Friday, December 14, 2012

flurry of events

Hello everyone :) 

In the past month i have... 

- Graduated from Bachelor of Science :D !! One degree down, another to go. It was so hot in the regalia on a 36 degree day and i was extremely lucky to get a blood nose only after the ceremony and the professional photos... 

- Completed first year vet. Three more years ahhhhh 

- Done placement at a Red Deer farm and learned about velveting (when they harvest the antler before it calcifies and send it off to Asian countries who use it for herbal medicine etc)

- Finished placement at a Boer Goat farm (meat breed) and grew biceps just from clipping toe nails. Some were so abnormally grown and hard that we had to get a grinder to wear them down. 

- Shopped way too much.... but i justify it by buying a peplum dress from Dotti for only $10, three pairs of shoes for $85 and all this other random stuff too.... yay 

- Got to experience alpaca shearing.. so hectic! 

- Started packing for Malaysia and Thailand and also planning my trip to Sydney later yay :D 

- Got tickets to Swedish House Mafia :D 

- Decided that i want to swim with the dolphins in Sorrento and will do that when i come back from overseas.... 

- Forgotten my beloved pilates for three weeks while on placement and have started it again... my whole body is like jelly again..  

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