Thursday, September 27, 2012

snippet of Aa ball

Last uni ball or not? Had a good time and realised how shit iphone camera is especially in the dark. damnit 

Monday, September 24, 2012


hallo hallo back from placement and my exam timetable SUCKS. 5,7,9, 12 nov GAHHHHHH no time to study must not fail must not fail 

so i'm suddenly starting to panic and i haven't even learned the last 2 weeks of cardio let alone the first 2 weeks of respiratory which will be on the midsem next week so i am quickly reading over cardio before i start studying respiratory for real because i know i won't have much time once uni starts again GAY 

i've realised that i will always love Dotti and their $19.95 dresses on sale. I just bought a blue flowery one and can't wait to wear it when the weather gets warmer :) There was a prettier shade in cream and pink but i thought the blue one hid my tummy fat better lol....... either way i think this kind of cut/design suits my body shape and it is nice and flowy hurrayyyy 

Going out for dinner tonight and seeing a movie (ruby sparks) :D so excited yay date time. had enough of horses need to see people again. I also ceebed going to two 21sts the other night because i was so tired from placements and just KOed on my bed instead. Went to one the following night though and i learned that i should apply lipstick after stuffing my face with chicken wings instead... damnit

Royal melbourne show tomorrow yay! hope the weather is good. I spent last week waking up at 5:30am and i have to wake up at 7am this week damnit... i'm so tired and it's only 3:38pm :( :( :(

i still don't know what to wear for Aa ball which is in two days LOL... i swear if i lost 3-5kg getting dressed everyday would be so much easier because then i wouldn't feel as conscious about anything and be able to wear everythinggg okay not everything but still hm yes oh yeah i've been doing pilates and torturing jacky with it too lolol propanolol lolol (yes that is a beta blocker drug i just find the suffix so funny xD wait do you call the -olol a suffix...) 

might go rock climbing later... more partayyyy.... boo study......... study........

Monday, September 17, 2012

first day

Woah that video quality is so shit (click full screen button) but you get the idea LOL. First day of horse placement today and loving it so far. I really need the hands on horse experience and this video shows a snippet of yarding horses today.. yay foals :D

What i learned/did today: yarding horses, feeding horses, cleaning out stables, grooming so brushing away 
winter coat and untangling mane, watching how they scan mares for follicle size to check when they're in 
ovulation so can be impregnated, watched semen collection etc...

Sleep at 10pm... wake up 5:45am... for a 8am-5:30pm working day somewhere past Sunbury. Learned so much today and can't wait to learn more yay 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

midsem break

Yay midsem break is here and there is so much to do... lots and lots of 21st birthdays, alpaca farm placement, horse farm placement, Aa ball, catching up on study etc etc... 

I still don't know what costume to wear tonight but i found an old kimono in my mum's closet so i might wear this??? And shall wear some clubbing attire underneath for the next 21st tonight... so lady like xD

Had work this morning and i'm so tired.. also need to figure out how refunds work if i cancel a flight. 

Went out for dinner last night with most of the lunch group and i was quite impressed with the restaurant we went to :D As expected of any restaurant on Southbank, it was classy but the food servings were generous enough. I wouldn't mind going back actually.. really chill atmosphere and thanks to everyone who came :)

Anyway time to get ready.. still haven't told parents i'm going out yet lol oops 

Sunday, September 09, 2012


happy at the beach 

sand pictionary 

aftermath of friday night games

wonder what he's thinking about... 


how many balloons can you fit.. 

sunset on the way home

getting ready for 80s themed night 

Durian... WHY NOT lol

more sand pictionary 

mega Kings with mega bowl



stone ball games 

:) good weekend

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