Monday, November 20, 2006

Devil Beside You.

Okay, i have a whole stack of vitamins again. This is can people eat these vitamins everyday .. i am already really bored of the taste and chewing it. Chewable Kids Multi Vitamins. Strawberry flavoured. This one tastes funny. Let's just hope they magically make me grow taller LOL. Sav has dinosaur shaped vitamins. What happened to mine ??? All oval shaped and gahh.. so unfair. hehe =]

I am a bit over anime now... i will get back to it once i finish watching my favourite taiwanese drama at the moment: Devil Beside You. YAYY !!! Except that my mandarin isn't really improving because they put english subtitles over the chinese ones. T_T And they are very distracting.. but i can understand mandarin a bit better now!!! And gloria promised to tutor me again.. YAY I LOVE YOU.

So many birthdays in november. I think i should become a miser.. a very stingy one.. then i could save up and buy i don't know what.. SOMEBODY GET ME A MIKE HE lookalike. i'll date him =DD

okay. umm no. not a good idea. i think i would run away immediately if i had a date T_T and i don't need one right now either =D

i couldn't get to sleep last night.. so i started to try and scare myself with thoughts of the movie Hide and Seek. In the end, nothing worked so i just lay there counting the numbers myself. Wtf.. IF ANYTHING, PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE SCHIZOPHRENIC. I'LL END UP KILLING MYSELF TOO.

i'm so scared of looking into the mirror now. ><

Two weeks till school finishes.. i am very scared of my maths report.. since i failed the analysis of some topic test.. nooo im going to get a C !!!!!!! T_T and my common test was shit too. oh wells... i think i will be getting bad behaviour for every subject. It's so hard not to talk in latin.. i need to bring masking tape next time..

Today i jumped in potholes. It was fun.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

i was very tired. outlook does that to you.

Outlook was rather fun. The first day we ended up in State Library and was surrounded by many frustrated students and men who put their shoeless feet on the table. Further down the corridor would be an even more off putting sight; with many couples sitting on each other's lap and obviously not researching books but perhaps themselves instead o.O. So, what's a State Library? Various noisy bands play outside it every lunchtime, and we can see many school students wagging as well. There are lots of pigeons too and i almost managed to step on several. It's not my fault; their reflexes should have improved by now T_T. Basically, i would hate to be a librarian at the State Library. It is a really good place to study though...but you have to pay to get a locker for your bag o.O

And then we finally went to Minotaur (anime shop) after Stoof took us down the wrong end of Swanston/Elizabeth Street i forgot. My legs were very tired then. Everything is so expensive and whenever i looked up, i would see various forms of hentai. My eyess...

Second day. I began to hate walking. The fountains had a stronger smell of chlorine than the PLC pool does. I like my red poppy.

I can hear Battle Royale in the background. It lacks tension and detail. The children die so quickly and it does not explain every question they put forth in the beginning. In other words, some killing scenes were good, like the food poisoning one, but everything else could have been more dramatic. If not for the slightly gruesome details (head blowing off, lots of blood), i think it should be rated just M 15+. Even House of Wax is scarier and more gross. In the end, i didn't even know who won.. since three people still lived o.O

Third day of outlook. I was soaked and our blazers are really absorbent, except that they smell really weird afterwards. I really like the Immigration Museum >_>

Fourth day was for sticker photos. And everybody try Iced white chocolate mocha. It is so good !! We also met homeless people and went into alleyways lol....

And this man in McDonalds was having an orgasm i think..on the table. He was humping it and going "Oh yes! Oh yes! It's comingg BAD TABLE" and we're like omg wtf.. And when we came back out of the toilet he was making animal noises. Freakn hell GO AND RUN LOL >< He could've at least done it somewhere else....

And somebody (shall not name who) stole a dress from the Vic Market on Wednesday. So when we went there on Friday, all the shopkeepers were staring at us and stalking us. I really hate the person who made us endure all this crap. But i'm over it now. And PLC is retarded. We saw lots of year 10s wagging too. They could have stolen it. Why does PLC blame the Year 9s when it's the Year 8s fault, and it could have been a year 10 who stole the dress.

But apparently, it was a year nine. A very stupid year nine. I wonder if the shopkeeper actually pressed charges.

This public holiday is boring me.

And i have not finished geography.

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