Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's raining roses.

Well first of all, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY !!!!

I have no valentine. What a pity. Thank you to everyone who gave me valentine cards/gifts. They were all very pretty, yummy and made me very happy. (Although Katherine's and Lakshmi's ones went a bit too far for some people LOL.)We read out our love poems in English today. I am an idiot. I didn't even draw a heart on my poem o.O ???? damnit...

Mrs Ross is very hard to imagine and explain now. She is like somebody still drifting in between her generation and ours. The way she talks about sex and love now makes me wonder why we even bother laughing at our dirty talk, when all we do is stare in shock and laugh half heartedly to her (almost similar) comments. I don't see her as the type of person who could have a dicussion about anything with you, no matter the age difference, and still get along well. It's almost as if i'm thinking: she needs to grow up. Maybe she is clueless to how this is affecting us. Or, she might possess a heart that never grows old. Um, whatever that is exactly.. But hey, who am i to talk? I don't even appreciate love as much as i should be. (Apart from family and general love).

I keep seeing the word 'clueless' run through my head.

English is scary.

Geography has to be the best subject so far, this year. I could sit in a geography class all day. I wish we had double geography instead of double science. Mrs Starkey is weird. And Mrs Leong has strange teaching techniques.

Or it could just be me, who needs to have the best learning conditions o.O .. pah

SENIOR STRINGS AUDITIONS IN ONE WEEK. I feel stupid. And scared. Why is music so demanding??

Oh, and before i forget. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR too.

*sing chorus*
"He's my best friend, best and forebest friend,
Do you have a best friend too?
It tickles in my tummy
It's so yummy yummy
Hey, you should get a best friend too !
na na na na na "
*end chorus*

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