back feeling thankful for the opportunity to become closer to my family on the other side of the world. I wish i could've stayed longer than two weeks but apparently we're going to Singapore and Malaysia next year :D YAY 

Anyway, all you need to know is is that Hong Kong is not as cheap as before so it really depends what you are looking for. Food and transport are still very affordable compared to Australia though. 

Canada has amazing Boxing Day and New Year sales and i imagine America's would be even better. I shopped the most in Toronto... stocked up on winter clothing, make up at Sephora, perfume and of course Victoria Secret ;) 

And this was my 3rd or 4th time to Singapore but my visits have always been brief.. since we only had one day to spare we decided that good food (imagine a feast of Chilli Crab Curry with Man Tou bread, Black Pepper Crab, Sambal KangKong etc...) and Marina Bay Sands would be the way to go :D 

Unfortunately i didn't take a picture of the feast we had.. oh my god blogger fail right there :( 

Anyway, the day after i got back Farn and i had pho in footscray with some of his uni friends and... i really struggled to finish my bowl of pho. Why did i order large.... 

In the end i just hid the remaining meat in the soup and only finished the noodles hehehehe xD tada 

And then we had dessert at Monga Dessert Lounge in Box Hill! The atmosphere and decor of the place really reminds me of the cafes in Hong Kong - not as noisy but definitely a reliable place to meet up with friends once in a while.

The drinks above are Jasmine Tea and Mango & Aloe Vera Jelly Drink. 

And a Waffle with Black Sesame Icecream & Sauce :D The icecream was good but nothing has beaten Gelare Waffles yet..... 

LOL... two slices of waffle... two very different styles of eating. Clean versus Messy. Who do you think ate which side? 

And lastly, Pumpkin Pancakes with Coconut Cream! To be honest, i thought they would be like fluffy pumpkin scones with whipped coconut cream but i guess that was too western.... And i could only taste chewiness. I don't know how that is possible but i guess the coconut cream and the chewiness of the pancake overpowered any hint of pumpkin. Damn. 

So yes, maybe we ate too much after the biggest bowl of pho i have ever eaten in one go. I even felt sick in the car later but that went away. But who can have too much food in their life? Not me. I went back to Monga Dessert Lounge the next night.... hehe 

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