Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hana Yori Dango

Hanazawa Rui (Oguri Shun) is my new obsession/love, fullstop. He is my favourite japanese male actor for the moment. Partly because of his looks but i like his voice too. *happy*

Damn, i should have watched this drama ages ago !!

I am so sad. I have watched 4 movies already. Casino Royale, Charlotte's Web, The Prestige and Eragon. I expected more from Eragon since Saphira suddenly grew from toddler to fully grown up in about... 5 seconds ????? It really defied time..not sure whether exploding from baby to adult happened in the book though T_T

I cannot wait for HAPPY FEET to come out. I am even collecting Happy Feet yoghurt lids whilst bearing the anticipation. I don't know where to stick all of them though. eeeeeh IT'S SO CUTE WAHHHHHHH !!

My life has been tremendously boring these days. I have met up with the same friend 4 days in a row. Not that bad really. I need more anime/drama to watch. I've decided i will never watch even slight yuri again. I really am very against two girls pairing up, no matter how funny/ridiculous the anime was. Stupid...she should've paired up with Souma-kun grrr... I THINK THEY ALL SHOULD HAVE JUST DIED AHHHH.

Work experience is going along nicely so far. yipeee !

PLC did kind of bad this year in VCE compared to other 'not as elite' schools. LIke killester, essendon, haileybury.. teh. Let's hope our year will be super good !!! =]

And have a merry xmas.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Onboard the merry-go-round.

Feels just like yesterday that we were starting Year Nine. Feels just like the day before that we were ending Year Eight. How do these things fly by so fast? So fast that even now i cannot remember to look back and laugh at how we were before. What we all did together, inside and outside school.

It feels so good to be happy.

This year has been good. 9J 2oo6 is the best class ever!! I think we were, with our good combination of people.. and variety of intelligence and reasonable sporty-ness ??? I have liked this year very much.

But sadly, what i remember of 2006, only revolves around very few things/people. We had a lot more people come into our 'group' and i began to..learn to appreciate/respect the people i didn't know well, more. I also became majorly obsessed with anime. Last year i don't even think i knew what anime was. OKAY OKAY I DID, BUT NOT IN SO MUCH DETAIL. T_T I still remember watching Fruits Basket and going WHAT THE HECK IS THIS??? THE GUYS ACT/LOOK LIKE GIRLS etc. It was obviously not the best anime to start off with .... even now i still have something against it. It is too over rated !!!

What i have learnt this year:
- When people get too clingy, un-velcro yourself. Somehow. Just find out what the piece of 'velcro' is and why it's there.
- To accept more people in your world. Sometimes having just close friends isn't always that great.
- That my cheeks have succumbed to immense poking and pinching. Soon i will have to get a facelift because of particular people.... T_T
- Anime has brought a whole new purpose to my life. Especially when they go all chibi- like and i do too, LOL because it is so cute and funny...to watch.
- How to write plane/car letters. I never imagined writing such tedious things before...
- A whole new system of how to celebrate birthday (parties). Lots of food, waterguns, dressing up and DDR.
- How to get around with public transport. I even called metlink up because SOMEBODY ditched me just before the event.
- And i can't remember.

Imagine a form class with our whole group in it. That would be scary and i think i would go insane by the second day.

I don't know what else to write. Buy me a blue nosed reindeer and off to Christmas Tree Land we go. OMG NO MORE DOUBLE FRENCH NEXT YEAR, YESSSSS !!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPY I COULD JUMP OFF THE ROOF AND INTO A TRAMPOLINE.

I got broke this year due to buying people birthday presents. Damn you everyone... LOL. But seriously i did. hmph

I want to go on surfing camp next year. WHO'S WITH ME !!!

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