Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Yay we went to Swedish House Mafia's one last tour concert :DDDD I had a lot of fun soaking up the music and atmosphere in a way i hadn't done before compared to other concerts (ie - jumping and dancing around with everyone else) and can't wait to go see some more :) 

It was really hard getting up for 8am work the next morning though because my ears were ringing and i couldn't stop "hearing" Don't You Worry Child despite telling my imagination to shut up lol... 

Visiting the pop up shop at 1000 Pound Bend. All the merchandise was so expensive but i relented at the end of the night and bought myself a pretty tshirt :) not displayed in the picture though haha

 I also went to my sister's Year 12 Investiture Assembly yesterday and watched her receive her vice house captain and year 12 badges for this year.. yay :D I also went to enjoy the really good scones i remembered from our time at morning tea hehee.. oh and to check out that new library they showed us the blueprint of just when we graduated ==' it's like a small uni library! With a green room LOL

Sooo.. James, Charles, Sam and i decided to watch The Intouchables at Moonlight Cinema last night! It was a really good movie despite having to kneel/stand to read the subtitles for the entire show because we didn't come early enough for better seats. meh xD

I also went to Springvale festival the other day and got to play dodgem cars again HEHEHHE.. oh and i won this gambling game three times in a row too tehehe.. you throw a $1 coin into this huge grid and hope that it falls exactly in the middle of a square labelled with $x to win. And i won three times in a row and tripled my money in the end yay. I think the trick is to just throw and not aim for anything (like the $20 or $50 spots) lol. 

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