Wednesday, February 06, 2013


Yay we went to Swedish House Mafia's one last tour concert :DDDD I had a lot of fun soaking up the music and atmosphere in a way i hadn't done before compared to other concerts (ie - jumping and dancing around with everyone else) and can't wait to go see some more :) 

It was really hard getting up for 8am work the next morning though because my ears were ringing and i couldn't stop "hearing" Don't You Worry Child despite telling my imagination to shut up lol... 

Visiting the pop up shop at 1000 Pound Bend. All the merchandise was so expensive but i relented at the end of the night and bought myself a pretty tshirt :) not displayed in the picture though haha

 I also went to my sister's Year 12 Investiture Assembly yesterday and watched her receive her vice house captain and year 12 badges for this year.. yay :D I also went to enjoy the really good scones i remembered from our time at morning tea hehee.. oh and to check out that new library they showed us the blueprint of just when we graduated ==' it's like a small uni library! With a green room LOL

Sooo.. James, Charles, Sam and i decided to watch The Intouchables at Moonlight Cinema last night! It was a really good movie despite having to kneel/stand to read the subtitles for the entire show because we didn't come early enough for better seats. meh xD

I also went to Springvale festival the other day and got to play dodgem cars again HEHEHHE.. oh and i won this gambling game three times in a row too tehehe.. you throw a $1 coin into this huge grid and hope that it falls exactly in the middle of a square labelled with $x to win. And i won three times in a row and tripled my money in the end yay. I think the trick is to just throw and not aim for anything (like the $20 or $50 spots) lol. 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

long time no see!

Hello everyone :) 

How i organise some of my bracelets on this ceramic thing i made during school 

I've neglected this blog for a really long time haven't i :( Not much has happened except that i came back from Thailand and Malaysia, did some placements, went to Sydney, learned how to play snooker, met Roger Federer in person zomg, yelled at the television during Australian Open, learned how to kayak and ended up kayaking for 7km near the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in Sydney, milked 4L out of a cow twice a day by hand during placement (peak lactation would be 20-40L/day so imagine pumping that out by hand LOL), went berry picking, got tanned, visited a few markets, inspected chicken bums for mites and ingrown feathers, painted my nails grey blue and then pink and etc. 

Hehe i stole my sister's fluro pink beanie from H&M. 

I really want an anorak that is khaki, fluffy inside but with leather/leather looking sleeves. Feel like i want to toughen it up a bit. I've seen a few but they are either too thin (so not warm enough for the upcoming winter) or out of my price range. I also don't want to buy online because if i'm going to invest in a jacket i have to know that it fits perfectly first! 

late nights are becoming the norm again 

Going to Swedish House Mafia tomorrow :D So excited haha it's going to be crazy and in the rain too but oh well WHY NOT 

Using "The Eatery" App to document what i eat everyday. This meal was at Manchester Press (8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne) and i was very impressed with how generous the servings were.

January is almost over but i think some of my resolutions are to eat well, be more proactive and confident in how i want to live, save more money and lose weight. 

The People's Market, Collingwood - gogogoogog ! 

Anyway, time to go organise some more events yay. I shall see you guys.... later rofl 

Friday, December 14, 2012

flurry of events

Hello everyone :) 

In the past month i have... 

- Graduated from Bachelor of Science :D !! One degree down, another to go. It was so hot in the regalia on a 36 degree day and i was extremely lucky to get a blood nose only after the ceremony and the professional photos... 

- Completed first year vet. Three more years ahhhhh 

- Done placement at a Red Deer farm and learned about velveting (when they harvest the antler before it calcifies and send it off to Asian countries who use it for herbal medicine etc)

- Finished placement at a Boer Goat farm (meat breed) and grew biceps just from clipping toe nails. Some were so abnormally grown and hard that we had to get a grinder to wear them down. 

- Shopped way too much.... but i justify it by buying a peplum dress from Dotti for only $10, three pairs of shoes for $85 and all this other random stuff too.... yay 

- Got to experience alpaca shearing.. so hectic! 

- Started packing for Malaysia and Thailand and also planning my trip to Sydney later yay :D 

- Got tickets to Swedish House Mafia :D 

- Decided that i want to swim with the dolphins in Sorrento and will do that when i come back from overseas.... 

- Forgotten my beloved pilates for three weeks while on placement and have started it again... my whole body is like jelly again..  

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

hehe finished


Tempura soba - Shimbashi Soba & Sake Bar 

YAY EXAMS ARE DONE! Cardio was literally hell.. i better have passed the subject otherwise things are going to get really awkward. Fortunately Respiratory ended on a really good note and we got our free crepe after :) Can't believe we have 6 exams/semester next year =\ and then 9 exams in 3rd year.... WTFFFFFFFF 

The picture quality is really bad but the crepes at carte in melb uni taste so good now!! They are fluffier and have a lot more spread now :) Even better because it was free (show them your exam timetable on your last day of exams and you get a free crepe)

LOL yes ... we put teddy on top of Cino to see what would happen but he was like meh rofl... ooh it's his birthday tomorrow :) Haha dad used it as an excuse to buy cake but Cino couldn't eat it anyway because it had chocolate in it.... 

And this is my new maxi dress that i bought today from Valleygirl :D I am sooooooo happy that Valleygirl reopened in shoppo because it is so affordable and i really like the newly opened Zara too... apparently the stuff is different to Bourke Street's? Either way i saw a reasonably priced blazer and nude flats with bows on them. 

Anyway that's all for now byee

Sunday, November 04, 2012

lime green

Hehehe edamame beans :D healthy snack alternative

The scoopon/groupon vouchers for those soft fluffy chinese cakes are out again so dad bought a chestnut one the other day! Completely demolished one day later hehe. 

I've been doing pop pilates everyday for past month and i think i am getting stronger and losing some side fat. I bought this ASOS dress with cut outs to the side and am using it as an incentive to lose some visceral fat rofl. Did you know that the body has two main storages for fat? Subcutaneous (under the skin --> larger surface area for fat) and visceral (in abdominal cavity --> pot belly lol) fat. 

I watched this documentary on the science of obesity in sumo wrestlers on youtube and it was talking about how sumo wrestlers deposit fat differently than normal people/normal obese people so they can expend it more efficiently during training. Just youtube "Science of Obesity: Sumo wrestler" haha 

We normally bring food to case study every friday so we decided to celebrate the last case study/last day of 3rd year science/last day of 1st year vet with some TIRAMISU CAKEEEEEEEEEEE. So much cream.... so good..... want more...... 

I also watched another documentary on finding the monster giant squid and how they used video forensics to determine how big it really is. They basically baited a normal squid and attached a camera to it and let it swim down to the depths of where they expected the MONSTER SQUID to be and they could measure how far it swam down by the cable reel attached to it. And after it got the footage they'd reel the bait squid (they call it trojan squid) back up and take the camera off it and let it go. And then they'd continue examining the footage on land (because a hurricane was coming and they couldn't stay out at sea anymore....LOL) 

HAHA yes i actually have a lime green sweater now. My sister bought it and then didn't like it so i took it but now she likes it again lol. It's one of those cropped sweaters but it's not TOO wide that it makes me look enormously fat. Looks best with fitted bottoms/skirt to even out the wideness on top. 

I only have $1 left in my paypal account atm :( Not going to transfer more money in because i'm trying to save up. And why are all the awesome sales during swotvac EUGH 

okay byeeeee

Thursday, October 18, 2012


thanks James. i really really like this song :) 

3rd year uni is closing in and there is still so much to do !!!!! 

I've been buying a lot of dresses online and trying to lose weight/get fit/look better by doing pilates everyday. I still won't admit to catching hayfever because then i'd be the biggest hypocrite... (i swear i will kill the next person who sneezes ten times in a row around me GAH) and i currently have ten pages of research for this stupid essay on whether diabesity is a problem in emerging countries like China and India for my breadth and I THINK THE ANSWER IS YES. WE HAVE A PROBLEM. 

I ALSO DIDN'T KNOW THAT THE AMOUNT OF VISCERAL FAT YOU HAVE IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN BMI IN PREDICTING WHETHER YOU'LL DEVELOP TYPE 2 DIABETES OR NOT (so if you have a relatively low BMI but high % of visceral fat then you still have a higher risk of developing T2D and cardiovascular disease). 

I think this could be a really good essay if i just sat my ass down and typed it up instead of eating yoghurt.. or killing my triceps... or thinking about all the time i could've spent studying vet stuff instead >_>

Anyway, i have a lot of plans for the summer. This includes finding a dairy farm placement along with my goat, deer and welfare ones and possibly going to Malaysia. 

I halter trained some crea (baby alpaca) last Sunday. They were so stroppy to begin with but you just make sure the muzzle isn't pressing their nostrils and try to hold them close so they know it's okay. And once they've calmed down and like it when you hug them.. tada camwhoring with the alpaca time. They so cute.

Okay time to write essay :( 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

snippet of Aa ball

Last uni ball or not? Had a good time and realised how shit iphone camera is especially in the dark. damnit 

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