Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hehe finished


Tempura soba - Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar 

YAY EXAMS ARE DONE! Cardio was literally hell.. i better have passed the subject otherwise things are going to get really awkward. Fortunately Respiratory ended on a really good note and we got our free crepe after :) Can't believe we have 6 exams/semester next year =\ and then 9 exams in 3rd year.... WTFFFFFFFF 

The picture quality is really bad but the crepes at carte in melb uni taste so good now!! They are fluffier and have a lot more spread now :) Even better because it was free (show them your exam timetable on your last day of exams and you get a free crepe)

LOL yes ... we put teddy on top of Cino to see what would happen but he was like meh rofl... ooh it's his birthday tomorrow :) Haha dad used it as an excuse to buy cake but Cino couldn't eat it anyway because it had chocolate in it.... 

And this is my new maxi dress that i bought today from Valleygirl :D I am sooooooo happy that Valleygirl reopened in shoppo because it is so affordable and i really like the newly opened Zara too... apparently the stuff is different to Bourke Street's? Either way i saw a reasonably priced blazer and nude flats with bows on them. 

Anyway that's all for now byee

Sunday, November 04, 2012

lime green

Hehehe edamame beans :D healthy snack alternative

The scoopon/groupon vouchers for those soft fluffy chinese cakes are out again so dad bought a chestnut one the other day! Completely demolished one day later hehe. 

I've been doing pop pilates everyday for past month and i think i am getting stronger and losing some side fat. I bought this ASOS dress with cut outs to the side and am using it as an incentive to lose some visceral fat rofl. Did you know that the body has two main storages for fat? Subcutaneous (under the skin --> larger surface area for fat) and visceral (in abdominal cavity --> pot belly lol) fat. 

I watched this documentary on the science of obesity in sumo wrestlers on youtube and it was talking about how sumo wrestlers deposit fat differently than normal people/normal obese people so they can expend it more efficiently during training. Just youtube "Science of Obesity: Sumo wrestler" haha 

We normally bring food to case study every friday so we decided to celebrate the last case study/last day of 3rd year science/last day of 1st year vet with some TIRAMISU CAKEEEEEEEEEEE. So much cream.... so good..... want more...... 

I also watched another documentary on finding the monster giant squid and how they used video forensics to determine how big it really is. They basically baited a normal squid and attached a camera to it and let it swim down to the depths of where they expected the MONSTER SQUID to be and they could measure how far it swam down by the cable reel attached to it. And after it got the footage they'd reel the bait squid (they call it trojan squid) back up and take the camera off it and let it go. And then they'd continue examining the footage on land (because a hurricane was coming and they couldn't stay out at sea anymore....LOL) 

HAHA yes i actually have a lime green sweater now. My sister bought it and then didn't like it so i took it but now she likes it again lol. It's one of those cropped sweaters but it's not TOO wide that it makes me look enormously fat. Looks best with fitted bottoms/skirt to even out the wideness on top. 

I only have $1 left in my paypal account atm :( Not going to transfer more money in because i'm trying to save up. And why are all the awesome sales during swotvac EUGH 

okay byeeeee

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